WWE Smackdown TV report - Go home show for Hell in a Cell

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JBL and Matthews hyped up Sunday's Hell in a Cell PPV as Orton came out to the ring to start the show. Orton was quickly cut off by Del Rio who called Orton stupid. He reminded Orton last week they would be doing this on his terms, not Orton's. They bickered over who the Apex Predator was.


Del Rio was dressed to wrestle and he said Orton's time was up. Orton called him into the ring as Ricardo encouraged Alberto, but Del Rio said not yet, that he'd see him Sunday. Wade Barrett hit Orton in the back of the head with a forearm, then walked up the ramp smiling as Orton collected himself.


Teddy Long addressed Del Rio in the back, implicating that he was involved with the Barrett attack. Del Rio denied but Barrett came up and asked if that was what Orton was looking for. Long signed Barrett and Orton for a match later.


Match Number One: Cody Rhodes Vs. Kane, w/ Daniel Bryan & Damien Sandow on commentary.


Not surprisingly very little of the commentary was on the match. Most of it was on whether Bryan was the weak link. Bryan and Sandow did debate their beards for a bit of fun. Kane won clean in the middle of the ring, which makes me worry for Sunday.


There was zero interference, just a chokeslam for the pinfall. The story coming out of it was how Rhodes Scholars could possible deal with Kane.


Winner: Kane, Pinfall


Booker T approached Big Show in the back. He asked for some professionalism from him and Sheamus when they go face to face later. Show said he proved what he needed to Monday by chokelsamming Sheamus. He won't have problems from Sheamus either, since he will still be scared. Show said Booker will get his hype tonight, then a new champion Sunday.


Match Number Two: The Miz Vs. Yoshi Tatsu.


Yoshi's entrance was during an adbreak. The commentary focused on how bad Miz's recent history had been, but the story was how aggressive he has been since. He hit a DDT from Yoshi's knees, then the skull crushing finale for the pinfall.


Winner: The Miz, Pinfall.


They then went on a series of recaps. First was Punk and RyBack from Monday, then Heyman from Main Event, then Eve and Kaitlyn with a little Layla from Monday again.


Booker was in the back with Eve, Aksana, Kaitlyn and Layla. Aksana said Eve did contact her to take out Kaitlyn last month. They all started fighting until Long came in and spelled it out for everyone. Long concluded that this exposed Eve as the bold faced liar she is. Booker said if it was true she couldn't work for him. Eve said her crime was being too trusting. She leaves her iPad around all the time. She insinuated Long sent the message. Booker booked a triple threat for the girls at the PPV. He then dismissed everyone.


Match Number Three: Randy Orton Vs. Wade Barrett.


Barrett's momentum was kept pretty damn strong here. After some failed cat and mouse stuff on the outside, Barrett hit his side kick to Orotn's gut, sending him off the apron to the floor. He then focused on the body, running Orton into the announce table.


Orton came back with ten punches to Barrett who sat on the top rope and a superplex. Barrett got a nearfall with the black hole slam and tried for the Souvenir elbow, but Orton ducked out of the way. He then hit the draping DDT. As Orton was going to flop for the RKO he saw Del Rio coming down the ramp. Del Rio got on the apron and Barrett gave Orton the Souvenir elbow for the pinfall.


I know they've enjoyed beating Orton lately, but I was honestly not expecting it to happen here. By the end of the segment I have to say it was probably the right thing to do, for Barrett's sake at least.


Winner: Wade Barrett, Pinfall.


Del Rio kicked Orton in the head as he was still down, but missed his running enziguri in the corner. Del Rio tried to follow up with the armbreaker, but that was countered. Del Rio then countered the RKO and ran away. They stared from the ring and ramp to end the segment.


Match Number Four: Kaitlyn & Layla Vs. Eve (C) & Aksana.


They all threw themselves around, which worked in some spots and was awkward in others. And I'm all for ref's calling it like it's real, but in a match like this, just count the nearfall. Awkward moment when the ref wouldn't count, just threw everyone off.


Eve ended up pinning Kaitlyn after Layla kicked her in the head. Kaitlyn held Aksana for Layla to kick, which she did. They then tried the same for Eve but she ducked out of the way. Eve then pushed Layla out of the ring and pinned the down Kaitlyn.


Winners: Eve & Aksana, Pinfall.


They recapped AJ and Cena from Raw, then some tweets between Cena and Vickie.


Booker wanted Sheamus to assure him there wouldn't be anything physical tonight. Sheamus said that Show lied to Booker. He said he respected Booker but couldn't promise him anything.


Kane came up to Bryan and said he won his match, therefore he wasn't the weak link. He said if Bryan loses his match there'd be no doubt who the Tag Team Champions was. Bryan's music then played and he went to walk through the curtain. Kane said “No pressure” and smacked his arse. Bryan yelled no and walked through.


Match Number Five: Daniel Bryan Vs. Damien Sandow, Kane & Cody Rhodes on commentary.


Sandow cut a little promo as he came to the ring. He said the chanting of “yes” and “no” was a reflection on their poor mental aptitude. He then talked about how he was better looking and had a better beard than Bryan.


Bryan was all offence before the first adbreak. Kane wasn't speaking on commentary. Sandow took over as Matthews asked if since Cody lost earlier, was he the weak link of Rhodes Scholars. Cody said they had a plan for Kane but he wouldn't be foolish enough to say it.


Bryan started noing and made a comeback. Bryan dumped Sandow outside in front of commentary and dove out after him. Cody got up and Bryan pushed him down, which let Sandow take out Bryan from behind. Kane then stalked Sandow around ringside, which took the ref's attention. Cody sent Bryan into the ringpost then into the ring. Sandow ducked into the ring, hit his move and pinned Bryan.


Winner: Damien Sandow, Pinfall.


Well that's better news for Team Hell No's Sunday prospects.


Josh Matthews was in the ring with a bunch of security for the main event. He introduced Sheamus, then Big Show. The security cut the ring in half, corner to corner. Big Show said his KO Punch was stronger than the Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Stunner, the AA and scientifically the Brogue kick.


Sheamus said in order for the punch to be lethal you have to hit someone with it. Show said at Hell in the Cell Sheamus would fail trying to hit the Brogue kick like last time, and showed footage of Show catching the kick and dumping Sheamus over the top. Sheamus was doubting himself as Sheamus pointed out that the kick only got to his sternum. He said Sheamus didn't have what it takes to kick him in the head, let alone beat him.


Sheamus said he was excited for the challenge of the Big Show. That he idolised him as a child. He got excited talking about how large Show was but said he was a mountain he would conquer. Sheamus said he was ready. If he had to chop him down before Brogue kicking, he would. If he had to hit 5 or 10 Brogue kicks he would. But he would win. He said they were 48 hours from Hell in a Cell and the talking was over. He said the time for fighting was now, then repeated the line several times before charging the security and grabbing Show. Show and Sheamus started attacking all of the security. Sheamus dumped his last guy and prepared for the Brogue kick but Show ducked under the bottom rope. Sheamus gave one last security guard the Brogue and went off the air staring Show down.

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