More Bound for Glory and UFC 153 feedback

Thumbs up show
Best: Roode/Storm
Worst: Snow/Ryan, but it wasn't terrible
First time I had ordered a TNA PPV, despite my interest in this show waning from where it was in August.  The wrestling on this show was great from top-to-bottom, but some of the booking seemed strange (Hernandez/Chavo winning the tag titles when Chavo isn't over, Tara going over -- that feud was reversed as to who won when, Hardy winning clean, and they shouldve called an audible and killed the A&8's storyline.. I was hoping it would have a twist that would renew my interest in it, but it did not... and it's obviously not over with the live crowd or the TV audience). I enjoyed the show, but was not blown away given that it's their version of Wrestlemania... I was expecting just a bit more on the angle side of things. .
I really enjoyed Roode vs Storm, as it was a match that works when only done sparingly... could've used a ref bump in the context of the match though, to get Mo more involved. If they built Roode/Storm properly as a title main event, it would've been even better... but I am glad that Hardy/Aries had a good match that Aries controlled. Definitely looking forward to the rematch and may make the trek to the Impact Zone for that one if they main event next month.
RVD as X champ is a good move, as it gives the division a different look, and Joe and Magnus was good. Ryan is a good heel that I think will make a good team with Morgan, if that's the direction.
Tessmacher is turning into a good worker, but she's missing something to connect her with the crowd, not sure what it is.
Production values and arena were good, but I expected the place to be a bit bigger... didn't seem terribly larger than the IZ, though the crowd was  more into it overall.
-Chris H.

UFC 153:  Thumbs Up.
Best fight:  Fitch vs Silva
Worst Fight:  None
Best KO:  Anderson Silva
Best Submission:  Maia
Best Match:  Hardy vs Aries
Worst Match:  Tara vs Tessmacher
Most of the in ring work was good to great, aside from the Knockouts and Snow/Ryan.  I hate Morgan coming back and being associated with Ryan, it really waters both guys down.  As good as the wrestling was on this show, the booking was not.  Aces & 0.7's may be a reality maybe not this Thursday, but after the Bound For Glory aftershocks simmer.  All that aside, the worst thing about TNA right now is their champions.  Virtually all former WWE talent minus Hernandez hold TNA gold, which is inexcusable.
J Brown

Thumbs up
IMHO, BFG was a solid, if not spectacular PPV. I don't try to do play-by-play recaps, but here is my overview:
Opener was made better by the crowd. RVD seemed a litltle off as did Ion - I've seen both work good matches, so it might have been the case that some guys just don't gel together. I liked Joe-Magnus - Magnus has greatly improved (I'm guessing with Joe's help), and the match had the right finish. Being old school, I REALLY liked Storm Roode - I've seen where many referenced ECW in this, with the weapons....I go back much farther, and this just felt like a fantastic old school brawl, where juice was utilized properly,  and if this is the payoff to the feud, a good way to end it.  Tag match was okay, crowd went nuts for Angle as usual - I guess they strapped the right team, if thery are going to strongly market to the Hispanid demographic.
Sting/ Bully and Aces & 8's was crapped on by a lot of people responding - I liked it, given who was involved, and the story played out well. I'm glad Hankinson and Knox have a national audience to perform for, and when the angle runs its course, hopefully they will be given the chance to develop their characters, anlike WWF(E). Bully has become one of my favorite people to watch, and I saw the Devon surprise coming, when Hogan continued to reference Devon ("hate to see him go") in most of his recent interviews. We'll see how the Orlando crowd buys into it. Oh yeah, the girls worked great, again with my guess Lisa has been grooming Tessmacher.
Lastly, raelly, REALLY liked Aries/Hardy. Aries moves, mannerisms and promo abilities, reminds me of a throw back heel from the 60's and 70's. I agree, he carried the match, and Jeff is still so over, it almost doesn't matter what he does. The dynamic might have seemed strange, but with the early promo, it appears that Aries will go heel, which is more natural for him, and all will be right with the universe. I'm sure a lot of smarts will cheer Aries going forward, so he may become a true tweener.
Overall very good show, and I love watching guys I personally know, and with a couple of exceptions, it seems TNA is shifting the focus to its future stars. Good job!
Ed Jones/Major DeBeers

Thumbs in the Middle
Ok so first off I planned on watching this at a movie theater right next to my house like I have the last 2 BFGs but they didn't show it even though they advertised it. There was a crowd of about 20 people give or take a few waiting so I ended up biting the bullet and bought it at my home, the first TNA PPV I have bought in over a year though I have seen most at friends homes or at the movie theater in question. I ended up only missing 3 mins of the PPV and bought it as RVD was coming out so I missed nothing and I brought 4 people who were waiting in line with me that I didn't go with in the first place. Only other thing I should say is I read that some people were having a sound issue for there PPV, I didn't however but I also have cable. So with that said My breakdown
RVD vs Zema Ion
The first thing I noticed was how big RVD was compared to Zema, no way in hell was RVD 225. I could with heavy skepticism buy 235 but no lighter and I like my wrestling to make sense so I'd really like to hear Taz or someone bring up that the weight limit was moved to 235 or something on the next Impact. The match was fine I guess seemed like a typical RVD Match and Zema didn't seem comfortable working with RVD. To be honest I'm not big on Zema Ion I don't think he's all that good and really average is about as high as I could rank him and that sorta showed here as he messed a few things up as did RVD but RVD made the stuff he didn't mess up look better then Zema also. I'm glad Zema doesn't have the X title as I like that belt and the concept of it. Not a great start IMO.
Samoa Joe vs Magnus
I like Joe with the belt and think he brings some crediability to the TV belt holding it I also like Magnus so I was happy either way with this match. The thing I wasn't happy with was this match coming on second on the show. I know the TV belt isn't suppose to be much but it's something and I think they could have put something else here and made the show overall better. The match itself I thought was good, I liked it and I thought it made Magnus look like he could be something but he's not ready yet which is the story he needs to tell.
Roode vs Storm
ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO!!! How in the hell could TNA decide to put a match like this which if you watch Impact weekly you would have had built up for a year on as the third match. Just can't understand and noone will be able to argue with me otherwise. Specificelly how Joey Ryan could have his match go after this is beyond me and IMO killed some of the heat for everything up to the Sting match. The match itself I like alot and was clearly the best on on the show IMO. The double juice made me think of watching the old NWA matches my mom and dad had taped as a 5 year old boy. Roode is a really good worker and I don't think gets the credit he deserves, storm is getting better and in with a good worker can have really good matches. This also brought back memorys of going to some ECW events in Middle and highschool with my family(ya we were kinda weird like that) It also felt like a blowoff match for them but after the rest of the card I now am not sure that will
happen like that.
Ryan vs Snow
I went to the restroom for some of this match because this seriously had no intrest for me in it, I thought I knew exactly what was gonna happen and other then the guy who ran in(matt morgan) I was 100% dead on with how the match was layed out. The people at my house were stunned I could call the match so accurately but that comes from a house that has watched wrestler for my whole life so 27 years. I thought for sure that Devon was gonna cost snow that was my only mess up.
The tag title 3 way
I thought this was gonna go on when the Roode vs Storm match did. I enjoyed the match I like Tag Team wrestling when tag team wrestling is presented as equal to Singles and just a different form which TNA I believe does to a certain extent. I also liked that Chavo and Big mex or Super Mex or Tex Mex whatever you want to call him won as I like the tag team and is the best way to use Super Mex at this point. My only thing is I'm not exactly sure where Angle and Styles go from here. They don't seem to have a clear direction, maybe this is a way to give Kurt alittle time off or something which would probably be good in the long run.
Miss Tess vs Tara
I would have switched this and the TV title match personally but whatever really doesn't matter. For a womans match it was good but at the same time it wasn't that great and would be either the worst match or the second worst match on the show. I like Tara winning in the end and hope to see maybe Mickie James brought back to chase for the belt.
Sting and Bully vs Aces and 8's
Something that bothered me in this match was when Aces and 8's came out and now there is 4-5-6 guys there where is the rest of the roster? Maybe it's just me but the story was everyone basicelly wanted them gone so when they jump Sting and Bully and they are now going 3-1 why is a Crippled Hulk Hogan and a Starved and Cuffed Joe Park the only 2 guys to come and fight?? It doesn't make sense to me but I guess I'm overthinking this. The other thing I wonder is why Devon, I mean I sorta get it he and Bully were buddies at one point but they also just had a feud and were still looking like they didn't like eachother, so why is Bully so stunned when it's devon??? I don't have a problem with Devon being apart of Aces and 8's, I don't even have a problem with him being one of the masked guys jumping Sting and Bully, I do have a problem with him being the big Reveal. If they wanted to go that way I'd of had Bully get stopped by Devon then Sting stops and unmasks
Devon then another guy stops Sting and that would be Matt Morgan then you have 2 former disgruntled champs being apart of this and it makes more sense atleast to me but maybe I'm the crazy one. I'm fine with Aces winning but I wonder where they go from here? I kinda thought that sting and bully were gonna win because this angle wasn't getting over so this would be a way to kill it and wrap it up but I guess they got plans for it. I have faith in the booking of TNA as of late so I'll give this a shot but I'm not sure how they are gonna keep this one going.
Hardy vs Aries
It was a very good match slightly below Roode and storm for me but for sure number 2 and if you think it was the best I wouldn't be upset with that thought. I personally don't care about Hardy as champ as much as I did Aries more so with his heal turn. I know hardy is the biggest star they have but he's also burned them many many times when he has been given this sort of situation. I hope for there sake he doesn't do it again but I'm not 100% sold on hardy being cleaned up yet. I also have a hard time seeing where Hardy goes from here in terms of challengers. I guess they will keep the Aries feud going but ya know I always like to see some sort of resolution and a break off even if it's a short breakoff after the really big shows for both WWE and TNA and I look at the roster and I can see no other challenger then Aries for Hardy at this point in time. I'd of kept the belt on Aries and started an Aries vs Storm feud but again thats just me playing
fantasy booker.
Overall with the way the matches were placed and everything else I listed I have this as a thumbs in the middle show. With a few slight changes in the placement of the matches on the card and the talent they brought back it would be a thumbs up show for me.
Jeff Burns

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