WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report
By: David Parker
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Date: 10/27/2012
The Big News:  Brodus Clay defeats Epico, Antonio Cesaro defeats
Derrick Bateman and Saturday Morning Slam takes a look at Halloween.
Show Analysis:
This week’s show began with the host announcing that the main event of
today’s show will be Antonio Cesaro vs. Derrick Bateman, but first,
Raw’s Epico will face Smackdown’s Brodus Clay.

Brodus Clay defeated Epico.  This week, Josh Matthews and The Miz are
on commentary. Brodus’ entrance no longer has Cameron or Naomi (I
never figured out who did it) announcing the Funkasaurus, though the
bit in which he announces them as the Funkadactyls was included. Rosa
Mendes didn’t accompany Primo and Epico. Much of the match was comedy,
as whenever Epico tried to put Brodus in a hold, Brodus would start
dancing with him. At one point, Epico slipped out, and the two decided
to try to get the upper hand by having Primo distract Brodus while
Epico snuck up on him. The plan failed, as Brodus was able to knock
down both of them; he then hit the splash on Epico and pinned him. It
was essentially a squash.
After the commercial break, Kane talked about some of the monsters
from WWE’s past. He described The Boogeyman, Papa Shango, the
Undertaker, and himself. He described himself as the most disturbing
and power monster of all (or as Dave would say, “ARRRGH! I’m a
monster!”), and he claimed that anger management had done nothing to
stop the anger he could unleash on WWE.
The next segment was Kaitlyn showing kids how to create a homemade
costume. By using watercolor paints, black clothing, orange socks, a
bowtie, and lots of feathers, she showed how someone could easily
create a penguin costume. It obviously didn’t look as good as a
store-bought costume, though I imagine this is for sometime who wants
to throw something together quickly.
The final non-wrestling segment was the “The 3rd Degree.” This week,
WWE Superstars were asked about their favorite Halloween costumes. R
Truth said Superman, AJ Lee said any strong female videogame
character, Alicia Fox said Pocahontas, Ted Dibiase said a cowboy,
Brodus said a two person horse costume, and The Miz said himself.
Antonio Cesaro defeated Derrick Bateman.  Bateman did his USA gimmick.
He was supposed to be the face, but the crowd clearly didn’t recognize
him; as such, the match had little heat. After the commercial break, a
“Do Not Try This At Home” ad featuring Brodus Clay was shown. The
first half of the match mostly consisted of the two posing, doing a
couple spots where they would run back and forth across the ring, stop
when they met, and praise for their respective countries, and nerve
holds. Going into the break, Cesaro was trying to regroup. After the
break, Cesaro was in control; he wore down Bateman’s ankle with a
couple submission holds. Bateman was able to make a comeback after
hitting a couple backdrops, but Cesaro was able to take control again.
Cesaro tried to dizzy Bateman with a giant swing; during it, Miz
yelled, “He’s gonna puke!” like Vince McMahon did in “Beyond the Mat.”
Cesaro then tried to knock Bateman out of the ring, but his opponent
lowered the rope and hit a suicide dive. Bateman then tried to hit a
crossbody in the ring, but he missed, and Cesaro hit the Neutralizer
for the pin. Afterwards, Miz and Matthews signed off. I’m surprised
WWE would have a show for kids end with a heel defeating a face, but I
guess they wanted to mix it up.
Final Thoughts:
A fine show. However, the main event seemed very weird to me. The heel
won, and the face wasn’t someone that is popular with kids. However, I
give them credit for trying to experiment with the matches.
As for the ratings, I need to make a correction from last week. In my
previous report, I said that the October 13th show had 1.236 million
viewers and a 0.39 adult 18-49 rating. Those were actually the ratings
for the October 6th show. However, the kids 6-11 rating was for the
October 13th show. I regret the error.
As for the most recent ratings, the kids 6-11 rating for the October
20th show was 0.8 (courtesy I don’t know the viewership
and the adult 18-49 rating; I’ll contact to see if
they have them.

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