World Series of Fighting live coverage from Las Vegas

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First round: Bartlett looked totally out of shape, 37 years old. Spong is a top tier kickboxer making his MMA debut.  Front kick by Spong. Another body kick. Head kick by Spong and a body punch. Hard head kick knocked Bartlett down. Spong backed up and let him up. Another head kick. Knee by Spong. Hard low kick. Knee. Bartlett’s left leg hurting from the low kicks. Right to the jaw. Left to the body. Right knocked him down again and Mazzagatti stopped it. When Spong landed the right, he walked away thinking he had to go to the corner for the eight count.  3:15


First round: Moraes landing several punches and threw Torres down . Moraes scrambled away. Spin kick to the body by Moraes followed by a hard left. More punches by Moraes. Torres with a counter right. Head kick by Moraes. Torres wants a takedown but couldn’t get it. Moraes with a hard right that hurt Torres. Torres ducked low and got nothing. Torres bleeding. Left kick to the body and low kick by Mores. High kick by Maroes blocked. Moraes 10-9.

Second round: Big slugfest. Moraes landing low kicks. Strong low kick by Moraes. Moraes continues to land. Torres seems to have no answer in this fight. Torres tried a takedown but Moraes danced away. Torres stated to land jabs. Crowd booing them, no idea why. Spin kick to the body by Moraes. Left landed and a right knocked Torres down momentarily. Head kick landed by Moraes but Torres landed a jab. Torres landed a right. Another low kick by Moraes. Moraes round so 20-18.

Third round: Moraes landed another low kick. Another low kick by Moraes. Another low kick. Torres went for a takedown, couldn’t get it. Moraes landed a high kick. Torres with a jab but Mores landed another low kick. Torres landed some punches. Cool kick by Moraes. Torres landed several punches. Torres landing some more. Both missing big punches. Torres landed a punch. Crowd booing again, no idea why. Takedown by Moraes. Torres pounding him from the bottom. Time is running out for Torres to get the submission from the bottom. Very close third round, maybe slightly to Torres so 29-28 Moraes.

Scores: Crowd booed split decision 30-27 Moraes, 29-28 Torres, that was booed 29-28 Moraes

They announced Tyson Nam will fight Moraes in early 2013 and brought Nam into the ring.  No heat between them nor did they say who Tyson Nam was or why we should care about that fight.


First round: Linderman said he’s a football player and wrestler so his style is football and wrestling. He’s fought at more than 270 in the past. Johnson kicked him right in the groin. Long rest period. Johnson kicked him in the face. Johnson landed a right. Low kick but Linderman down. But he’s back up. Linderman landing some punches. Johnson with another couple of low kicks. Johnson now ducking for a takedown and got him down. Linderman looking for a guillotine but I don’t think he’s got anything here. Knees to the body by Johnson. Knee to the head and hard punch. . Johnson landed a one punch knockout. Johnson may have been poked in the eye but Herb Dean told them to keep fighting, Linderman rushed in and Johnson clocked him in the jaw for the knockout.  3:58


First round: Arvloski is 248 pounds, that’s a lot for his body type. But he actually looks smaller than before and not out of shape, but not like he did in his UFC days either. He still should win this fight with ease, good enough takedown defense and Cole doesn’t have good striking. Both are supposed tobe the same height but Andrei looks a couple of inches taller. Cole shot in for a takedown. Arlovski has geat takedown defense and blocked it. Now they are in a clinch. Arlovski broke away. Arlovski knocked him down with a right and Cole is done, and it’s over.  It was an overhand right, and after a couple of shots on the ground ref Steve Mazzagatti jumped in to stop it.  2:37

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