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Thumbs down
Best match: Orton v Del Rio
Worst: Women's title
This was a really bad show. Nothing stood out as even above average.
Bob Nichnadowicz
Clark, NJ

Thumbs Down.
Just got finished watching Hell In A Cell and thought this was by some distance the worst WWE PPV of the year so far, I would love the reasoning behind giving Ryback (Who can't wrestle or promo) the huge push ahead of someone like Cesaro, who is equally as big but with better promo skills and far better ability in the ring. Most of the undercard matches were good enough but nothing really excited me and some bad finishes and broken spots really hurt the show, the Show/ Sheamus match was good enough but as soon as they had the ending sequence kicking out of each others finishers I knew the main event was going short with a screw ending. I think a proper finish to the tag match with a few more near falls would have helped the card feel abit more PPV given Bryan and Kane's importance as a team at the moment instead we'll probably get the change on TV tonight. Thankfully the show was free over here in the UK, if i'd of spent anything on it I'd of been very dissapointed with what I got.
James Baldwin

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Ryback Vs. CM Punk
Worst Match: Kane & Daniel Bryan Vs. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow
I thought that this was a good show, considering there was nothing appealing me going into it other than to see the finish of the actual main event. Orton Vs. Del Rio seemed pretty sloppy at times but I did like the finish. Team Hell No Vs. Rhodes Scholars was the worst match of the night for me (I skipped the Divas), though it wasn't really that bad. Miz Vs. Kingston was surprisingly good and I liked how Miz took off Kofi's leg gear and then worked on it for the rest of the match. Antonio Vs. Gabriel was quite good, even though it felt out of place on PPV. Mysterio & Sin Cara Vs. Prime Time Players was another pretty good match up. I do think it would be better however if Mysterio was the one in the ring for most of the match, with Sin Cara coming in for the high spots at the end. 
I really enjoyed Sheamus Vs. Big Show as well, even with the awful build up. It was a nice surprise to see Big Show get the belt, and I'm glad Sheamus' otherwise nothing title reign is finally over. I thought what Punk and Ryback did in their match was very good, and there was some cool but very dangerous looking spots like the referee getting thrown out of the ring and bouncing off of the cage. They had a hard job coming up with the right finish for the match and I think what they went with was fine. Ryback looked like a strong star in the making at the end there and I'm eager to see the follow up in the coming weeks. 
Dillon Smith
London, England 

Hi Dave,
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Big Show d. Sheamus
Worst Match: Divas
Last minute purchase right before the show began because of curiosity on the Main Event. Though the main event was weak because of Ryback's lack of skill or excitement in a cage, Heyman and Punk made the match extremely enjoyable. Cowardly Punk is hilarious, and Ryback throwing Punk at the cage only to see C.M. grab onto the wall and climb up like Spider-Man (with the very visible holes) was too entertaining. Paul E. screaming hilarious phrases like "I believe in you~!!" and "He's still alive Punk!" was laugh out loud funny. Their embrace at the beginning as if it were Punk's execution was notably GREAT. They need a ton of recognition for this. Ryback was insanely limited, but Punk made the best with facial expressions and reactions. Unfortunately, Ryback wasn't willing to go above and beyond his usual routine and that just means I won't buy another pay-per-view he headlines if he doesn't care enough to make something PPV worthy. Maybe that was a management call, either way, not good. I can't say enough how Kaitlyn is the worst diva on the roster (for wrestling), or one of the worst they've ever had. She's adorable though. Eve and Layla weren't much better. Sheamus and Big Show put on an EXCELLENT match, extremely exciting. Odd how dominating it was with Big Show at the beginning, only to have him win. Though Sheamus made believable comebacks. Sheamus was on his game, and Big Show gave one of his best here. I look forward to a rematch, and surprised they didn't have Sheamus Brogue Kick Big Show's fist yet. Gabriel/Cesaro was a great undercard, though the crowd didn't care. Cesaro has some amazing promise and I feel he could get some real heat (there were hints of it tonight), but the speaking in foreign language thing for heat can only work if he has a manager. Let's hope the Heyman rumors are true. Finish was weird to get him back in the ring. Sin Cara taking the accidental bump looked extremely painful, and I guess the finish involved him more as it was kind of weak. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with a concussion or something. Primetime Players looked great here, but too much time was spent on beating up Sin Cara. I hope Cara is allowed to add more of his insane moves at some point. When Dolph was shown, I knew he wouldn't come out during the match, but I did think he was showing up during the Cell ending. Orton vs. Del Rio: solid match, but TV level. Nice finish. Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars, DQ finishes at PPV's are always disappointing, but this was a highly entertaining match so it was made up for. The 4 all mixed well with Kane being the weak link surprisingly (Sandow has improved so much since the Aaron the Idol days) nice spots and the Kane/Bryan double moves all worked great. Anytime Bryan does backstage segments, it looks like he's trying too hard to hold back laughing. Kofi/Miz was a very good match, not as good as title win as many have pointed out. Weird spot having the shoe removed, wonder if that was actually planned. Overall, the undercard made me glad I ordered and was let down by the ref swerve~! Especially from the ref Brad Maddox that screwed Punk out of a tag team win a few weeks back.
Jason Lynch

Overall Show I give a thumbs in the middle with a slight tilt up
Best Match-Show vs Shemus
Worst Match-Divas match but it wasn't really bad for Divas match standards almost want to give it to Orton vs Del Rio
First of all I don't know if I'm the only one who sees this but it looked like Orton had checked out. Seems like he doesn't want to be there right now or he just doesn't like Alberto or something but he just doesn't seem to care. Personally I think this would have been a great time to give Del Rio a win which he desperately needs, I mean he's like the Upper card version of the Brooklin Brawler back when I was a little kid. Del Rio seems to job to every decent person on the roster, and having him Armbar Zack Ryder in 90 seconds doesn't help bring that crediability back. I thought Orton had to go film a movie or something this would have been a perfect way to write him off for a month and give Del Rio a win that would mean something for him. The missed spot from the top rope I believe was suppose to be the finish where Alberto comes down with something and gets RKO'd in the process but it was clearly Orton who was out of place.
Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars
I liked the match personally but I seem to be in the minority in that. I may be bias though as I think Daniel Bryan is the best guy in American Wrestling right now. I did like the finish also as it builds a solid contender IMO for the tag titles and lets the division mature alittle more.
Miz vs Kingston
My biggest feeling here was man they had there PPV match two weeks early. That said I liked the match I had nothing really bad to say about it, just that the match on ME was better.
Cesaro vs Gabriel
I really like Cesaro and I really like the US belt, the problem is the WWE is pushing that belt like it's not even a minor title if I didn't know better I'd call it the NXT belt because thats how they push it on TV. I have said this many times but I believe the World and WWE belt should be merged and the US and IC should be the brand exclusive belts. I know people talk about the house shows but if the WWE/World belt was on One and the Tag belts+someone like Orton or Cena or Punk was on the other I don't think they would do less business I think they would do more. Cesaro and the US belt are drowning right now, they don't advertise his matches he doesn't get anyone credible as a challenger. The IC belt gets Miz and Kofi why can't the US belt get an R-truth a Sin Cara or someone on that Kofi level chasing for it?
Team Masked Mexicans vs The Garbage time players
It really has jumped out at me recently how watered down they have made Sin Cara. I thought working with Rey he would start to get how to add some of his Lucha stuff in with the American Style, the reality though is he has turned into basicelly a Mexican Justin Gabriel IMO. I still don't get how the La Mistica is messed up so much in WWE. It's just a face bump really with one arm. It shouldn't be all that hard more so when you take the fujiwara armbar out of it and make it a face plant type finish, but nope they give him a very generic Swanton as his new finisher. If thats how he is gonna be used he should just go back to Mexico and since I know CMLL wouldn't take him go to AAA as like Mystica. It's just a crappy use of Sin Cara. Overall I have nothing major to say about it, it was a match.
Shemus vs Show
This was the best match of the night, it was hard hitting with two guys who seemed to care about there match and wanted to do it well. I thought the WMD was gonna be the finish but when Shemus kicked out the first time it put doubt in my head and I had a legit I wonder whats gonna happen moment something that isn't normal for me now adays. Very good World title match with a good amount of time and pacing. No complaints whatsoever from me here. My only thing was I thought this was gonna be a Hell in the Cell also?
The Divas match
It was fine from a Divas match Curve, still was the worst match on the show but it didn't feel completely out of place on the card itself. Whoever booked for it to go on in between the two big title matches must have some kind of I hate women type of stance because this was done no Favors. I believe I would have had more good things to say about it and most would have if this match was the Opener or on the starting half of the card.
Punk vs The Ryback
I was intrested in how they would get out of this corner they booked themselves into. When I saw the Ref the same one who they did some little angle with for the last 6 weeks of so and who double pinned Punk and Cena(maybe I am the only one who noticed that) I knew he was gonna be involved somehow. I didn't see him giveing Ryback the Lowblow and then laying on him with Punk but I knew he would be involved somehow.
If people remember the Storyline with the Ref from NOC and realize he was the guy tonight it might make more sence to you. If you completely forgot about that then this was a real slap in your face type finish. I am keeping an open mind on it thinking maybe they will go somewhere with the ref but I don't hold my breath on that.
Overall the card was a Meh type card for me right in the middle, the Shemus vs Show match pushed it to where the thumb could tilt up but it was just a show. I'm not sorry I bought it though and don't feel bad I spent 3 hours watching it like I have sometimes.
Jeff Burns

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