UFC 153 live coverage from Rio - Silva vs. Bonnar

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 153 from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Furst round: Madadi landed some good punches and another left. Crowd super hot with Marcello as the favorite as the Brazilian. Madadi continues to land punches. He’s already bleeding from the nose. Crowd is singing chants for Marcello. Madadi got the takedown, but then pulled out and wanted Marcello to get up. Body kick and spin kick by Marcello. Neither landed but the crowd popped for Marcello at least attempting some offense. 10-9 Madadi.

Second round: Madadi moving forward. He landed an uppercut and backed out. Body kick and a punch by Marcello got the crowd going. Madadi landed several more punches . Marcello back with a body shot. Madadi went for a takedown and Marcello landed an uppercut. Madadi with an overhand right and an uppercut. Madadi landing some big punches. High kick by Marcello but it was blocked. Knee by Marcello to the body. Madadi landing punches. Marcello moved away after being tagged. Crowd going nuts right now. Marcello pulled guard to get it to the ground. Ref Fernando Yamasaki ordered a stand-up. Crowd actually booed the standup as they figured Marcello had a better shot on the ground. Marcello landed nice uppercut and several punches and a kick late. Good round. Madadi should take the round and be up 20-18.

Third round: Madadi took him down. Madadi backed out when Marcello started trying something from the bottom. Madadi bleeding from the nose. Great spinning back kick by Marcello and Madadi bowed to him. Crowd booed him doing that. Marcello missed a spin kick. Marcello landing punches. Marcello is moving forward landed a body shot. Body kick and punches by Marcello. Marcello won the third round, 29-28 overall for Madadi.

Scores: 29-28 Madadi 29-28 Marcello 30-27 Marcello. That third score was ridiculous.


First round: Cane got a big reaction, of course. Cane got behind him and took hin down. He’s working for a choke but Camozzi defending his neck well. Cane gave it up but is keeping the position and punching. Now Cane punching the side of the head. Camozzi back up. Camozzi landed a few punches. Camozzi in with a knee. Camozzi with a nice left. Cane landed some punches . Good left by Cane. Hard right by Cane as the round ended. Cane 10-9.

Second round: Camozzi moving in. Camozzi now landing. Nice low kick by Cane. High kick by Camozzi. Camozzi moving forward. Camozzi moved in with a knee. Camozzi getting the better of the standup here. Camozzi landed a left and more punches followed by a knee. Camozzi’s round 19-19.

Third round: Due to streaming issues we missed the third round.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Camozzi. Crowd booed but that’s because Cane was the local favorite.


First round: These two were teammates on Brazil’s Ultimate Fighter show. Moraes got the takedown but Forte got back to his feet. They are in a clinch against the fence. Another takedown by Moraes, but Forte right back to his feet again. Another takedown by Moraes. Moraes got his back but slipped off. Forte standing over him and kicking the leg. Mario Yamasaki ordered Moraes to stand. Moraes connected wth a left. Moraes 10-9. Crowd booed the round.

Second round: Moraes moved in and took Forte down again. Slow round and the crowd is booing. Forte with a body kick. Not much happened this round. Forte hurt him late with an upper cut, a left and a knee in the closing seconds. That won him the round so 19-19.

Third round: Forte with a body kick. Forte wants to drop to 155. Crowd booing the lack of action. Both missing sloppy punches. Forte landing several punches. Moraes went for a takedown and then got Forte’s back. Moraes has a body triangle. He’s in the the piggy back position trying to get a choke. He’s working for a choke but more like a chinlock. Moraes got the arm under he neck and choked him out.


First round: Brandao nailed a head kick but Gambino got out of trouble. Both trading shots. Side kick by Brandao. Gambino landed a right. Hard right by Gambinoi. Low kick by Brandao. Now they are in a clinch. Takedown by Brandao into side control. Brandao punching for the top although Gambino got full guard. Gambino got back to his feet. Gambino landed a nice left. Spin kick by Gambino. Brandao with aleft. Brandao bleeding for the right eye. Brandao 10-9.

Second round: Overhand right by Bandao knocked Gambino down. Amazing Gambino is still in the fight after that punch. Brandao got full mount and Gambino regained guard right away. Brandao with punches. Gambino went for an armbar. Brandao in with punches. No Gambino trying for a takedown. Brandao went for a takdown but Gambino defending well. . Brandao got him up and slammed him down. Fernando Yamasaki stood them up. Body kick by Gambino. Brandao is tired. But he’s won two rounds so he’s got to stall out the third. 20-18 Brandao.

Third round: Gambino landed left jab. Brando decked him with a right and told him to get up. Crowd going crazy at that spot. Brandao missed a wild right and Gambino trying for takedown but Brandao blocked it. Brandao got the takedown. Brandao landing body punches while in guard. Gambino working for a triangle. Gambino throwing hard punches from the bottom. Brandao moved to side control but Gambino regained guard. Yamasaki stood them up again. Gambino with a left and a right. Gambino started to land. Brandao landed a big right. Brandao was cheerleading with seconds left as he danced away doing jumping jacks. Brandao has to win 30-27 but it was more competitive than expected.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 for Brandao.


First round: Tibau took him down right away and went for a guillotine. Tibau pulled him to the ground grabbing guard and holding the guillotine, but Trinaldo slipped out. Tibau immediately back to his feet. Trinaldo with body shots from close range. Tibau with two left and another takedown. Lefts and a knee by Tibau. Trinaldo missing punches. Trading knees from the clinch. Trinaldo back with a knee and a left. Tibau with another takedown. 10-9 Tibau.

Second round: Trinaldo decked him with a left to near the ear, got his back and working for a choke. Tibau pulled Trinaldo’s arm off his throat. Now Trinaldo went for head and arm triangle. Trinaldo on top with elbows. Trinaldo punching from the top. Trinaldo landing punches from the top. He stayed on top until the end of the round. Trinaldo’s round so 19-19 going into the third. Would have been a 10-8.5 round with half points.

Third round: Both guys out throwing big punches. Tibau landed strong and got a takedown. Marc Goddard stood them up with 2:40 left. Tibau took him down again. Tibau moved to mount. Tibau went for an arm triangle. Time ran out with Tibau on top. Has to be 29-28 for Tibau. No other score possible.

Scores: All three judges had it 29-28 for Tibau.


First round: Sicilia looks really skinny. Jason missed a jumping kick and fell down. Jason threw a knee and hurt him with a right. Sicilia got the takedown. Sicilia landed tow punches from the top. Jason tried a triangle from the bottom and Sicilia got out and landed ore punches. Ref Fernando Yamasaki ordered a stand-up. This wasa ridiculous. That stand-up was insane. Jason landed a flying knee. Left to the side of the head by Jason. Kick to the body by Jason. Trading punches. Good round. Both swinging wildly again and Jason landing. Jason 10-9.

Second round: Sicilia landed a right. Sicilia punching to the body. Sicilia landed punch and a front kick. Sicilia in with another punch and kick. Sicilia throwing hard punches. Jason with a left to the body. Left to the body by Jason. Both out there swinging. Sicilia nailed him and followed with a body kick. Both tired from all the full power shots. Sicilia landing hard punches. Jason back with two lefts. Sicilia knocked him to a knee with a punch. Sicilia with a sick punch. Jason took him down and finished him with punches on the ground. Really good fight, best fight so far. Crowd going crazy. Right elbow to the face put him down and followed with hard hammer fists.


First round: Story landed a left. Maia working for the takedown but Maia got him down. Maia is going back to his Jiu Jitsu. Story back to his feet. Maia took him down again. Maia now has a mount and has Story’s back. Maia is trying to soften him up or a choke. Maia with a neck crank. Blood was coming out of Story’s nose and Story tapped. Maia looked tremendous here. 2:30


First round: Prado is super enthusiatic running around all excited and playing to the crowd. Davis moved in but didn’t get a tie-up. Prado with a head kick blocked. Davis got the takedown. Davis with body shots. Prado keeps grabbing the fence. Prado up and Davis took him down again. Davis landing punches from the top. Prado tried to get up and Davis took him down. Hard punches by Davis including one ot the back of the head. Crowd booing that one like crazy. Davis with more punches and a knee to the body. Davis with more punches. Beautiful takedown by Davis. 10-9 Davis, would be 10-8.5 with half points.

Second round: Davis with a high kick blocked. Davis moved in but couldn’t get a tie up. Now Davis has a single leg. Another takedown by Davis. Davis with body shots. Davis has him tied up against the fence. Prado back up. Davis dove in and double legged him to the mat. Davis moved to side control. Prado got a guard. Davis worked for an arm triangle. Prado escaped, but Davis kept control, went from a front headlock into a Gator roll and the Anaconda choke from there. Tremendous job by Davis here.


First round: Fitch got the takedown and got his back. Fitch figure four piggy backed him. Fitch throwing punches from that position. Fitch throwing hard punches. Fitch took him down and got his his back. Fitch got an arm triangle. Silva out. Silva with front kick to the body. Hard right by Silva. Fitch went to take him down. Silva threw an elbow and slipped. Spin kick by Silva and punches and knees by Silva. Fitch took him down and throwing knees while grinding him. Fitch took him down again. Fitch throwing punches. 10-9 Fitch.

Second round: First time Silva has gone into the second round. Fitch ducked a spinning punch. Fitch with punches. Silva leg swept him to the ground. Fitch out of trouble. Silva with punches but Silva out of trouble. Knee by Silva. Left and right by Fitch. Another knee by Fitch. Fans booing. Fitch tried a throw, Silva blocked it and took Silva down. Silva working for a choke. Fitch escaped the choke. That was awesome. Fitch turned to the top. Fitch pounding and got Silva’s bakc. Fitch went for the armbar but Silva flipped out of it. Silva 10-9

Third round: Fitch with another takedown. Fitch with hard punches from the back. Fitch continues to pound Silva. Silva escaped and went for a guillotine. Fitch out of it. Fitch with elbows. Silva worked for an armbar, Fitch escaped and more punching by Fitch. Fitch went for the choke again but didn’t have it. Silva back to his feet. Fitch took him down again. Fitch is just beating him up. Fitch throwing tons of punches. Elbows by Fitch. Fitch pounding on him. This is Fitch’s best fight of his career. Fitch continues to throw elbows and punches. Fitch is pounding Silva. The ref warned Silva he’d better do something. Silva got of trouble, but now Fitch working for a guillotine as time ran out. 10-8 round for Fitch so 29-27 win for Fitch.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Fitch.


First round: Left to the jaw hurt Maldonado. Teixeira knocked him down right away and pounding on him on the ground. Teixeira moved to full mount throwing punches and elbows. Teixeira throwing hard elbows. Teixeira landing more elbows. Now more hard punches. More elbows. Sick elbows by Teixeira. Teixeira went for the arm triangle. Maldonado survived. Teixeira pounding him with more elbows. Sick punches by Teixeira. Sick elbows by Teixiera. . Maldonado got up. Maldonado is badly hurt. Now they are trading punches standing. Maldonado barely as any legs. Teixeira destroying him. Then Maldonado nailed him with a hard left to the jaw. Maldonado landed another hard punch and now Teixeira is in a lot of trouble. Head kick by Teixeira missed. Teixeira with a takedown and Maldonado went for a guillotine. 10-8 Teixeira but this was a hell of a performance by Maldonado.

Second round: Teixeira took him down right away. Maldonado back to his feet. Teixeira took him down again, and got his back. Teixeira back with punches and sick elbows. Crowd booing the fighting on the ground. How they can boo this fight is beyond me. Teixeira into side control. Teixeira with more punches. Now elbows on the ground. More booing. Mario Yamasaki ordered a standup. Huge swelling above Maldonado’s left eye. Maldonado is begging to continue. The doctor allowed it to continue. Hard left by Teixeira. Another hard left by Teixeira and again. Now he nailed him with a hard left. Teixiera’s round so he’s up 20-17. Maldonado nearly fell down going to his corner. Looks like the doctor is calling it off. Maldonado is furious but it really is the right thing to do.

Teixeira challenged Quinton Jackson, said Jackson was his idol when he was in Pride but he’s saying bad things about him.


First round: They say Nogueira is 6-3 and Herman is 6-4, but it looks like 3 or more inches height difference. Nogueira went for the takedown but Herman reversed and threw Nogueira to the ground. Herman let him up. Nogueira landed some punches. Nogueira in a clinch. Herman with knees and kicks to the body. Noguuera grabbed the leg. Crowd going crazy. Nogueira throwing all kinds of lefts to the body and head. Herman with a kick to the body. Nogueira landed a left and right. Nogueira landed a right. Nogueira moved in and Nogueira landed a right. Body kick by Herman. Another body kick by Herman. Another body kick by Herman. Another kick by Herman. A right by Nogueira. Nogueira landed another right and a left by Nogueira. 10-9 Nogueira.

Second round: Nogueira dropped him with a left at the start of the round. Nogueira in side conrol. He’s working for an Americana. Herman escaped. Nogueira punching from the mount. Nogueira working for an armbar. He lost the arm and Herman got back to his feet. Nogueira landed a left. Now in a clinch. Herman got the takedown. Crowd booing seconds after it went to the ground. Herman backed off and let him up. Left and right by Nogueria. Left to the jaw by Herman and Nogueira got the takedown into side control and full mount. Nogueira working for an armbar. Nogueira beat him with the armbar. Super finish because Herman had been saying all week that Jiu Jitsu doesn’t work. Crowd going berserk.


First round: Silva slipped backing away and Bonnar working for a takedown. Bonnar throwing knees to the thigh. Bonnar with short lefts and a knee from the clinch. Silva threw a knee back. Silva showing good takedown defense here. Elbows and punches from short range by Bonnar. Bonnar tried to duck low but blocked by Silva. Knee by Silva. Trading punches. Bonnar landing a series of punches. Silva standing there daring him to punch him so Silva can counter him. Bonnar trying for a takedown but Silva defending well. Silva threw a punch. Bonnar landed an elbow and a right and silva back with an elbow. They are trading punches. Silva with a shoulder strike. Silva threw him down and landed a knee and Bonnar is done. He may have broken a rib with the knee. It was a knee to the solar plexus followed by about ten punches on the ground before it was stopped by ref Danny Goddard. 4:40

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