John LaRocca tries to book out of the Hell in a Cell conundrum

Ryback vs CM Punk at Hell In The Cell has been one of the most debated
finishes that has yet to happen yet.  Should you have Ryback lose and
possibly hurt all the momentum he has built with his push?  Should CM
Punk lose and ruin his build toward his big money match against The
Rock at the Royal Rumble?  The WWE really has put themselves in a tough
position with this one.  I believe neither finish should be done. What
I would book probably won't be popular, but in the long run would still
protect both Punk and Ryback.
On the October 22nd episode of RAW, I would have CM Punk and Paul
Heyman in the ring for a in ring promo.  Punk and Heyman call John Cena
a coward for endorsing Ryback for the match at Hell In The Cell.  They
would claim that Cena is truly a coward because he knows that he cannot
beat Punk when inside the Hell In The Cell.  This brings out John Cena.
  Cena informs Punk and Heyman about his elbow injury and how he has
been training for weeks trying to get ready for Hell In The Cell. 
Before RAW last week,  Cena had a check up with his doctor and his
doctor made the call that he could not wrestle in such a dangerous
match.  Cena said he told the doctor to go screw off and he was taking
the match, but when he came to the arena he was informed by the WWE COO
Triple H that he was not allowed to wrestle.  At that point he wanted
to do some psychological warfare on Punk and thus not letting him know
he could not wrestle to keep the champion worried all night.  Finally,
at the end of the night he put his backing for Ryback to get the shot
because he would love to see the monster Ryback kick Punk's butt all
over that Hell In The Cell.
Punk fires back that Cena is a hypocrite as he always preaches about
having a heart and fighting against all odds, but truth is when the
odds are against him he has no heart. Punk says that Cena knows that if
he stepped in the ring with him in Hell In A Cell that he would be beat
him so bad that his career would be over.  Punks tells Cena that his
plan of revenge will back fire as he is going to walk into Hell In The
Cell and give Ryback his first loss in the WWE and show the WWE fans
that Ryback is not an unbeatable monster, but just a man who spends way
too much time in the gym.  Punk tells Cena that he doesn't need to have
him in Hell In A Cell to end his career, he will do right here and now
on RAW.
Both men start to circle each other, but Paul Heyman grabs Cena's leg
and Punk attacks him.  Punk and Heyman attack Cena and go after the
injured arm.  Ryback hits the ring to save Cena.  As Ryback jumps into
the ring, Punk bails out, but Heyman is not that quick and Cena grabs
him.  Cena teases giving Heyman the "AA", but throws Heyman into Ryback
direction who picks him up and walks around ring and then stares down
Punk before he delivers a his samoan drop finish on Heyman.
As RAW comes back from commercial break,  Heyman is getting worked on
by EMT's.  Heyman is carried to the back and loaded in an ambulance.  
Punk wants to go with Heyman, but he tells Punk to stay and retain his
title against his scheduled match against the new Intercontinental
Champion, Kofi Kingston.   Later on RAW,  Punk retains the WWE title
against Kofi Kingston when The Miz interferes and costs Kofi the match.
On the October 27th edition of Smackdown,  Paul Heyman sends in a video
in saying that Ryback will pay for injuring sending him to the hospital
and that he won't make it out of Hell In The Cell standing.
Hell In The Cell opens with the CM Punk versus Ryback match with Punk
coming out first for the match.  Heyman comes to ringside in a
motorized wheelchair.  Before Ryback comes out,  Heyman cuts a promo
about how Ryback injured him and how he promises that Ryback will not
make it out of the Hell In The Cell on his own power, just like he did
too him.
Ryback comes out for his entrance.  As he gets himself psyched up with
his pre-walking to the ring entrance,  Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan
attack Ryback.  Ryback fights back, but the power of Jackson and Ryan
is just too much for him.  Jackson and Ryan throws Ryback into the
cell.  Jackson and Ryan go into the cell as well and the door is locked
behind them.   The heel triple team Ryback, but he makes small
comebacks, but three on one too much even for a powerhouse like Ryback.
The in ring referee tries to stop the triple team, but Mason Ryan slams
him.   Finally,  John Cena comes down to the ring with bolt cutters. 
As Cena is trying to cut the lock on the Hell In The Cell, Heyman is
yelling at him.   Cena tired of Heyman's mouth, boots him out of his
wheelchair.  Finally,  Cena cuts the lock and grabs a chair and enters
the cage hitting both Jackson and Ryan.  He goes after Punk, but Ryan
and Jackson  attack again, but Cena nails them both again with the
chair.  Punk leaves the cage and takes Heyman to the back with him.   
Ryan and Jackson go to leave the cage while Cena attends to Ryback, but
Ryback gets back up slowly and he is able to stop Jackson from leaving.
  Ryback pick up Jackson and delivers the samoan drop.  Cena and Ryback
shake hands.    The match is declared a non-contest as the match never
got started.
I know this won't be popular, but I believe protecting Ryback and Punk
for later is more important.  Hell In The Cell has already been killed
as a gimmick by the WWE and the fans who still ordered the PPV will get
a Hell In The Cell match with Sheamus versus Big Show.   My scenario
not only accomplishes keeping Ryback and Punk strong for the future,
but also sets up Ryback teaming with Cena against Punk with either
Mason Ryan or Ezekiel Jackson in tag matches on house shows or a big
Survivor Series Pay Per View tag team match.  Ryback popularity will
grow with being aligned with Cena and he will now be put into the
number two position on the RAW roster.    Ryback can feud now with
Heyman's bodyguards, Ryan and Jackson in November and December leading
into the Royal Rumble. Those matches won't be pretty, but visual of
Ryback delivering his finish both of those two monsters it continue to
get over his unstoppable powerhouse gimmick.
John LaRocca

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