Inside MMA TV report - Rampage Jackson and Ed Soares

***This week, we find out the real reason why Lyoto Machida turned down the Jon Jones fight last month, and Rampage has choice words for Chael Sonnen.  And an absolutely, unbelievably fascinating, and at the same time hilarious reveal about Anderson Silva.  All this and more, all this week on Inside MMA!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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With your host Kenny Rice (@KennyRiceSports) and co-host Bas Rutten (@BasRuttenMMA) and special guests:  Ed Soares, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Anthony Pettis’ brother.


“Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen”

They grumpily talk about the surprise announcement of Sonnen-Jones actually happening and the accompanying Ultimate Fighter season where they will coach against each other.  Ron Kruck asks how Chael Sonnen who hasn’t even fought at 205 in years, could leapfrog over the entire light heavyweight division to earn a title shot with Jon Jones.  Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson criticized this on Twitter, as Chael getting the shot for his mouth not what he did in the cage.  (Surprised Dan would say anything as I was under the impression he was good friends with Sonnen.)  Dana White said everyone that is complaining about Chael getting the shot were the same people that turned down the Jones fight last month, and that Chael accepted that fight with only eight days notice.

Bas believes this came from influence from Fuel or FX as they needed something to boost the ratings for TUF since it doesn’t make sense and it should’ve been Dan Henderson or a past champion. 


“Ed Soares LIVE”

Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, joins us live in the studio.  

--Ed Soares, the President of Resurrection Fighting Alliance has a deal with Titan Fighting Championship for a basic merger using the RFA name, and will be on AXS.TV.  He sees an abundance of talent out there and growing every day, but the opportunity pool gets smaller, which is why he decided to get into promotion.  The first big show since the merger takes place November 2 from Las Vegas with a main event of former UFC stars, Tyson Griffin vs. Efrain Escudero.

--Blackhouse.  They show the clips of Anderson Silva losing it emotionally after Big Nog’s big win at the last UFC show.  Soares says Nog comes from so much adversity and is one of the greatest guys he’s ever met in his life.  He helps so many people in his life and is the first one to extend his hand to help someone.  He’s done so much for Anderson Silva personally.  Ed reveals the story that Anderson Silva was ready to quit fighting years ago, and work at McDonald’s, but Nogueira convinced him to stick with fighting, that he has talent, and not to give up, which he did.  (Wow.  That’s quite a reveal.)

--GSP.  Georges St. Pierre is the greatest welterweight of all time, and many name him as the best pound for pound fighter.  Others say Anderson Silva is, so what better way to settle this than to put them in the ring at a catchweight of 177.5.  After that he doesn’t know if its Bisping or whoever.  When Bas asks, he’s doesn’t sound too keen on the idea of fighting Jon Jones.  (If there was ever a guy who could basically sound like he’s afraid to fight Jon Jones and get away with it, its Anderson Silva.  I haven’t heard one ounce of criticism towards Silva for vehemently avoiding a Jones fight.  I guess he’s built up enough capital over the years to still be considered the greatest even if he’s so open about avoiding fighting one individual.)

--The next great Blackhouse fighter.  He says Glover Texiera is the guy recently exposed as an up and comer who is just starting to get his chance.  Ed has some other Brazilians who will be big in the future like Michel Trator (sp?), who we’ll see in the next year or two.

--Is Lyoto scared of Jon Jones?  Ed explains the reason why Lyoto didn’t want the Jon Jones fight on such short notice last month, was since he already lost once to Jones, he didn’t want to enter a rematch at anything less than 100% prepared and ready.  Ed talks about the devastating effect of a fighter who lost twice to a champion, ends up having no choice but to re-invent themselves.  He references Rich Franklin, BJ Penn, Chael Sonnen and others who did, and Lyoto didn’t want to paint himself in that corner with Jones, and didn’t want to regret taking such an important fight on short notice when he would have so much to lose.  It may just be another event for the UFC, but for Lyoto this would be the fight of his life and he wanted to make sure he was prepared.


“Rampage Jackson LIVE!”

Quinton Jackson joins Bas Rutten on the balcony of the Nokia Plaza.  Bas asks about the South African actor who played Murdock in the A-Team since he loved him so much in District 9. Quinton says they would talk about anything for hours and Bas would get along with him great.  Rampage explains an inside joke between them where they pretend to be African kings trading wives and drops a few F-bombs on live TV in the process.  Rampage says he’ll connect Bas up with him and puts him over strong as being down to Earth and completely unaffected by Hollywood and doesn’t act like a typically famous person.

Rampage laughs that Chael’s mouth always gets him fights.  He hates how Chael cuts long promos and gets bored after 2 minutes.  He says Chael is a great wrestler and that’s all he’ll say because everything else sucks.  He says he held down Silva for five rounds and that was it.  They play a clip from Tito Ortiz talking about the value of trash talk and takes personal credit for Chael Sonnen’s promo ability.  Rampage says he doesn’t like Chael because he talks trash about people he isn’t even going to fight like ring girls and the President.

Quinton opened two gyms in Temeculah and Mission Vallejo and is doing something with 24-Hour Fitness too.

Losing to Ryan Bader lit a fire under his ass as he doesn’t think Bader is good at all, so Rampage keeps in shape and his main goal is to kick Glover Texeira’s ass.  He has one fight left on his UFC contract then wants to see if the grass is greener elsewhere.  He at least wants to see and explore his options.  He respects Glover because he’s a BJJ guy who punches a lot and the UFC needs more fighters like that instead of guys like Chael Sonnen and Ryan Bader who lay on top of guys and hump them.


“Strikeforce golf tournament”

Strikeforce’s “ Turning Wheels” golf tournament to raise money to buy bicycles and encourage fitness for underprivileged children took place last weekend.  Fighters to participate include Frank Shamrock, Daniel Cormier, Phil Baroni, Gilbert Meldendez, Josh Thomson, and others including Scott Coker.  After the golf, Scott Coker spoke with IMMA and said the event raised over $30,000, and that he expects a resolution in the next week on the January event being a loaded SF event with all the SF stars including Ronda Rousey and Gilbert Melendez.  Luke Rockhold, wearing a brace on his forearm says his wrist is feeling good but everything should be on track for January.  Gilbert Melendez says he shouldn’t need surgery and is about 3 weeks away from hard training and preparing to fight in 2013.


“The Pettis Boys”

Anthony Pettis is currently in a Milwaukee hospital where his elbow is undergoing tests for inflammation but does not appear to be related to his shoulder surgery.  Prior to this, he released a statement expressing his disappointment that he will not be coaching TUF against Donald Cerrone.  (I can’t believe they even considered that for a nationally televised show.  Yikes!)  As Anthony was scheduled to speak with IMMA before his elbow issue, his nineteen year old brother Sergio takes his place.  Sergio is a fighter, not just some guy filling in for his big brother.  Sergio is a 9-0 including amateur fights and his next bout is against Jimmy Jones for Resurrection fighting Alliance as a bantamweight.  He’s hoping if he keeps his winning streak going then he can move up to the UFC.  Jimmy Jones is no slouch and this is the biggest fight of his career.  He usually trains the most with brother Anthony, but also trains with Rick Glenn, Dustin Ortiz, Big E Rhodes, and big name stablemates Ben Askren and Alan Belcher.



Lion Fights Muai Thai kickboxing

--Tiffany Van Soest over Jeri Sitz

--Eddie Walker over Joe Schilling

EFC from South Africa

--Ricky Misholas over Wilhelm Strauss

--Ruan Potts Benardo Mikixi

U of MMA

--Jens Grau over Zavala

--Colbey Northcutt (and her freakishly long limbs) over Jessica Martinez

--Matt Jones over Brian Demaree

Bellator 77

--Ricardo Tirloni over Rene Nazare

--Marcin Held over Murad Machaev

--Dave Janson over Magomed Saadulaev

--Rich Clementi over Alexander Sarnavskiy

Score FS 6 from Ontario:

--Sergej Juskevic  over Gerald Meerschaert

--Rick Glenn over Lyndon Whitlock

--John Fraser over Tyler Toner

--Tony Hervey over Jorge Britto via doctor stoppage when Britto broke his arm from a bump.

--Chris Horodecki NC Tony Cardinal when the ref stopped the fight due to accidental headbutt on Chris


So like the man with the #1 comedy two weeks in a row always says, Godspeed and party on!

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