WWE NXT TV report - Rollins vs. Slater

October 25, 2012
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by Emerson “I miss Derrick Bateman” Witner

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NXT Champion: Seth Rollins (since August 30, 2012)

In case you missed it, here's what you missed last week on WWE NXT...

-I went off on a rant about how NXT sucks...but then still willingly watch and review the show.

-A-Ry returned from A-Injury and got A-Win over A-Jobber named Jinder Mahal.

-Damien Sandow was called “a dandy” by William Regal. No, not El Dandy, a dandy.

-The two closest things to feuds on NXT (Kassius Ohno vs Richie Steamboat, The Uso's vs The Ascension) were merged into a main event 6-man tag.

-No appearances or mentions of NXT Champion Seth Rollins, former #1 Contender Michael McGillicutty or Derrick Bateman.

And that's what you missed on WWE NXT...

Welcome back to the show that is less interesting and has less of a purpose than WCW Saturday Night in 1999!

-Earlier today Heath Slater ran into Dusty Rhodes, who demanded a title match with Seth Rollins. Dusty turned him down, which walked in brand new Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero who said she is here to look at talent.

Dusty then made Seth vs Heath in a non-title match and if Heath wins he will get a future title shot.

-We go from that to the ring for a match where Byron Saxton has been replaced as play by play announcer by Tony Luftman. Whatever that is. Plus it sounds like Matt Striker is doing the ring announcing.

Match #1
Brodus Clay vs Camacho

Haku Jr is here, but Hunico isn't. Mr. Regal implied that he got into some kind of trouble that he is not allowed to mention and won't be here for a while. Of course the most interesting thing to happen on the show in 4 months isn't allowed to be mentioned.

After the first search in the history of anything for Hunico, it turns out he had surgery on his ACL and will be gone for quite a while. Great. 

Camacho got more offense than you would expect, actually hitting Brodus with a Samoan Drop. Camacho rolled to the outside and looked at Cameron and Naomi, which angered Brodus. Brodus regained control, nailed his Exploder Suplex and finished off Camacho with a big splash.

Winner: Brodus Clay
Time: 3:52

Turns out it doesn't just sound like Matt Striker, it is Matt Striker for some reason.

Match #2
Kassius Ohno vs Trent Barretta


There was an unnaturally long pause between “And his opponent” and when Trent's music hit. I was actually expecting someone important...or Richie Steamboat.

Mr. Regal mentions that Richie is injured and will be out for a while. Well, Ohno can now wrestle other people.

Ohno beat on Trent for the majority of the match, mockingly asking “Where is Trent” to the crowd, but that was the fuel the Dudebuster needed and he exploded with a brief flurry of offense, including a flip dive over the top rope onto the former ROH Tag Champ.

Ohno shoved Trent into the ring post and took back the advantage as they returned to the ring. 

Tony Luftman mentioned that Ohno patterned himself after “Japanese legend Misawa”. He scored a point with people there.

Trent with a jumping Inzigiri to the back of Ohno's head, which Misawa would have ducked I am sure. Trent went for his springboard elbow into the corner, but Ohno countered with an elbow strike of his own.

Down the ramp came Richie Steamboat who, 5 minutes earlier was written off as injured. Steamboat carried a towel that he threw at Ohno. That was enough to distract Ohno as Baretta struck with a running one foot dropkick for the upset win!

Winner: Trent “I will spell his last name right eventually” Baretta
Time: 6:49

-Before the next match, I want to give myself a plug. You know what is not boring? Vince Russo booked TNA pay per views from 2002. It may not be “good”, but it is not boring. This week I look back at December 4, 2002 where we were joined by Rowdy Roddy Piper, who confronted Vinny Ru. You can read this and so much more in my review, available now at AngryMarks.com.

Match #3
WWE Diva's vs NXT Diva's Tag Team Match
Layla & Alicia Fox vs Paige & Audrey Marie

The only two NXT Diva's left team to do battle with two former Diva's Champions. They are either here to prove they belong in WWE or are trying to prove they are better or something.

Alicia Fox was the Pro for Maxine in NXT Season 3, while Layla was a co-Pro for Kaval, who was the winner of NXT Season 2.

Not quite sure what Alicia taught Maxine, but she is better than she was a few weeks ago when we had a similar tag match. The audience, as always, is behind Paige. Perhaps because she looks different than every other Diva.

In tagged Audrey Marie and Layla. I am not sure who is worse between Audrey and Alicia. Not saying Layla and Paige are great, but they are better than their partners.

Actually I have come to the conclusion that Alicia is better than Paige. She may suck, but she is better. 

The finish came when Layla accidentally kicked her partner in the gut. Paige picked Layla up for a big WhatAManeuver, but Audrey tagged herself in to get the glory. However when she went for the pin, Layla rolled her up for the win.

Winners: Layla & Alicia Fox
Time: 5:02

After the match the Developmental Diva Duo argued with one another.

Match #4
Bronson vs Lincoln Brodrick

This is the debut for both men, but Brodrick got the jobber entrance. Bronson is not related to Charles Bronson. According to Wikipedia James Bronson was a Union Army soldier during the American Civil War and was a recipient of America's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor.

I think that is the wrong guy.

According to Profightdb.com he is the artist formerly known as Phil Friedman of All Japan. For the rest of us, he is a bald white guy with a thick black beard. Why do so many people have thick beards on this show?

Bronson with some great moves, combining brawling and wrestling. I have a new favorite guy in developmental.

He picked up the quick win with a wacky Figure Four Leg Lock.

Winner: Bronson
Time: 1:06

I love this man. 

-Backstage Kassius Ohno is turning over various tables and what not. After that segment lasted 4 seconds, we cut away to...

-An appearance of WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro! Cesaro makes his way to the ring and cuts a promo saying that as the United States Champion he is the champion of each and every one of us. From the way he dresses to his statuesque physique to the way he beats people in the ring. He takes the title to a level no American can reach. We should not ask what our United States Champion can do for us, but to ask what we can do for our United States Champion.

With that he orders us to rise for the national anthem. No one did, so he asked us politely. Many people actually did and he ordered the anthem of Switzerland played.

Turns out the national anthem of Switzerland sounds a lot like Tyson Kidd's theme. Turns out it is Tyson Kidd's theme. Tyson comes out, makes fun of Antonio's man-purse and beady eyes and demands a US Title Match. 

Cesaro yelled at him in some language. Tyson slapped him and it is on! Tyson drop kicked Cesaro to the outside, who ran off.

-After the commercial break Vickie Guerrero sauntered out to introduce Heath Slater for some reason. 

Match #5
Seth Rollins vs Heath Slater (w/Vickie Guerrero For Some Reason)

Last week we had Jinder Mahal, this week we have Heath. Next week will we have Drew McIntyre?

Jim Ross is here and Tony Luftman is not as this is....the MAAAAAAAAAIIINNNNNNNN EVENT!

So Slater was not allowed to just demand an NXT Title shot, but by the looks of it Tyson Kidd can demand a US Title shot. Not that I am complaining about Tyson Kidd challenging for a championship, but it seems to be a bit of a double standard on the same show.

This was not the usual 15-minutes, through two commercial break NXT Main Event and thank God for that. 

This match was more of an offensive exhibition for the NXT Champion as his red-headed foe got no more than a token amount of offense.

The only real story of the match was whether or not Seth would hit a suicide dive, which he did, before rolling Slater back in and pinning the former WWE Tag Team Champion with a jumping Inzigiri and that move Ultimo Dragon did very briefly were he did a backwards flip neck breaker. 

The highlight of the match was Rollins climbing to the top rope and Vickie screaming in his face “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!”

Winner: Seth Rollins
Time: 6:44

And that is it for this week. Yeah, I will admit it. I enjoyed this weeks show. Give me more Bronson!

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