Bellator live coverage - Alvarez's probable farewell against Pitbull

Tonight's show from Caesar's Hotel and Casino in Windsor, Ontario, features the first round of the featherweight tournament plus the possible farewell of the biggest star in the short history of the promotion with Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky "Pitbull" Freire.


First round:  Richman landed a head kick and ref John McCarthy walked in and waved it off in 23 seconds.  It was a left high kick that actually missed but the heel hit him in the back of the neck and he followed by two punches on the ground.


"Yeah, that's acutally kind of one of my specialties in the gym is lulling people into a boxing match, and I've got a pretty sneaky high kick and we worked on that a lot, it's one of the things Greg wanted me to go for and I set it up right away."

"You know you better buy some lawn chairs and hammocks or I'll buy them for you because I'm going to lay some guys out."


First round:  Fabiano hasn't fought in two years and is now 37 years old.  Fabiano shot and Stepanyan blocked it easily.  Stapanyan with a right kick.  Low kick by Stepanyan.  Good body kick by Stepanyan.  Fabiano shot and had a bodylock.  Stepanyan was blocking the takedown but Fabiano kept pushing for it and got him down into side control.  Stepanyan got up but Fabiano held onto his lege and used it to take him down again.  Fabiano moved into side congtrol.  Fabiano moved to full mount an is working for an armbar.  He's got the armbar.  Stepanayan is refusing to tap.  This is sick.  Stepanyan  was in the armbar forever but finally tapped.  Stepanyan probably messed up his elbow by refusing to tap for so long.  He was in the armbar for 26 seconds before tapping.  It got uncomfortable to watch.  3:24  


First round:  Bollinger threw a kick, missed, slipped, but got back up.  Accidental groin kick by Bollinger.  Left hook by Bollinger, but SS tripped him and he went to his back.  SS threw a punch.  SS now on top in the guard.  Bollinger is cut around the right eye.  Bollinger tried a gogoplata but couldn't really come close to getting it.  SS throwing some punches from the top.  He's now landing some big shots to the body from the top.  SS with hard punches to the head.  Bollinger is going to need to get out of here.  SS looked at the ref almost asking him to stop it.  He's got Bollinger's back.  SS pounding the side of his head.  SS landing more punches.  Tons more  punches to the head and ref Yves Lavigne stopped it.  4:49


First round:  Malegarie bleeding from the nose.  He's landing more early tho.  Body kick by Maritnez but Malegarie then landed two punches.  Malegarie landed a few more punches.  Good pair of lefts by Martinez.  Malegarie's nose looks like hell.  Martinez with a body and head shot.  Malegarie landed a series of shots.  Malegarie landed a knee and punches but Martinez came back and knocked Malegarie down with a right.  Big left by Martinez.  Another hard left by Martinez.  Malegarie landed a left of his own.  More punches by Malegarie.  A hard left by Malegarie.  Martinez decked him again.  Good body shot by Maritnez and another hard left.  Martinez got the takedown with 15 seconds left.  Very good round.  Close as well.  Malegarie landed more, but Martinez had the knockdowns, harder shots, a takedown and Malegarie's face was busted up.  10-9 Martinez.

Second round:  Body kick by Martinez.  Malegarie moved in, going for a clinch.  Malegarie landed several punches in an exchange.  Another exchange.  Malegarie landed a few punches.  Now Malegarie worked for the takedown.  Malegarie landed several hard shots while on top.  Martinez back up.  Martinez working for a takedown but didn't get it.  Martinez looking very tired now.  Both landing good shots.  Malegarie is landing better now.  Martinez landed a good left.  Body kick by Martinez as the round ended.  Malegarie's round so we look to be even 19-19 going into the third.

Third round:  Martinez got the takedown.  Nice reverse by Malegarie but Martinez back to his feet.  Martinez landed a left.  Malegarie landed a right.  Malegarie working for a takedown but didn't get it.  Now Martinez worked for a takedown and did get it.  But Malegarie immediately got back to his feet.  Malegarie landed a few  Good right by Malegarie.  Left by Malegarie.  Left by Martinez.  Both are in a clinch.  Malegarie quicker standing and is landing more.  Malegarie landing more and landed a knee to the body.  Martinez hurt him with a few lefts.  Knee from the clinch by Malegarie.  Malegarie landed a few punches.  Martinez got behind him standing but did nothing with the position.  Martinez decked him with a left.  Takedown by Martinez.  Very close third round.  I think the knockdown and takedown gave it to Martinez so I've got him 29-28 but this could go either way.

All three judges have it 30-27 for Martinez.  Surprised about the second round.

Martinez's comments:

"I'm feeling a little roughed up up but winning that fight sure makes me feel a little bit better.  

"This tournament is the toughest in the world.  If you win and you make it to fight the champion you've definitely earned it.  I ve got a lot of respect for everybody and looking forward to the next fight." 


First round:  Both exchanged.  Alvarez dropped him with a left hook.  Freire landed a hard right that knocked him flying.  Alvarez was hurt.  This lived up to its billing in the opening seconds.  Pitbull with a knee to the body.  Alvarez tied him up.  Both threw knees from the clinch.  Eddie chant.  Pitbull escaped from the clinch.  Both exchanged and Pitbull went backwards from Alvarez's punch.  Alvarez is cut near the left eye.  Both landed hard rights.  Body kick by Pitbull.  Pitbull with a knee and Alvarez with a right.  Alvarez landed a right kick to the face that knocked Pitbull out with seconds left in the round.  Alvarez ran into the stands like a maniac.  4:54


"It was only right, I've got a ton of respect for Pitbull, you had two of the most exciting lightweights in the world in this cage tonight.  Thank you Canada for bringing it the way you guys did tonight.  

It's just another win. The goal never changes, it's always to beat the guy in front of you, in front of the cage.  No legacies, no money, it's all bullcrap, it's about beating the guy in front of you and that's what I'm here for.  

On being hurt early:  "I don't know, it happens to me every fight.  You know, my boxing trainer we work on it and work on it and work on it.  I don't know, it's something to learn to deal with and learning to embrace it insead of trying to resist it." 

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