Smackdown spoilers for tonight's show on Syfy from Birmingham 11-6

Dark match

Jack Swagger b Emil Sitoci

Saturday Morning Slam

Usos b Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd

Jinder Mahal b Ted DiBiase


The show opened airing footage of the pub brawl with Sheamus and Big Show that was taped last night after Raw.  Show knocked out William Regal in the brawl, which explains why Regal was there.

Sheamus challenged Show to come out.  Show appeared on the video wall and said that he held back just enough in the brawl so Sheamus wouldn't be injured and could wrestle him at SummerSlam because he needed an opponent.  But he refused to come out.  Wade Barrett came out and told Sheamus to shut up and plugged his match on Main Event Wednesday night.  Since Smackdown airs before Main Event in the U.S., they taped it first and promoted Main Event off it.  Sheamus challenged Barrett to come out and fight and Barrett also wouldn't.

Booker T announced the TV main event of Sheamus & Regal vs. Barrett & Show

Kofi Kingston b The Miz to retain the IC titel.  Very similar match to their PPV bout with Miz working on the leg.

Titus O'Neil & Darren Young b Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara when O'Neil pinned Mysterio with the  Clash of the Titus, his power bomb.

O'Neil & Young after the match interviewed each other.  Every answer to a question was "Millions of Dollars" trying to get their catch phrase over.  They tried to get Matt Striker to do their little body shaking Millions of Dollars deal but he didn't.

Show & Barrett b Sheamus & Regal.  Show knocked out Regal once again for the finish.  The crowd wasn't nearly as hot as you'd think considering Regal and Barrett were there, perhaps beacuse they wanted to cheer Barrett and he worked heel.

Randy Orton b Alberto Del Rio in a falls count anywhere match.  Long match but not that good live, as crowd wasn't that hot and the people in the arena couldn't see when they were brawling backstage.  May be better on television.  The steps ended up inside the ring and Orton delivered an RKO onthe steps to win.

Main Event

R-Truth b Heath Slater via DQ when Mahal interfered and the two of them laid him  out.  Little Jimmy didn't make the save.

Sheamus b Wade Barrett in the best match of the night.  Big Show was on commentary.  Sheamus and Show got into it early.  Because the crowd was heavily pro-Barrett, they actually piped in crowd noise of people chanting for Sheamus and cheering his offense.  Sheamus won with the Brougue kick.

Next week's Main event will be Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow.

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