Smackdown coverage as it airs on Syfy

Show opening with a Sheamus interview talking about the bar fight last night.

They aired clips of the bar fight on a cell phone.  Show jumped him, knocked out Regal when Regal tried to play peacemaker and then threw Sheamus into a bench and dropped a bar stool on him.  Show put the boots to him and scared everyone else in the bar into backing away, and then left.  Sheamus cut a promo wanting Show to come out to finish things up, and ripped on him for knocking out Regal, who had helped so many people in the company.  Show was on the screen, said he had done Sheamus a favor because he could have finished him, but left him standing so he could fight at Survivor Series, where he is going to finish him.  Sheamus challenged  Show, who refused to come out and Sheamus said how Show's had little stones.  Wade Barrett came out and said Sheamus shouldn't be calling out Show when he's got him at Main Event tomorrow.  Sheamus wanted to fight Barrett and Barrett refused.

Booker T told Barrett that he's putting Sheamus & Regal vs. Show & Barrett.  Barrett put his arm around Booker and told him "Thank you."


Kingston won clean with a high crossbody off the top rope.  They pushed that Kingston had beaten him four times in a row.  Miz looked totally distraught about losing this.  Crowd wasn't that into the match and the finish came out of nowhere and the fans didn't react like it was the finish.  The execution in the match was fine.  Miz offered a handshake after the match.  Kingston dropkicked Miz out of the ring and there were some boos for that.


Prime Time Players clean win in a quick match when O'Neil pinned Mysterio with the power bomb.  O'Neil then interviewed Young and the answer to every question was "Millions of Dollars."  O'Neil then asked Matt Striker what he thinks of when he sees the Prime Time Players.  He whispered the answer in his ear and Striker reluctantly said "Millions of Dollars."  They wanted him to do the Millions of Dollars dance.  O'Neil blew his whistle and said it was a 20 yard penalty on Striker, 10 yards for having no rhythm and 10 yards for having a ridiculous mustache. 

Monday on Raw, Vickie Guerrero has more evidence from an anonymous source on A.J. and John Cena. 

Booker and Teddy were backstage talking about  Vickie Guerrero.  Booker asked Long if he thought Vickie Guerrero could come up with a match as good as the main event he made, and Long first said maybe, and Booker got mad.  Long then said Vickie wasn't as creative as him.  Booker was mad at Long for sucking up to him and then started laughing as Long was freaking out, saying he was just messing with him.  


Show pinned Regal with the knockout punch.  Regal worked almost the entire match selling for both guys.  Sheamus got a quick hot tag that ended when Barrett distracted him and Show speared him.  JBL is setting a record for Dorian Yates references.

Alberto Del Rio interview.  He didn't say anything of note except he's the real apex predator and will prove it later.  Rosa Mendes showed up to wish him luck and he took notice.  I think she's, to use a term from 80 years ago, a social climber in this role.  

Randy Orton did an interview saying he likes falls count anywhere matches because they allow him to show how sick and twisted he really is.

Another Fandango vignette.  They are now spelling it with one "o."


Orton won clean with an RKO on the ring steps after Del Rio missed a chair shot.  They brawled backstage once, brawling in the stands (nobody in the stands left their seats, so different from a U.S. crowd).  At one point Orton put Ricardo Rodriguez in a telephone booth that was on the stage.  At another point Del Rio gave Orton an enzuigiri when Orton was on the apron, and Orton did a delayed Nestea plunge backwards off the apron through a table.  I think this match would have gotten over big in another arena.  You could really tell with two straight long shows that the crowd just got tired.  After yesterday, the crowd was not much into the show at all tonight.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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