Feedback to Hell in a Cell

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Sheamus vs. Big Show

Worst Match: Punk vs. Ryback

I thought this show was fantastic until the main event. I knew there would be nothing to that match going in, but if anything it was even less than I expected. It's a lesson on the right push for the wrong person, and Ryback wasn't even that over with the hardcore PPV crowd. Punk tried, but that match was nothing. Thank god they kept their minds and didn't do the title switch.

The rest of the show was so good though I still have to give it a slight thumbs up. Sheamus-Show especially blew me away. The match was way better than I expected going in. Big Show has been great on the mic & even in the ring since his heel turn, and Sheamus took a fantastic beating. That was a real 20-minute World title match, and if anything it made the main event look even worse by comparison. The crowd getting so into the finishing sequence is both a testament to the match layout as well as what happens when you keep the belt stable. It felt like a big deal when Show finally won, and it paid off the build-up (which I thought was underrated by most) wondefully.

As far as the rest of the show, there wasn't a bad match on it. The tag team scene is in such a better shape than it's been in years, and both tag matches tonight were great. Overall, WWE is in really good shape right now with a fun undercard, strong headliners (other than Ryback who will probably be phased out a bit now), and Rock & Brock both about to come back for Wrestlemania season. This card, with no Cena among a few others, was a good testament to their overall depth right now. Let's just end this Ryback experiment now, please.

John C.

Colonia, NJ

The best match was easily Sheamus vs Show. They used the most simplistic move vs move build and it worked.

The worst men's match was Orton vs Del Rio. They tried indy type spots that just came off ridiculous.
Overall I give it thumbs in the middle. The heavyweight title match really delivered, and generally speaking there was nothing awful. They did the best they could with the WWE title match so I can neither fault them or praise them. Everything else felt pretty average to me.

Dave Elson

Hell In The Cell feedback
Thumbs In The Middle
Best match: CM Punk vs Ryback
Worst match: Eve vs Kaitlyn vs Layla
This show was ok, nothing too great but not a complete waste of time either.
I was really glad to see Cesario get on tv.
The finish to the tag team title match was horrible and ruined an otherwise fun match. Big Show vs Sheamus was fun but did go a little long.
I did enjoy the Punk vs Ryback match, while they booked themselves into a corner, at least it was interesting to see what the result would be. I thought it was a reasonably good outcome out of the many bad ones they could have gone with. I thought Ryback did well in the match and came off strong with the stuff afterward.
Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

I have not written in awhile, but I felt compelled to do so here:

I honestly have no idea what the fuck I witnessed. Is the WWE this bereft of ideas? They had a great opportunity with Ryback. Build him up more, or bring out Lesnar. Instead we get the heat killing HHH who never fucking dies. Ever. Have Ryback beat Lesnar at WM and then win the title next year. Instead we get some shitty finish. And it does not help the fact that there are more Goldberg chants for Ryback than anything else.

Orton wins again. Why? Why is this guy, a druggie with a shitty attitude and even shittier ring skills beating everyone? I would be fine with it if they would put over Wade Barrett but we all know that will never happen.

Speaking of Wade Barrett, why didn't he beat Sheamus? Show is champ at the end of 2012 and that means Sheamus will get his damn title back.

The most egregious part of this show was the opening with John Cena. I still have no idea what purpose it served. It killed the crowd. He got booed. The jokes were bad. The questions asked by the fans were so fucking planned and so fucking awful....Ziggler got punked out. I have no words for this as the WWE continues to insult our intelligence. Hell, I thought that by not watching SmackDown anymore that I would not get burned out. Well, I have come to the realization that Vince McMahon has lost it. Literally. He whines about change and blames everyone else and then promptly does the same shit over and over. In fact it is worse now!

Vince has been bankrupt for ideas since Austin. And that went on two years too long. Anytime they chance upon something like Nexus or Punk they Cena or HHH it to death.

WWE sucks ass. TNA is actually better. Yes, even with Hardy as champ. Lord help us all. The state of wrestling is at its nadir. 

Worst PPV in a long time. That is all.

Kevin Kindelberg

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Big Show-Sheamus
Worst Match: Punk-Ryback
If I'd paid for this PPV chances are you'd find me nude and hanging from a from a tree under an obscure ditch. The only mention of anything I can offer is the shambles that was the main event. They build up to this for six weeks and offer barely ten minutes of labored action? When I saw how late it was starting I knew we were in for some kind of quick finish. But who expected something so utterly bereft of imagination or surprise? Why was this even a HIAC match to begin with? The whole concept of the cage is irrelevant. It isn't used the way it used to be so just get rid of it. Nobody blades anymore and it isn't a spectacle. For a monster like Ryback to go down like that to some crappy ref is an insult to anyone who has bought into the Ryback character. The rest of the card was tolerable but little more than the usual RAW and Smackdown filler we see weekly. Who the fuck pays to see Cesaro and Gabriel or Mysterio/Sin Cara-Prime Time Players? What a thin roster. I just hate the cell being used as a meaningless prop. It's done and needs to be retired permanently. As for the Big Show winning the title, hasn't he won it about five times? Why would he be invincible now as opposed to the other reigns? Fuck this, I want some raw brutality, blood and violence. This was horrific garbage.
Huw Roma

Overall thumbs down. It was an average show wrestling wise with a dead crowd and a lame main event with a stupid finish.
Best match: Show vs. Sheamus.
One of Big Show best matches ever. Really impresive to see Sheamus lifting Show, especially when a couples of weeks ago Ryback couldn't pick up Tensay.
Worst match: Punk vs. Ryback. Smoke and mirros, barely use of the cell at all & the worst finish they could come on with. Pure nonsense. The finish was like if the lights when out, came back and suddenly Punk was on top of Ryback with the pin. Completely random and stupid.
Keep it going
San Sebastian, PR

WWE Hell in a Cell: Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Kingston vs. Miz
Worst Match: Divas Title
Orton vs. Del Rio was a solid opener.  The usual work you would expect from these guys.  Still not sure what happened when Del Rio came off the top and they forgot what they were doing.  The finish was kind of cool.  Tag Title match was good until the finish.  I guess it wasn't time for a title change and they didn't want the challengers to get beat yet even though Rhodes has been pinned a billion times in the past, but at least they are trying.  I guess they will meet again.  Kingston vs. Miz was another good match from these two.  Hope they continue with this momentum for Kofi.  He is very talented and deserves a shot.  Bonus U.S. Title match comes out of nowhere, but these two can work.  Gabriel is another talented guy who deserves a shot.  I like Cesaro in his role.  Hopefully he can move up as well.  Rey & Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Players was solid as well.  I like the chemistry of each of these teams and do like the emphasis as of late on trying to rebuild the tag team division.  Looked like Sin Cara got knocked a little silly.  Hopefully he is fine.  Sheamus vs. Big Show was a better match than I anticipated.  Kept waiting for Ziggler, but to no avail.  Looks like Show gets at least a 24 hour title reign.  Divas match was filler.  No one wants to see this at least not before the main event.  Main event was pretty basic.  At least the finish surprised me.  Wasn't expecting that.  I guess we have a new Danny Davis in Brad Maddox.  This shouldn't effect Ryback's momentum since the loss was tainted.  Punk needs to keep the belt until he faces the Rock.  While the show wasn't anything special, it wasn't bad so I would give it a thumbs in the middle.  Not sure why they had to advertise a History Channel TV show during the ppv.  I guess they must have paid for the spot. 
Robb Block

WWE Hell in a Cell

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Randy Orton v Alberto Del Rio

Worst Match: Divas

I don't think this puts the final nail in the coffin for HIAC as a gimmick, since it's been a long time since we've had the evil ref reveal as a main event finish. Ryback didn't get his hand raised but at least he beat up Maddox the ref and also did his finisher on Punk ON TOP of the cage. Now we just have to see where they go with this; a three-way at Survivor Series or a non-title elimination match where Ryback can win but not get the title.

WWE "did the right thing" for business, since there was a ton of money on the table with Punk v Rock in January.

Del Rio and Orton had the show of the night, which was something considering that Orton is right now an occasional player. No hint of a heel turn, probably since they're going with Show v Orton as the next main event feud. Things don't look good for Ziggler cashing in right now on either title.

JBL had the line of the night when he said, "That decision (in the main event) was as bad as my commentary in the Divas match."

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

When a PPV's best match involves The Big Show, that tells you how bad it was.  And you wonder why the ratings are so low.  That last match was an embarrassment.  Why even have it in a cell??  You have completely lost it as to what fans want.  I had such high hopes after Punk cut that legendary promo last June, but it's only gotten worse, week after week.  There was a time when I looked forward to WWE programming, but now I find myself not even caring if I miss a Monday night show.  I have been a fan since Wrestlemania 3, but I am about to call it a day.  I just can't watch it anymore.  The wrestling is predictable and too bubble gum.  If and when I hear that the WWE goes back to more unpredictable, more realistic matches and attitude, I may come back.  But for now, I can honestly say I'm done being a WWE fan.  Word of advice, WWE - give complete control to Triple H, get rid of the writers and the 4-5 rewrites for each show, stop advertising cards well in advance, thus spoiling the outcomes of ppv's, and change the PG rating.
Dave Boyce

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