WWE house show report 11-8 Zurich, Switzerland

By Pascal Fricker

Just came home from the Zurich WWE Smackdown houseshow – November 8,2012.

The Hallenstadion was about 65 % full. Less than previous years.

The show was not good to be honest - it  wasn't terrible - but the in-ring quality wasn't really good. WWE has to be carefull not to lose some of the Europe markets with this kind of a product. There is definitely some need for more in-ring action - it was once called "pro-wrestling".


- Cool entrance stage.

- Ringside/Floor seats cost USD115.

- Show lasted almost 3 hours.

- Merchandise stands had 4 shirts - some Cena stuff and the ugly yellow Punk shirt.

- Most stuff looked pretty „fake“ to be honest.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara def. Prime Time Players

- Solid opener - nothing special, but not bad.

R-Truth def. El Local

- Match lasted around 20 seconds - awful. The little Jimmy act is bad on TV - but LIVE it's even worse. El Local kicking Little Jimmy was just sad - not even funny anymore.

Santino Marella def. Ted Dibiase

- Match sucked. They both suck nowadays - cheers and boos for both of them.

Kaytlin def. Nathalie Neidhart

- Better than the previous two matches - typical Diva match.

Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio

- Match of the night *** 1/4 . Good.


Wade Barrett def. Justin Gabriel

- Again - nothing special. Barrett insulting local hockey, soccer teams and Roger Federer was neat, though.

Antonio Cesaro def. Jack Swagger

- Match was okay - Antonio was the super over. Awesome. Big match feeling.  No speech afterwards – bad.

Kofi Kingston def. The Miz

- Solid match - Miz had some fans. He's far away from beeing awesome in my book. Kofi is still Kofi – boring. Just plain boring. They had something there a few years ago against Orton and just recently on RAW – but I have the feeling they already dropped it. A fan threw beer at Miz in the ring and was thrown out.

Sheamus def. Big Show

- Same DQ finish like everywhere on this tour. Not bad, but - yet again - not really good. Would have put Antonio as the main-event, in this case.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?