Reaction to UFC and ROH

UFC 153

Thumbs up

Best Fight - Fitch v Silva

Worst Fight -NOGUEIRA v Herman

Watched at a bar in Gainesville Florida.  Crowd diminished as the night went on.  Very limited attention was paid to the fight.  This is a bar that regularly broadcasts UFC.

David Kaplan

Thumbs way up
Best match: Steen vs Elgin is a MOTY candidate.
2nd best match: Lethal vs Richards
Worst match: none
The company hit a grand slam tonight! The stream was seamless with a very high resolution, but it was the performances that finally got a chance to outshine any technical snafus.
ROH always puts on good to great cards, but tonight was one of those epic events that proves no U.S. company does pure pro wrestling better than ROH when they're firing on all cylinders.
Lethal and Davey was an intriguing match up and it lived up to the hype. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much people take Davey for granted. Hell, it was barely 2 years ago when everyone called DAVEY the best in the world. Guess what? He may not be the flavor of the month anymore, but he's still Davey Richards, and he's only improved, which says a lot considering his already awesome skill level. He even seemed reinvigorated tonight like he was finally enjoying himself. And Lethal with his new "edge" is clicking.
Cole and Edwards was another fantastic match. On any other show, in any other company, it would have been match of the night. The Briscoes and Jacobs/Corino was a spirited performance with both teams having great chemistry.
And that alone would have been worth the $14.95 without question.
But Steen vs Elgin made this show a true milestone for the company. Steen, always a charismatic and highly entertaining performer, has the occasional detractor because he doesn't have the typical pro wrestling physique (Newsflash: neither did Dusty!) Well if Steen didn't have your respect before tonight (and if he didn't, you're jaded and clueless because he's money), watch tonight's main event. Steen went the distance and then some. He's an amazing storyteller in that ring, truly gifted and a hell of a worker.
And Elgin? A star-making performance against Davey during WrestleMania weekend and now this match--Hell, can Elgin win first and second place for match of the year in the annual awards issue? If you thought Elgin/Richards was great, Elgin/Steen will blow you away.
A few weeks ago many were writing obits for this company. Stop the presses. Tonight ROH was reborn. Yes, Glory By Honor was that damn great!
For any ROH fans who may have strayed over the past few years, order the replay of tonight's show and fall in love all over again with this company.
Josh Jabcuga
Buffalo, NY
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Steen vs. Elgin
Worst Match: Rhino vs. Thomas (more of a segment, but a terribly executed segment)
Hey Dave,
                  I haven't been that high on ROH lately especially after the fiasco on the previous IPPV, but something told me to check this show out and actually PAY for the show. It was a crazy risk but I ended up having a feeling I haven't felt about ROH ever since Final Batt;e ;ast year, and that's HOPE. Now obviously this just one show, and ROH still has a long way to go to dig themselves out of the hole they created, but for one night I can say I felt like a true ROH fan again.
                The opening match was really fun. The theme of this show really felt like there was some change in direction. I noticed a lot of the matches on here were more stiffer and more "care free" then the having the sense of having certain guys tell them to slow down. That's what the opening match between the Bravados & CC gave to me. Mondo vs. Bennett didn't get alot of heat as one would expect, but the match was fine and Mondo did a very questionable spot but it did get the crowd going for a little bit. WGGT vs. Titus & Whitmer was not that good. Lethal vs. Davey was great stuff as expected and I liked how after the match Eddie Edwards came to check on Davey, which can sense a American Wolves reunion (something that Davey has been vocal about having). The HOT stuff had the right idea but it got stupid when Rhino was put in to replace Roddy in his match with Thomas. Once again, you could sense the change from Delirious when it looks like the HOT is officially dead (for now). Cole vs. Edwards was really good to great stuff and it was great seeing Cole pin Eddie clean. Tag title match was good as well. The main event was incredible. Maybe the best ROH match this year next to Davey/Elgin. What I found great was Roddy had nothing to do with the finish, plus Steen was not in the typical No DQ style match. The post match was one of the best post match segments this year, with the reveal of Generico's mask. That was the explanation point, that there is still HOPE for ROH. Did I not mention there was no IPPV problems either? All in all, I had fun and I was so glad I paid for this show and if this is one of the last times I will feel this way about a ROH show, then I might as well write you this rare feedback from me.
Victor Dorsey

I am sending this just after intermission, I lost stream during the Rhino match, it was in and out during the Adam Cole/Eddie Edwards match, and now it's almost time for UFC. There's no replay available for me either.
I got the ROH iPPV for free due to being a member on their website, I haven't ordered one of these before due to the problems with the technology.

I was very surprised to see the stream working perfectly at bell time.

Bravado Brothers vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander: Didn't really pay attention here, both teams are undercard jobbers. Wasn't bad.

Mike Mondo vs Mike Bennett: I can't stand this storyline, it's built on a babyface I can't stand sexually harassing a female. Glad to see Bennett win, he will do well in WWE. I see nothing in Mondo.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer: Was a good match. I've got no interest in Titus/Whitmer so it was good to see WGTT get the W. Don't know where they go from here.

Jay Lethal vs Davey Richards: Awesome, awesome match. Glad I got to see it perfectly. Both guys worked hard, Lethal will be champ sooner rather then later and he deserves it.

Rhino vs Tadarius Thomas: I saw the angle with Strong leaving the HoT, then the stream was offline, when it came back Truth took a sick bump into the guardrail and the stream started going in and out. Since people will be arriving soon for UFC, that's enough RoH for me.
I'll be buying the DVD so I can see this Lethal/Richards again, and the second half of the card.

Mitchell Ayre, Newcastle, Australia.

Hello guys,
I ordered Glory by Honor tonight.  Everything looked great until the Edwards/Cole match.  My feed started to freeze and I missed the ending.  I tried to log out and log back in before the Briscoes/SCUM, now I get nothing.  I've attached a screen of what I'm getting, freakin incredible.
Adam Hicks

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