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Thumbs Up
Best Match: Tag Team Title Match
Worst Match: None
Hey guys, I saw Bound For Glory at a movie in Fernandina Beach, Fl which is 40 miles outside Jacksonville. There were only four people in the theater altogether. I'm not surprised, but I'm glad they ran in theaters, since I'm working out of state, and would have been unable to order it. It is so cool to watch a ppv in theaters. This was the show of the year for me, the only one coming close is Slammiversary. I'll preface that statement by saying I have given up on the Vince McMahon bullshit, and haven't seen a full Japanese show, only matches. Solid opener, with some hot moves from Ion. I get more impressed with him every match. I hope there's a renewed X Division push, but I won't hold my breath. Television title was a good match. Joe was over here, and both looked good. I would have put Magnus over, but I'm fine with the result. Roode vs. Storm was an impressive brawl. Storm's blade job was fantastic. I was sick to death of thumbtacks when Abyss would use them every ppv, but if used once a year, and by someone you wouldn't expect to take a tack bath, it is effective. Roode has a lot of guts to take that bump off the middle rope. The buildup to the match was completely botched, and they should have been in the main event, but at least they got the finish right here. I was hoping for a Shamrock/Hart confrontation between King Mo and Roode, but it didn't happen. Mo added nothing, and wasn't over a lick. Hopefully it gets better. I liked Joey Ryan's promo. He has something in my eyes. I'm not sure if it's as a chickenshit heel in a tag team, or a mid level single, but he's different, and I like him. Match was okay. I wasn't expecting Tanahashi vs. Okada. Morgan interfering surprised me. Tag title match was the show stealer, one of the top 5-7 matches of the year for me. Kazarian is always doing crazy shit, and I appreciate it, and I hope he's okay. The dive by Styles was incredible. I liked the story of the match, that everyone was trying to avoid going to the opposite corners at all costs. Good attention to detail. Everyone impressed me in the match. I would have kept the titles on Kaz & Daniels, but the best use of Chavo & Hernandez is in a tag team, and it's so good to see an important tag title match on a pay per view. Kaz & Daniels are a lock for tag team of the year. Brooke vs. Tara was a good match. Tessmacher busted out a huracanrana off the top, and it looked good. She really has potential. Tara has been overlooked for a long time. I'm happy she's getting a push. I thought the boyfriend would be either Eric Young, Joey Ryan, or Scott Baio, in that order. I should of known it would be worse. Talk about a letdown. Maybe Tara and Jesse will have a good act, but as reveals go, simply horrible for the night. Sting and Bully Ray vs. Aces & 8s was good. I was just so thankful that Bully didn't turn, Sting and Hogan would have just looked so dumb. Particularly when you add up how many times they've both been turned on in their careers. I liked Joseph Park's moment. He is so much better as this Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk type character than the mid card tack bath guy. I almost can't believe it's the same guy. I liked Devon's reveal. Obviously it's not John Cena or Randy Orton, and Mike Knox, Drew Hankinson, Jay Bradley, and Wes Brisco being revealed right now just doesn't mean anything right now. But Devon at least has a story. I know the Aces & 8s storyline fell off a cliff with all the kidnappings and torturing, but hopefully it'll turn around, as I'm sure it will be around until Lockdown. The main event was outstanding. The crowd was surprisingly for Aries, but Hardy had his fans. I can't remember the last time I heard a "Hardy sucks" chant. But he didn't suck tonight. He had his working shoes on, and Aries is phenomenal. I get nervous watching top rope huracanranas, but when pulled off, they are spectacular. That sent the match into orbit for me. I want to say the right guy won, but if Jeff leaves in March, that sure won't be the case. I really hope he stays. Top to bottom this was the best tna show I've ever seen. And I bought the weekly Nashville ppvs, so I didn't just jump on the train. Final Resolution 2005 had a back to back match of the year punch with America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada, and AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams in Ultimate X, but this was better as a whole. I hope they can climb out of there self inflicted Vince Russo hole, their roster is fantastic, and deserve nights like tonight in front of large audiences.
Jason Smith

TNA Bound For Glory 2012
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy
Worst Match: Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara
We really enjoyed this show from beginning to end.  We were hoping for more of a reveal on the Aces and Eights storyline.  I guess there is still plenty of directions to go with it.  But we were expecting to have a better idea of who was behind it (is it really just going to be Devon?) and what their motivation is and who all those other masked guys are. Even without those answers, this was a really enjoyable show.  All of the matches were at least passable, most were good, and two or three were great!
Matt & Belinda Elliott
Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Dave,

In a vacuum, TNA put on a very good show tonight.  There was mostly good-to-great wrestling up and down the card, and the Arizona crowd was really good for the matches they cared about.  The best match on the show was probably the Aries vs. Hardy main event, but I think my personal favorite was Roode vs. Storm, which was a great fight, but the addition of King Mo was totally unnecessary and really watered it down.  Worst match of the night was easily Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan, which made Ryan look like a complete doofus who has no reason to be in the company if he can't even beat an overweight semi-retired midcarder by himself.

The big problem coming out of the show is that, if you look at their current list of champions, there's an awful lot of former WWE guys on top again.  RVD is the X-Division Champion, Chavo Guerrero is a tag team champion, Victoria is the Knockouts Champion, Jeff Hardy is now the top guy... it's the old TNA habit of feeling less like a WWE alternative, and more like an imitator.  If the wrestling on the program remains good, I'll keep watching, but it feels like there's less and less to be excited about as time goes on.  Which is sad, because TNA felt really fresh for most of the summer.

Wes Martinez

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Storm over Roode
Worst Match: Tara over Ms. Tessmacher
The wrestling on the show tonight ranged from OK to pretty damn good.
There is a world of difference between TNa on the Road and TNA in
Orlando, it makes me think they really need to take the show on the road
all the time but I know the budget won't allow for such things. I know
that ratings haven't been different when they've done iMPACT outside of
Orlando but the atmosphere is almost always a million times better.
RVD Vs. Zema Ion: Kind of surprised they changed the title but Zema Ion
as champ just wasn't doing anything for me. I guess they can always go
back to him as champion closer to when Jesse Sorensen is ready to return.
Joe Vs. Magnus: Enthusiastic crowd aside, I thought the match was pretty
good but not as they claimed, awesome.
Storm Vs. Roode:  A great match to end the feud and I liked that they
pointed out that it ended basically the way it began with a beer bottle.
I was surprised that Roode didn't get in to it with King Mo after the
match. Mo's presence was a waste because he did nothing either leading
up to this match or in the match itself. It was like he was never there
except he was and that just proved to be unnecessary.
Joey Ryan Vs. Al Snow: Whatever. This angle should have been ended a
long time ago. Stretching it out this far, kind of like another angle on
the show, just ruined any interest there might have been. In this case,
none. Still, surprised Matt Morgan factored in here as I thought for
sure he'd be in Aces and Eights.
Chavo and Hernandez over Styles/Angle and Kaz/Daniels:  I don't see why
the titles needed to change here. Of course, Daniels/Kazarian are a
great act whether they have the belts or not. Angle and Styles seemed
like non-factors and kind of like they were thrown in because they
needed to be on the show. Still, this was an excellent match.
Tara Vs. Tessmacher: This was what it was and the hollywood boyfriend
fell flatter than an open can of coke left on a table for 3 weeks. Crowd
chanting "who are you?" was the best part of the whole thing.
Sting and Bully Vs. Aces and Eights: I wonder if this was the plan all
along or if everyone guessing that Bully was going to turn made them
reconsider. I'm guessing this was the plan for awhile anyway. It does
explain the constant references to D-von on iMPACT. I'm still not sure
that anything outside of John Cena and Randy Orton could save this angle
and maybe even not if the masks were pulled off and they were underneath
could it be saved. Now you have D-von and a bunch of dudes that nobody
cares about.
    Another highlight, the crowd chanting "this is awkward".
Jeff Hardy Vs. Austin Aries:  The Austin Aries title run is what got me
to kind of care about TNA again, so kudos to him for that much. I know
that you can't change your long-term storylines based on the reaction of
one crowd but I'm thinking nobody in the building would have minded
terribly had TNA decided to keep Aries as champion a little while
longer. Thursday's heel turn and the promo he cut before the show
started did nothing to change the mind of this group of fans. Match was
There were some definite flaws with this show, most of which was the
booking of the show and the fact that no matter what they did with Aces
and Eights it just wasn't going to work. Still, the wrestling was pretty
well worth whatever my cable company charged me for the show tonight.
This is the fist TNA show I have officially purchased since Destination
X 2011. If the wrestling stays strong it won't be another year before I
do another.
Casey Trowbridge
Huron, SD.

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