WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

October 29, 2012
Charlotte, NC

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the Night!...
- Brad Maddox has some 'splaining to do.

Commentary: Michael Cole & Jim Ross

The longest running, weekly, episodic, professional wrestling based program in the history of cable television begins this week with the current WWE Champion of WWE - CM Punk - walking to the ring seconded by his manager and mentor, Paul Heyman. Punk was hobbling to the ring, bandaged up, and hoodie-riffic. We all thought he was unbeatable! We're fools. CM Punk slayed The Ryback last night. Not even Post Tropical Cyclone Sandy could stop CM Punk from keeping his title. Punk told random folks in the crowd that they were wrong for thinking Punk would lose last night. CM Punk proved to be The Ryback's kryptonite or however you spell it, nerds. He was awfully proud of his Superman reference. Punk was out to claim he had no knowledge of referee Brad Maddox's reasons for his actions last night, and he had nothing to do with the happening. He called Maddox a rogue official. Now, he's using Heyman's "Mad Ox" pronunciation of Maddox's last name. Punk claimed no rematch for The Ryback, which immediately brought out Mick Foley. Punk was upset at the interruption. Foley was here to tell Punk  that he blew his legacy last night. Punk showed off some of his battle scars, then spat down the tradition of Hell in a Cell. Punk was prouder of the title than his Hell In a Cell legacy, and rightfully so. He then asked Foley for a traditional Survivor Series match, Team Foley vs Team Punk. Foley accepted. Well this was unexpected. 

The Ryback came out, presumably making his case to be the first member of Team Foley. Punk bailed through the crowd. UH OH. No fans were hurt tonight, luckily. Fifteen minutes down!

Match: The Ryback vs The JTG
The Ryback won via Shellshock in a quick one. JTG looked totally depressed coming to the ring. He had every right to be. Dude got crushed.

Josh Matthews tried to interview Ryback. Ryback grabbed the mic and SPOKE! Ryback said he was hungry, and he would feast again on CM Punk. He chanted "Feed me Punk!"

Match: Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton
Orton won via RKO. It was mostly Orton early, with Orton dumping Barrett to the floor outside the ring leading into a commercial. Wade worked Orton's left arm coming back from commercial. Late, Wade countered an RKO and hit his black hole slam. Orton managed to kick out of that finish, and ducked Wade's souvenir elbow to hit the RKO for the win. Ross and Cole put over both as future possible title holders. Ross noted that even though Barrett was off last night, he was surely scouting Orton. Well, didn't work.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero asked AJ Lee to explain her affair with John Cena. AJ apologized to Vickie, as Vickie was considering hiring her back to be a diva. Vickie asked AJ about her biggest weakness, and AJ said she can get too emotionally attached to her job. Vickie took that to mean her weakness was being crazy. Vickie laughed and left.

Match: Daniel Bryan & Kane of Team Hell No vs Darren Young & Titus O'Neil of Prime Time Players
Tag champs won, fighting through their bitter squabbling. The two losers from last night are matched up here for our viewing pleasure. PTP were wearing their pink gear, with "Real Men Wear Pink" on their asses. The two certainly wrestled like real men here, having the upper hand for the most part. However, Hell No got the win when Bryan tapped Darren. Kane chokeslammed Young, then went to chokeslam Titus but Bryan tagged himself in. Bryan then hooked in the No Lock on Young, much to Kane's disapproval.

Jim Ross & Michael Cole went over the Brad Maddox officiating history. Cole said Maddox has been MIA since last night.

Vickie Guerrero came out to reassure us that this was a new era of Raw, an era with credibility and integrity. It's Court TV time, as Vickie has evidence to show us of Cena and AJ's affair. This brought out John Cena. Vickie displayed her evidence, which included Cena asking out AJ on a date a few weeks ago on Raw, video of Cena consoling AJ when she resigned, a photo of the two on a business dinner (Cena was still wearing his jean shorts and T-Shirt), and then the damning piece: AJ getting into an elevator with John. The crowd chanted "You are busted!" Cena had a reason for all of it. Vickie didn't buy it. Cena was caught up in his own words about AJ, then a smirking Dolph Ziggler came to the ring. Ziggler started to speak, but Cena cut him off and grabbed his shirt to pull him close. He told Dolph to never mentioned his and AJ's name in the same sentence again, then he pushed Dolph down and walked off. Vickie found this hilarious.

Match: Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
Kofi won via DQ. Miz was out for commentary. Cesaro spoke before the match, saying that America has the fattest children in the world. He also badmouthed Halloween. Anyway, the match had a pretty quick pace, a change for Antonio. Kofi and Miz were arguing on the outside, and Cesaro used that as an opportunity to get control. It didn't last long, as Kofi sent Antonio flying over the announce table. Miz then got involved and beat up Kofi on the outside, which caused a DQ. Antonio and Miz both put the boots to Kofi, when R-Truth came to make the save. Truth sent both men packing, and helped Kofi back to his feet.

Backstage, AJ Lee was waiting in Vickie's office. Vickie asked AJ if she cared about Cena. AJ denied any wrongdoing, and wouldn't lie to get her job back. Vickie hired her anyway, but promised to fire AJ if she put a hand on Vickie. Vickie made AJ vs Beth Phoenix for later.

BEHIND THE MUSIC! The 3MB have their own special! Jinder said he was the fun one, the class clown. Drew McIntyre said Bono couldn't do a deadlift, and that rock stars were skinny toothpicks. The interviewer asked if The 3MB would perform, which they took offense to, and ended the interview. Drew was great here, but it was blah otherwise. Cole mocked it. Jim Ross called it the worst interview he'd ever seen. I wouldn't go that far.

Match: Zack Ryder & Santino Marella of Team CoBRO vs Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater of The 3MB
The rock stars won, and debuted (at least, first I've noticed) new music. Mahal tagged out pretty quickly to Slater when he was in there, keeping his stuff short. They worked alot on Zack Ryder. Ryder hit the hot tag to Santino, but Slater got the best of the former Intercontinental Champion (for 23 weeks!) with help from Drew on the outside. Slater pinned Santino, and the 3MB danced in the ring to celebrate.

It was announced that Foley and Punk would reveal their teams tonight, in our MAIN EVENT!

Match: Beth vs AJ
Quick win for AJ, or so we thought. Beth stood stoic, and dared AJ to bring the fight. AJ snapped, and attacked Beth. Beth fought AJ off, and tossed AJ outside. Back in the ring, AJ got a quick rollup on Beth for the win. Beth was surprised. AJ was quite pleased.

Vickie Guerrero came out demanding a lot more from AJ. Beth attacked AJ from behind, while Vickie gave AJ one more chance to do better. Cole questioned what Vickie meant, seeing as how AJ already won...

Beth hit the Glam slam on AJ to win the restarted match. Cole mentioned that maybe Vickie was abusing her new power.

Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain DVD/Blu-Ray was promoted.

Jerry Lawler is returning to Raw on November 12, in Columbus, Ohio.

Former World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, came out to address his title loss last night. John Cena promo. Sheamus said he lost, but he's smiling. He said last night Big Show was the better man. Sheamus said Show won the battle, but the war isn't over. Big Show entered, holding his newly won world title high. Big Show was super proud of himself. He also said he did last night exactly what he said he would do - knock Sheamus out. Show said Sheamus will never beat him. Sheamus responded by giving Show the White Noise.

Backstage, John Cena hugged AJ and told her to keep her chin up. Vickie was spying on this, and the two departed. Beth appeared, and thanked Vickie for restarting her match earlier. Vickie was mad that Beth lost the original contest. Vickie then fired Beth.

Match: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio of Team Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow of Team Rhodes Scholars
Rhodes Scholars won in the best match of the night. The two winners from last night's pay-per-view match up her for our viewing pleasure, and this match certainly got some time. Rey not only had his mask on, but also some face paint. During the match, Michael Cole noted that Cody was a four time tag team champion. This shocked me. Sin Cara took a lot of the match, getting a hot tag into Mysterio who had the crowd well behind him. Sandow and Rhodes worked well as a team to cut off Mysterio and Sin Cara whenever they were beginning to show momentum. The two grounded the high flyers as best they could. Of course, that's a tall order. Sin Cara got hot tag number two later, running wild in the ring and almost getting a pin on Sandow. Sin Cara went for a senton while Sandow was down, but Rhodes pulled Sandow towards the corner, causing Cara to splat in the ring. Sandow then hit his neckbreaker finish for the pin on Sin Cara.

Backstage, Foley and Kaitlyn were shilling WWE '13. Paul Heyman denounced Foley for playing a video game instead of working on his Survivor Series team. Foley says he already has his team, and superstars were lining up to join. Heyman told Mick that Punk is going to victimize Foley on November 18.

We saw a long video package on WWE's partnership with Susan G Komen for the Cure. Vince McMahon, on stage with several Superstars and Divas, introduced John Cena, who was in the ring with some folks from Susan G Komen for the Cure. During this, during a wide shot of the wrestlers on stage, Primo looked miserable. Paul London curse coming? John Cena presented Susan G Komen for the Cure with a check for $1 million. Dorothy Jones, of the foundation, spoke and thanked WWE. She also, legit, thanked the CeNation.

John Cena's never turning heel. Ever.

Alberto Del Rio out. Damn. I thought it was main event time and this show was coming to an end. No luck.

Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Justin Gabriel
Del Rio wins via submission. Ross and Cole used Del Rio's long entrance to discuss Halloween costumes. Ross stated this match is a good opportunity for Gabriel and Del Rio to refocus from their losses last night. Del Rio seems to have to refocus quite a bit. After every pay-per-view, anyway. The match wasn't a total squash. As you'd suspect, Del Rio worked Gabriel's arm for the most part. Cole put over the dangerous armbreaker, and Ross mentioned Chael Sonnen's WWE.com article on the move. Del Rio supported the hype by winning with the cross armbreaker.

Main Event: The Survivor Series teams are announced~!

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is humbled this evening to present to us the WWE Champion, the coverboy of WWE '13, and the best in the world - CM Punk. Punk, dressed to wrestle, came out for our main event. The WWE '13 cover, in a large poster, was held above the ring during this. Paul called Punk the best WWE Champion of all time. Shot at Brock Lesnar there, no? The Miz was introduced as Team Punk's first pick. Paul introduced Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes as the next members. Alberto Del Rio is the final member. So, to be clear, Paul is picking a team of losers.

Mick Foley out next to announce his team. He struggled to get in the ring. Oh, boy. Foley said Punk disrespected Hell in a Cell by hiring a crooked official. Punk again said he had nothing to do with Brad Maddox. Foley brought out his team, saying all have earned his respect. Kofi was introduced first. Next, the WWE tag team champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan. Face turn almost complete. Randy Orton was announced, with Foley reminding everyone of their past battles. At this point, CM Punk, assuming Mick Foley was also in the match, said that he was going to eliminate Team Foley one by one until Foley was the only one left standing. Mick said that'd be great, if he was in the match, but he's not. The Ryback was announced as the last member, to Punk's surprise (why?). 

With all the men in the ring, a fight broke out. Ryback gave Cody Rhodes the shellshock, while Punk and Heyman looked on from the stage to end the show.

Team PUNK: CM Punk, The Miz, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio
Team FOLEY: The Ryback, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton

Final thought: One million dollars on Ryback winning.

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