WWE NXT TV report

October 18, 2012
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “If you don't know how to cook: DON'T!” Witner

-Welcome to my two year anniversary of doing this review! Yes, that is right, it was just two years ago tonight that I was sitting in front of my computer with a notebook ready to take notes on Kaitlyn vs Maxine and AJ being so short that she could walk under the limbo stick that was being used for a limbo contest. The time flew when I was having fun. However now I get to review this...

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NXT Champion: Seth Rollins (since August 30, 2012)

In case you missed it, here's what you missed last week on WWE NXT...

-CM Punk was there

-Richie Steamboat and Kassius Ohno weren't nor were even mentioned.

-A random guy agreed to wrestle Trent Baretta

-Seth Rollins successfully defended his NXT Title for the first time against Michael McGillicutty.

And that's what you missed on WWE NXT.

So, in other words, nothing. You missed nothing. Yeah this NXT is soooo much better.

Welcome to NXT, also known as the breeding ground for WWE Superstars (the internet show) and the second match on WWE Main Event. This is the show that people mark out for because Chris Hero and Tyler Black are on it, despite the fact that you see matches as good and better every week on Raw. Hell there has not been a single match in 4 months that comes close to being as good as any of the Tyson Kidd-Yoshi Tatsu matches from last year.

Match #1
Alex Riley vs Jinder Mahal (w/out the 3MB)

Jinder is not dressed like a tool tonight and makes his first appearance on NXT since losing the NXT Championship Finals against Seth Rollins. Riley has been out the last few months with an injury. Alex finished third in NXT Season 2 and accompanied The Miz to the main event of WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta. I am sure the pay day for that was pretty damn close to his entire salary in 2012 so far.

Alex is the king of sound effects as he grunts after each of his 10 punches of DOOM! Jinder lost the advantage briefly before taking it back.

Byron Saxton wonders if Jinder regrets losing the NXT Title Tournament. Makes you wonder if being stuck on this show is better or worse than dressing like a tool and dancing with Heath Slater on national television.

As I write that Jinder makes a mental mistake and Riley rolls him up for the surprise pin. IT'S A-WIN FOR A-RY!

Winner: Alex Riley
Time: 3:49

After the match Jinder channeled The Booty Man and gave Alex the Heiny (High Knee) before slapping on the Camel Clutch. Alex sure looks like a winner here.

Match #2
Jake Carter vs Trent Baretta

Jake is the answer to the trivia question as to who was the mystery guy hitting on the girl last week and got into a confrontation with Trent.

Jake Carter is the son of Vader. Remember when Vader was on Boy Meets World and Frankie The Enforcer was his son on the show? Yeah I think Frankie looked more like Vader's Son than Jake.

Oh video is now two seconds slower than the audio.

Trent is doing a poor job trying to bust this dude as Jake works him over. The audio of Trent fighting back comes seconds before he actually chops Jake and nails a big Inzigirl before a springboard elbow in the corner.

Unfortunately for Trent, Jake exploded out of the corner with a clothesline. I wonder if Jake Carter will ever wrestle the son of Harley Race.

Trent pays tribute to the new TNA World Champion by hitting a Whisper in the Wind to Jake for a 2 count and then picked up the win with a running clothesline.

Winner: Trent Baretta
Time: 6:23

-A video package airs for WWE's tour of Egypt, claiming Sheamus will team with Rey Mysterio on October 18. yeah, I doubt he will do such a thing.

Match #3
Damien Sandow vs Brandon Traven

Before the match Damien calls the fans idiots. Brandon looks like the long lost brother of Husky Harris/Bray Wyatt. Yes he looks more like Husky then Bo Dallas.

Brandon has been trained by Harley Race. Maybe we could claim he is Harley's son and fight Jake Carter?

This match is not your typical job match that most were expecting, as it actually lasts longer than the opener, but the result is exactly what you expect. Damien with the You're Welcome Neck Breaker.

Winner: Damien Sandow
Time: 6:07

Mr. Regal calls Damien a “dandy” and we don't see enough of them in WWE anymore. Damien manages to turn the fans against him by refusing to do the cartwheel.

Match #4
6-Man Tag
The Ascension & Kassius Ohno vs The Uso's & Richie Steamboat

I guess WWE was tired of me complaining that weeks go by without them mentioning various feuds by mixing up the only two feuds in NXT. I don't think Ascension has been on tv in two weeks and the Uso's in a month, while Ohno and Steamboat are in a vicious feud...and then stopped doing anything last week.

JR joins the announce table for this....the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIINNNNNNNNN EVENT!

Everyone gets an entrance except for Richie who blows past Jimmy and Jey, running to the ring and attacking Ohno and the match is underway. 

We go to a quick commercial break which features a video package on Jimmy and Jey with them saying they will not accept failure. They have only been in the damn company 2 ½ years.

The story early on is Ohno would not be in the ring with Richie, unless the younger Dragon is grounded. 

Conor grounds Jey Uso, slaps on a body scissors and drags Jey to their corner. All three team members take turns working over the man with the shortest name, by far, in the match.

Jey begins to fight back on Cameron, but O'Brien with a cheap shot from behind to cut off the momentum.

Jey drops Conor on his head with a DVD for a 2 count, but O'Brien uses a rolling headlock take over to take back the advantage.

Jimmy finally got tired of watching his brother get beaten on for eight minutes and distracted Ohno long enough for Jey to recover and make the hot tag to Richie Steamboat.

Steamboat takes out the aggression of not being on the show for 2 weeks on his hated rival.

A Pier-6 brawl breaks out with a dive sequence, but before Richie could do his dive, Ohno knocked him the smurf out with a Tornado Elbow to the back off the head.

Winners: Kassius Ohno & The Ascension
Time: 10:14

And that is it for NXT. Don't remember anything that has happened? Don't worry, nothing mattered.

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