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Hi Dave,
I thought Hell in a Cell was a fairly solid ppv. I give the show a thumbs up.  Best match Big Show vs. Sheamus. Worst match Team Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars.  The divas match was what it was, and if you ask me they need to get rid of Kane and Daniel Bryan as a tag team already. They need to split these two up before Bryan is a completely straight comedy act.  Then again he might be doomed already. But I had a good time watching the show!
Thomas, Illinois (USA)

Hey, Dave
Thumbs Down
Best Match = Sheamus vs Big Show
Worst Match = Divas match or Sin Cara/Mysterio vs PTP
Well, they booked themselves into a corner and got out...on some kind of way, I guess. Unexpected finish but the match was awful. Ryback is a million miles away of being a competent wrestler. Undertaker vs Big Boss Man is not the worst HIAC anymore. Sheamus vs Show was good. Rest was filler. Worst PPV of the year, maybe?
Camilo M.

Hi Dave,
I hope you had a good birthday this week.  Sorry for not having sent you a best wish, but my computer totally broke last week, and I just got this one.  Onto the Hell in a Cell PPV. . .
Orton and Del Rio was a good match, even though Del Rio's one-dimensional character always seems to detract from matches in the sense that Jeff Jarrett would have had 1999 WWF thrown him in the main event scene.  Possibly due to Del Rio's one-dimensionality, the right guy, Orton, won.  I can't speak for Orton's value in sales, but they really should make him a heel.
Kane/Bryan and the Rhodes Scholar going to a DQ is fine.  For instance, no one would have cared for more than a few minutes had the Rhodes Scholars won and having Kane/Bryan win would have done nothing for the tag team division.  If nothing else, the DQ necessitates rematches, and rivalries and rematches, i.e. heat, will be the only way to rehabilitate a division that has been ignored for the last ten years or so.  Also, the DQ finish seems to add a bit of unpredictability to an undercard that is mostly well worked but lacking heat.  These two teams generate enough heat to where hopefully it can trickle elsewhere for other undercard guys.  Decent match.
Miz/Kingston had a good match.  Kingston winning was the right move, and his post-match promo made a point that sold the wrestling aspect of the WWE.  Maybe it's just me but since Gerwitz has been axed, the wrestling aspect seems to have been pushed more in the sense of wins and losses mattering, or at least the characters seem to be caring more for the wrestling aspect than just being there and trying to be cute.
Cesaro over Gabriel was also the right move.  I read on a board one say that Cesaro losing to Gabriel was bad, but I don't buy that at all.  With better emphasis on building this feud and with Gabriel being built up as a serious challenger prior to pinning Cesaro, this could have been a better feud.  Cesaro is world champion material.
Mysterio/Cara over the Prime Time Players?  That's debatable.  I'm not a fan of the PTP team, however.  I suppose in a month or two, Mysterio/Cara can feud with the Rhodes Scholars or even against Kane/Bryan.  Who knows?  But it was a match of no real consequence.
Show over Sheamus was interesting, to say the least.  The match was well worked in the classic story of a Sheamus match, with Big Show playing his role well.  But I had a gut feeling that when Show beat Sheamus, Ryback wouldn't win the title tonight.  This all should make for interesting TV since, honestly, I figured Sheamus would keep the belt until at least Wrestlemania.
The women's match was what it was. . .
The Punk/Ryback match was interesting in many ways.  The match itself wasn't good at all and was almost a train wreck waiting to happen.  I was a little annoyed with Punk overselling his fear since, unlike the old days, UFC is around now, and I could never imagine a UFC champion being so overtly scared of a challenger.  The finish was a little anti-climatic and a screwjob, but what can you do?  This match shows that the WWE still, despite being in a post-Gerwitz era, won't take serious risks, and risk-taking is essential to create new stars.  In fairness, Ryback on top of the Cell was an awesome visual that, if replayed time and again, really will make Ryback seem like a huge star.  But concerning Ryback, it is unfortunate that his lack of wrestling ability was practically exposed tonight.  And it is fortunate that the Goldberg chants were drowned out.
Take care,
Nell Santucci

Best Match Cesaro vs Gabriel Worst Match Eve vs Layla vs Kaitlin Thumbs up, but mostly mixed feelings. The finish of Punk vs Ryback had to be done, although they never really should have booked themselves in that corner to begin with. Orton vs Del Rio was good, but nothing special. Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars was good, but it's too early to break up Kane and Bryan. Miz and Kofi couldn't live up to their TV match. Cesaro vs Gabriel was great, but no one cared, both guys are very underrated. Rey and Sin Cara vs Prime Time Players was a nothing match. Sheamus vs Big Show was as good as it was going to be. The women were worse than usual, botched spots left and right. The main event was similar to the match they worked at the House Shows last weekend, but with more gimmicks. Overall, it wasn't bad, but not as great as it could have been.
Geoff Gillott

What a horrible finish....I was hoping Rich and Idol were under the ring.  The main event had ZERO heat and exposed Ryback for not being over at all.  Fans are only into him for his quick wins and he was so exposed...the show felt like a smackdown taping.  What a horrible main event and finish made it that much worse.

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