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Hello, everybody! Welcome to another edition of my WWE Superstars report on Hulu. This recap is for the October 25th show. We kick off the show with Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcoming us as The Usos do their Samoan ritual on stage. They are quickly followed by The Prime Time Players, and we are underway!
Match #1:  The Usos -vs- The Prime Time Players
Darren Young and Jimmy Uso start things off with a collar-and-elbow tieup. The go around and around, and end up through the ropes, to the outside of the ring. Jimmy quickly comes back in. Young charges at him, and gets taken down with a throat thrust. Jimmy chops Young into the corner, and makes a tag to his brother Jey. Both men are in the ring now, and giving Young a beatdown. Jimmy exits to the apron to finally break the referee's count, while Jey continues laying the boots to Young. Jey then makes a quick tag to Jimmy, and the brothers deliver a double clothesline to Young, followed by a tandem elbow drop. Jey exits the ring, and Jimmy sends Young over with a hip toss that turns into an armbar.
Young gets to his feet, and Jimmy tags in Jey, who climbs the ropes, and comes down with an ax handle on Young's arm, before Jimmy quickly exits. Jey twists Young's arm, tags Jimmy, and Jimmy comes off of the ropes this time with a double ax handle to Young's arm. I understand the whole "fresh man" concept, but I never understood when teams do one move apiece and tag afterwards. It's ridiculous. Jimmy nails Young with a massive chop, and tries to follow up with a superkick. Young sees it coming and back peddles, making the tag to Titus O'Neal.
O'Neal tries to hit Jimmy with a big boot, but Jimmy ducks, and hits him with a clothesline. Jimmy whips O'Neal into the ropes, it gets reversed, and O'Neal plants a back elbow into Jimmy's face. O'Neal walks around, makes the barking noise, lays a couple of boots to Jimmy, tags Young back in, and whips Jimmy towards the ropes. Both of The Prime Time Players take him down with a shoulderblock. Young drops an elbow from a standing position, and picks Jimmy back up. Jimmy tries to fight his way out of it, but Young gets him backed into the corner, and tags O'Neal back in.
O'Neal starts laying the boots to him, and quickly tags Young back in while he stands on Jimmy's throat. O'Neal goes back to the apron, and Jimmy is back on his feet, chopping away at Young until they end up in the opposite corner, and he is able to make the tag to Jey. Jimmy has Young trapped in the corner, and Jey comes at him hard with a forearm to the face. Jey sends Young over with a snapmare, runs off the ropes, and splashes down with a headbutt. Jey covers, but fails to hook the leg, earning only a 2-count.
Young locks on a headlock, and Jey is back to his feet. Young is able to push him towards his corner, and he makes the tag back to O'Neal. Young continues to pound away at him until breaking the ref's count, then O'Neal starts laying the boots to him before dumping him through the ropes. O'Neal attempts to follow him out, but the ref stops him for some reason. This enables Young to jump off the apron to the floor, nail Jey with a clothesline, then go back to his spot.
O'Neal makes it to the outside, and tosses Jey back in. He tags in Young, and bodyslams him in their corner. O'Neal picks up Young in a suplex-type of positioning, and simply drops him on Jey. Young celebrates for a second, then covers, earning only a 2-count on the Uso brother. Young hooks the leg deep immediately after Jey kicks out, this time earning only a 1-count. Jey is able to fight Young into a neutral corner, and attempts to walk towards his corner for the tag, but Young simply pulls him down by the hair. Young lays a boot to Jey and tags O'Neal back in. O'Neal picks up Jey from behind, and simply throws him down like a rag doll. O'Neal makes the cover, and gets just a 2-count. O'Neal then grabs Jey in a headlock as we go to break...
Back from break, O'Neal is cutting the ring off, making sure Jey can't make the tag. He scoops him, and drops him over his leg for a backbreaker. Jey struggles to make it to the neutral corner, and O'Neal stands in the opposite corner, getting into a 3-point stance. O'Neal charges at Jey, but Jey greets him with a pair of boots to the face! Both men are able to make a tag to their respective partners, and here we go!
Jimmy greets Young with two clotheslines, and a reverse thrust kick. Jimmy whips Young to the ropes, reversal, and Jimmy comes back with a flying shouldertackle. He runs to the corner, and knocks O'Neal off of the apron with a high knee. Jimmy whips Young to the ropes again, scoops him up, and drops him a Samoan drop. He makes the cover, and gets just a 2-count, as O'Neal breaks it up. This brings in Jey, and the Usos nail O'Neal with a pair of superkicks. Jey returns to the apron as Jimmy nails Young with a superkick, goes to the corner and immediately tags Jey back in. The Usos go to the corner, as Jey climbs to the top rope, jumps over Jimmy's shoulders, and nails Young with a splash off of the top rope. 1-2-3, and the Usos pick up the upset win!
Winners: The Usos, with a Samoan Splash, at 7:32
-It's now time for the Raw Rebound, as we go back to A.J. Lee's announcement that she is resigning from her General Manager position, due to her alleged relationship with a WWE superstar. Vickie Guerrero is announced as the "Supervisor" of Raw. Of course we find out that John Cena was the mystery superstar, but their "affair" was a business dinner. Ugh. So ridiculous...
Match #2: Tyson Kidd -vs- Jinder Mahal
The Three Man Band hits the ring first, and I've gotta admit, the sight of Mahal playing air guitar is quite amusing. Kidd immediately goes for a hammerlock. Mahal reverses it, and Kidd steps through the ropes, and reverses the hammerlock once again, before breaking the ref's count at 3. Mahal kicks Kidd in the gut, grabs him by the head, and takes him down. With the headlock applied, both men are back to their feet. Kidd pushes Mahal off the ropes, and gets greeted with a shoulderblock. Mahal runs off the ropes, and Kidd nails him with a dropkick. He picks Mahal up, whips him into the ropes, reversal, but Kidd holds the top ropes, and hits Mahal with a boot to the face. Kidd looks like he is going to go for one of his springboard moves, but Heath Slater is on the apron. Kidd gets distracted, Slater jumps down, and Kidd goes for the move, but Mahal nails him with a right hand. Mahal starts laying the boots to Kidd as we go to break.
Back from break, Mahal has Kidd in a headlock. Mahal lets go and starts delivering several kneedrops to Kidd. He picks Kidd back up, and sends him up and over with a butterfly suplex. Mahal makes the cover, earning only a 2-count. Mahal whips Kidd hard into the corner, and starts laying the boots to him once again, and choking him with his leg draped across his throat. Mahal executes a suplex on Kidd, drops a knee to his sternum, makes the cover, and gets a 2. Mahal wrenches on Kidd's neck, but Kidd gets to his feet, and delivers a couple of kicks to break free.
Mahal backs into the corner, Kidd charges after him, ducks a boot, and kicks Mahal in the thigh. Mahal goes to the outside of the ring, Kidd jumps to the apron, runs, and nails Mahal with a boot. He tosses him back in, covers, and gets a 2-count. Both men back to their feet, and Kidd charges after Mahal, but gets picked up and dropped throat-first onto the top rope. Kidd staggers back to his feet, and Mahal nails him with a running knee. Mahal locks on the Camel Clutch, and this one is over.
Winner:  Jinder Mahal, via submission with a Camel Clutch, at 4:05.
-Back from the break, and we're treated once again with a match that is not exclusive to Superstars. It's the champion -vs- champion match, with C.M. Punk taking on Sheamus, in what they called the biggest lumberjack match in history, with nearly 3 dozen WWE superstars surrounding the ring. This match was joined in progress, and the entire match has already been covered in this week's Raw Report on this site. Punk picks up the win thanks to interference from The Big Show, and then proceeds to get beaten up by Ryback. Cringe. Hell in a Cell is just days away, and I think Punk will retain his title. It just simply makes no sense to put it on Ryback in my opinion. As much as I hated Goldberg being shoved down my throat in late 1997, and throughout 1998, the build-up for Ryback has been even less, and seems like a desperate move, simply because John Cena is unable to compete.
~Blackjack Parsons
Blackjack Parsons has been a fan of the wrestling business since 1983, and has been a referee on the indy scene since 1997. He has also written, promoted, and even wrestled from time-to-time. Any comments or questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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