Bound for Glory feedback

First time TNA PPV purchaser.
Overall 2 thumbs up.
PPV started off slow, one of RVD's off nights, plus I just don't buy Zema Ion. 1 3/4 stars
Joe vs Magnus was crisp, worked well, told a story (short one), and had the right result. 3 stars
Storm vs Roode was a great, fun match.  I expected it to go longer but I guess at that point in the show going 25 or 30 minutes would have sucked the energy out of the rest of the show.  I enjoyed it.  3 3/4 stars, shame that they blew the booking on the feud in past few months.  Also, King Mo was an obvious afterthought.
Tara vs Tessmacher best women's match I've seen in quite a while.  I have no idea who that guy Jesse is, but I don't watch big brother, so who knows.  4 stars(women's match curve rating)
WTTCOTW vs Angle/Styles vs Guerrero/Hernandez I enjoyed the full match except for the rules of a 3 way tag match.  3 ways are no DQ, so why the hell wouldn't they all just be in the ring at the same time.  Plus they lost track of who was tagged in or out somewhere during the climax.  Other than that the work was great, had great high spots, and I enjoyed the action.  3 stars
Snow vs Ryan was alright.  It was entertaining enough, Snow is fun to watch in the ring and Ryan has charisma.  Having Morgan be his bodyguard works, otherwise Ryan will only be good as x division jobber #3.  2 stars
A n 8 vs Bully/Sting was nonsense.  Again, a no DQ tag match.  Hogan needs to go away.  Just ugh.  1 1/2 stars
Hardy vs Aries was a good title match with a weird crowd dynamic. Expected the switch as did probably most everybody, but I still enjoyed it.  3 3/4 stars
Colin Tillett,
South Jersey

Thumbs up.
Best match: Aries vs. Hardy
Worst Match: Tessmacher vs Tara (but it really wasn't all that bad)

Extremely entertaining PPV. Felt like a mix of a lot of successful formulas. One thing TNA brings that WWE is lacking is just the straight up fearlessness and inventiveness of the talent. They feel like they're trying to stand out in the ring, not just on the mic. Even the weak matches had personality and moments. RVD vs. Ion, Joe vs. Magnus, the Roode/Storm blowoff, the Triple Threat match and the main event were ALL really fun and watchable. I even liked the Al Snow match just for nostalgia's sake, even if it was too long.

Aces & 8s is a fun gimmick, but the match was just okay. Thunder was stolen by the earlier street fight. And why do people tag in and out when it's No DQ? Then again, the whole match was worth the "This is Awkward" chant.

Only note of concern was just how many former stars went over new stars.I loved the Aries vs Hardy match, but ... is Hardy really going to have a run as champ? Does anyone want to see it? Plus, trying to turn Aries seemed to just not work. How would the match have been any different if they were both booked as faces? It seems like it would have been far better if they'd just let it be a face vs. face dynamic, as opposed to trying to force things. They booed Hardy for the same reason they tend to boo Cena: they know they're being told who to cheer for, and they reject it.

Nitpicks aside, though, I really enjoyed it.

Matt Freeman

Thumbs up
Best match: Aries-Hardy
Worst match: Snow-Ryan
Watched this at a movie theater in Las Vegas. About 30 people in the theater. Pretty quiet group except for pops for Hardy winning and the end of several other matches.
The matches top to bottom were great. In my opinion, Hardy-Aries should be in the running for MOTY. The six-man tag was also great. The rest were solid. I'll leave the thoughts on Devon to everyone else. But the "this is awkward" chat was great.
It seemed to me the crowd made this show. They were hot all night and made Aries look like a star, as well as a lot of others. It's amazing to me how much better TNA comes across outside of the Orlando studio.
My only complaint is some of the stupid shit TNA does that makes them seem bush league. Why give a promo spot to some Phoenix disc jockey? Why use some nobody from Big Brother? Why leave a cooler visible by the announcers?
These little things amaze me. Also not giving the spanish announcers a fresh table...I just don't think they realize this shit makes them seem minor league on a night when the crowd and the action makes them seem like a big deal.
But all and all a great show. One of my top 3 of the year probably. Also had a lot of fun with the show on the big screen.
Mike Trask
Las Vegas


I don't normally get TNA PPV's I usually just wait and watch the DVD of them a week later.  I don't know why I decided to purchase this one.  Maybe it was the old time WCW Main Event feel that the Spike TV special gave.  Because it was literally the last few minutes that convinced me to purchase the PPV.  There wasn't one match sold the PPV to me.  With that being said, I thought that the production of a traveling PPV on a busy weekend was very well done.  The PPV overall was very good.  It wasn't the best PPV I have ever seen, but there wasn't anything wrong with it.  It was a fun show to watch.  The Roode/Storm match told a great story and was a hell of a match.  It was scary w/ the blood loss, but great.  This crowd was a great crowd to have a pro wrestling show in front of.  This is a good reason why to hold PPV's and/or Impacts on the road.

One thing that is hard for me to buy into is the Aces and Eight deal.  I have been in bars when bikers have came in and I have never ever seen a biker with a cut that looks so brand new as this group.  The leather is still shiny and the pins are in a neat row and the badges are not weathered.  Maybe that isnt a big deal to some but its hard to believe that these guys are true bikers and then can't get the simple stuff right.  That reminds me of WCW.  Then to have D-Von be the leader?  I will give it a shot...Bully Ray has came a long way, but I really didn't see the same growth in D-Von.

Best Match: Roode v/s Storm

Worse Match:  Tara v/s Ms. Tessmacher

Bound For Glory: Thumbs Up

Heath Pittman

Solid match by RVD and Zima to start. Not a fan of having RVD win, this match could have made Zima, even more so than him winning it initially, beating RVD on their biggest show would've been huge. Have Zima win here barely or with cheating, And feud going into the next PPV, lose it to RVD there.
The Joe match was good, liked the finish, Fig4 to RNC. Right man won.
I don't see why Roode/Storm is 3rd on card, since it has the MOST history. Should've been 3rd to last. Very good match, played off the beer bottle spot.
I like the booking leading into this PPV, besides the opener, all the matches so far have been with stories that are at least 6 months long. Including the Snow/Ryan match next.
Ok match with Ryan/Snow. Fun Head spot, lame ref bump AGAIN on a TNA show. Ok way to bring back Morgan. Interesting to see them shake, why have 2 outsiders stories going on at the same time, these guys and Aces. Weakest match so far, but still ok.
Solid tag match, bad winners, now one wants to see them as champs. Match of the Night so far. Hope Kaz is ok.
KO match, yawn. Still continuing the long stories though. Ehh KO match. And who is Jesse? Hollywood is not Big Brother. Should've figured for TNA, someone no one would care about.
Induction was ok, could've been cut better though. I also don't think Sting saved the company, he doesn't pop ratings, did he really ever for TNA?
This is the match I've been looking forward to the most, well, at least the story. I want to see the Aces reveal. Even though I assume like you guys have been saying no one is really going to know them. I'm thinking Bully or Hogan turn a la nWo debut. Parks hulking as you guys assumed. Ok match. Solid reveal NO ONE guessed. DVon.
Main event. Wasn't big going into this match. Lack luster build. Didn't feel right coming out of BFG Series. Ok main. Not happy with Jeff as champ.
MOTN tie Tag Title match/Roode and Storm.
Worst KO match.
Overall good PPV, semi-hot crowd dead after Aces match. Funny Taz said thanks to our audience that paid.
Ed Battes

Best - Storm vs Roode
Worst - Tessmacher vs Tara

These people just don't get it....It was fucking 2012 it was Devon...
Every match besides Ryan vs Snow and the KO's was good. Aces reveal killed something for me but I don't know what. Dixie was in MARK mode for Sting and Hogan the last two days. I guess Hogan working her and she not realizing it is the new running joke like when Pillman screwed Bischoff in the 90's. Zema vs RVD was good. Thank goodness Joe won but this company is TOO stupid to elevate him and/or the TV to the main event like Heyman did in 99 with RVD. 3 way tag was good. Chavo is NOT over and is still milking Eddie's death for 5 years now. Loved Matt Morgans return. Tara hollywood bullshit just delivered TNA their white version of David A List Otunga. DAVE WHY DOES TNA HAVE THE WORST TASTE IN SIGNING TALENT?!?!?!?!?! This was a night of stepbacks as far as having 40 years olds win belts and be in the spot light. Aries pre show promo was gold. Bully Ray and Sting vs Aces was a dead finish and of course looking on sites and on twitter people actually like Devon as the reveal.....Well OF COURSE they do...hes a WWE guy and we should all know the WWE bias when it comes to wrestling and TNA. Taz jokes BOMBED all night. Tenay cant sell anything including facial expression. NO LOGIC when a guy whos 59 with 80 back sugeries can beat a whole group of "thugs" maening HOGAN. Storm - Roode was tremendous. King Mo turned into a scared fan at ringside for sure. Go back and look at his face when the weapons came in. That man was scared as shit. No point of him being there. Aries - Hardy was kinda killed when that Devon reveal sucked air out of the building. No heat for the build up so no heat during the match anyway. FACE vs FACE matches dont work. Hardy is Jushin Liger in his entrance....Oh yeah he had NEW drug enducing music. Thanks Dale Oliver and musical GAWD Serg Sallinas. Hardy wins. Why? Why not have Aries beat him. But NO the Hogan-Bischoff logic is to lose and do rematches. Why not win and turn Aries more heel WITH the belt and do rematches. This company JUST doesnt know how to book longer term angles to push younger NON wwe guys to top star level. But a good show.
Xavier Nowlin

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