WWE Raw TV report

WWW Monday Night Raw

October 15, 2012
Nashville, TN

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the Night!...
- CM Punk picks his poison: A one armed man he has beaten many times before, or an unbeaten monster in THE RYBACK~!

Commentary tonight features Michael Cole and Jim Ross.

Big Show out to open, mocking the people who tell him to watch out for the Brogue Kick. He says Sheamus is in over his head regarding the title match at Hell in a Cell. Big Show challenged Daniel Bryan, in an attempt to erase his forty-five second title loss last year to Bryan out of everyone's memory. Daniel Bryan, along with Kane and many others, was watching on a screen backstage and said he wouldn't accept the challenge. AJ, dressed like she was seconds away from going down on James Deen, forced him to wrestle, while Kane laughed at him.

Match: Daniel Bryan vs Big Show
Big Show won with a chokeslam. Bryan immediately went for Show's legs, but Show dumped Bryan to the outside leading into the show's first commercial break. Crowd took to Bryan as the babyface here, and he played along for the most part. Bryan hit a couple of running drop kicks into the corner, but got caught in a chokeslam when he followed up by trying a top rope move. Following the match, Bryan's tag team partner came to the ring laughing. Big Show saw Kane laughing, so he thought it'd be okay to go for the WMD on Bryan. Kane was not pleased, so he stopped it. Kane playing the big brother role, as Cole pointed out.

Paul Heyman in the ring, with Punk's championship belt. It appears time to find out CM Punk's decision on his opponent for Hell in a Cell. Punk had a giant poster in the ring he was going to unveil, showing his opponent choice. However, he said he was going to continue to think about it, and wouldn't announce his decision until later. This brought out Mr. McMahon. McMahon said Punk blew his chance, and now Vince is making the decision for Punk. There will be a contract signing later tonight between Punk and Vince's choice!

Match: Brodus Clay vs Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio won with the armbar. Clay started off pounding on Del Rio, but that didn't last very long. Del Rio was working on Brodus' left arm while on offense, and eventually locked in the armbar a little over two minutes into the match.

Backstage, Punk and Heyman lamenting over Vince taking control of the WWE title match decision. Punk told Paul to go tell Vince that he wants to fight tonight, again.

Match: Zack Ryder & Santino Marella of Team CoBRO vs D-Young & Titus O'Neil of Prime Time Players
Titus and Young won after Titus hit Zack with the Sky High. Match was quick, lasting about one minute after an initial commercial break. Then, the best thing on the show. Not really. Heath, Drew, and Jinder ran out. They dumped Santino out, and put the boots to Zack. They are now known as the 3MB (I'm assuming Three Man Band, although Cole and Ross didn't know what it stands for). The group all wears clothes you'd think rock stars would wear, I suppose. Or at least what Bret Michaels wears. Jinder, however, still wears his dastar.

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler came out, with Ziggler being upset that Ryback was a title match candidate. Dolph said that two months from now, we won't even remember Ryback's name. David Otunga came out, agreeing with Dolph that Ryback doesn't deserve a shot. He then says that Dolph doesn't deserve one, either. Otunga claimed that he deserves one, however. This brought out AJ Lee. AJ made Dolph & David vs The Ryback.

Match: David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler vs The Ryback
Ryback won after Shellshock on David Otunga. Crowd chanted 'Feed Me More' as Dolph started with Mr. Ryback. Dolph began by hitting a dropkick right off the bat thanks to a Vickie Guerrero distraction. Ryback hit his meat hook clothesline in response, so Dolph tagged out quick to Otunga. Dolph left the match, leaving ringside with Vickie, leaving Otunga alone. Ryback subsequently hit his finish on Otunga.

Backstage, Paul Heyman interrupted Vince in his office while he was on a call. Paul was sucking up to Vince about his valiant effort last week on Raw, and offered the Punk vs Vince rematch. Vince countered with Vince vs Paul Heyman. Heyman said no and was shouted out of the office.

Backstage, AJ Lee was stopped by Matt Striker. Striker complained about Team Hell No beating him up on Smackdown last Friday. He wanted an apology. While speaking, Striker said the word 'crazy' which caused AJ to laugh, then make Kane vs Matt Striker.

Match: Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel
Cesaro won by pinning Gabriel after the neutralizer. Longer match than I had anticipated. Cesaro started off strong, but Gabriel got quite a bit of offense in the middle. Gabriel went for a top rop springboard, but got caught with a strong uppercut. Cesaro then hit his finish to end it. Cesaro said before the match that he doesn't need the United States, but the United States needs him.

Match: Matt Striker vs Kane
Kane beat Striker in what wasn't a real match, really. Jim Ross explained that Striker had his gear with him because, as a former wrestler, he brings it with him to any event. They replayed what happened to Striker on Smackdown to set up this match. Striker tried to back out of the match, telling Kane he just wanted an apology. He said no one wanted to see mindless carnage, which brought on a small "mindless carnage" chant from the crowd. Kane asked for a hug, got one, then chokeslammed Striker as referee Brad Maddox counted the three.

Diva's title match coming later with Layla vs Eve!

They replayed Larry King NOW from last week, with Kofi beating up Miz. Next is MizTV with guest Kofi Kingston.

MizTV: Guest is Kofi Kingston. Miz called Kofi the guy who puts smiles on faces, but Miz is the guy no one will ever forget. Kofi said he needs more memorable moments, and will create one on Wednesday when he beats Miz for the Intercontinental Championship on Main Event. Kofi challenged Miz to a match tonight, and Miz accepted. This broke down into a brawl when Miz mocked Kofi's catchphrase, and the match was confirmed for later tonight as a preview of the title match airing Wednesday.

Match: Wade Barrett vs Sheamus
Sheamus won via DQ. This was a rematch of last week's battle, which ended early due to interference from Big Show. More of the same here. A near fifteen minute bout saw these two going back and forth, but an ending again involving Big Show. Show came out during the match, and interfered while Sheamus had Wade in the cloverleaf. Sheamus hit a brogue kick on Wade after the match, as we had a final sell for the title match at HIAC. Cole and Ross were really doing their all to put over Sheamus vs Big Show being a massive brawl the world has been waiting to see.

Backstage, John Cena and Vince McMahon talked about John's health. John says he belongs in the ring, and will bring it to Punk if Vince chooses him as the title match opponent.

Match: Layla vs Eve for the Diva's Championship
Eve pinned Layla after a bump from the middle rope. The investigation into who attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions is apparently still going on. Layla went up to the top to finish Eve off, but Eve kicked Layla's feet out from under her. They sold that her landing was awkward, aggravating Layla's knee injury. Eve got the pin from this, even though Layla got her leg on the ropes before the three. When will these refs learn?

A video package rolled promoting WWE's partnership with Nothing But Nets Campaign, fighting malaria in Africa. Quite a few WWE partnerships going on this election season!

Backstage, Kane was bragging about his defeat of Matt Striker. Daniel Bryan wasn't thrilled with Kane laughing at Bryan after his loss to Big Show. They argued over whether Bryan's loss was funny or not. Bryan challenged Kane to take on Big Show next week.

Backstage, The Ryback was breathing heavily in Vince's office. Vince told Ryback that people think he is heartless, cold blooded, and would run through a brick wall to get what he wanted. Vince asked Ryback for his thoughts. He replied, "Feed me Punk!"

Way way backstage, as in out of the arena, The 3MB were getting kicked out of a local bar. They wanted to rock. The security guy said no.

The following match, which was supposed to be the final of the #1 Contendership tournament to the tag titles, has been changed due to an illness to Rey Mysterio.

Match: Team Rhodes Scholars vs Primo & Epico
Team Rhodes Scholars won when Damien pinned Epico. The Colons jumped TRS before the bell, which drew the ire of the intelligent grapplers. When the match began, we saw a lot of quick tags from the Puerto Ricans, as they had control for much of the beginning. Rhodes and Sandow also worked some quick tags when they had control, isolating Primo in the ring for much of the middle stages of the match. There were some "Let's Go Sandow!" chants during the bout, which was the only time the people seemed to really care about this one. Sandow ducked a flying crossbody from Epico, then hit his finisher for the win. Sandow's finish is called the Terminus, as someone in WWE must have poorly searched for 'end' on a translation website.

Match: Miz vs Kofi Kingston
I am so bored right now from this last hour. They're putting over Kofi as someone who had the potential to be further along than he is right now, and that he needs to show more aggression. Jim Ross said Kofi may be too nice to be a top guy. Jim Ross actually called back to the night Kofi beat up Randy Orton all around Madison Square Garden. That was one hell of a segment at the time, something that could have been the start to a top tier career for Kofi. It didn't happen. As for the match, it was a match. Nothing special. They battled over the Skullcrushing Finale, with Kofi getting himself out of it after a couple of attempts from Miz. Finish saw Miz run into the ropes, but Kofi caught him with the Trouble in Paradise right as he bounced off. He nailed Miz with that kick. Dangerous. Miz was knocked loopy on the mat still after the match, bleeding from the head.

Quick package announcing WWE's promotion of 'One More Shot', a live Pay Per View concert from the Rolling Stones.

Decision 2012: Vince decides the title match at Hell in a Cell. This segment began right at 11pm, so it can't last that long, right? By the time all of the participants got in the ring, it was 11:03. Cena, Punk, Ryback, Heyman, and Vince all surrounded the table in the ring for the contract signing. Punk interrupted Vince's decision, signing the contract while saying he will beat anyone Vince gives him. Vince said if Punk had accepted Cena's challenge weeks ago, they wouldn't have gotten to this point. Cena, with more use of his right arm tonight, talked about Punk's title reign being a respectful achievement. John said that he doesn't even know if Ryback cares about the title, or just wants to whip Punk's ass. Cena says he'd like to see Punk's ass whipped. He led the crowd in a 'Feed Me More' chant, while Ryback stared at Punk in the ring. Ryback moved towards the contract, and signed it. Cena basically just gave up his spot against Cena, when earlier in the show he said he wanted the spot and belonged in the ring. Okay...

Ryback stared a hole through Punk, while Punk looked a little worried. The crowd chanted 'Feed Me More' even louder, as Punk started talking trash to Ryback. Punk poked Ryback on the chest, so Ryback slammed Punk's head on the table. He then gave Shellshock to Punk to close the show.

Final thoughts: Who's ready for some Ryback! Show was nothing special, but that last hour figuratively bored me to death. Maybe it's just being tired after two hours, or actually anticipating who Punk's opponent was going to be announced to be, but I just didn't care about anything that happened from 10pm until 11pm. Nothing. And that's the hour that stays with you after the show. So, thumbs down.

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