WWE house show report 11-8 Dublin

By Dave O'Neill

Hey Dave, just back from the Raw House Show in the O2 of Dublin. A real sign of the times show - massively disappointing, with a skeleton crew of workers running through the motions, in a buliding that had empty swathes of seats in the upper deck where we were, and a dead crowd who only responded to the main eventers. On a personal note, our group didn't pay for our tickets, we won them in a quiz, and on reflection, had we paid, I would have been angered at the waste of time and money, based on the show we were given.

1. Brodus Clay beat Primo with the splash. Brodus only had one of the girls with him. 
2 Zack Ryder beat Epico by dq in minutes, when Primo ran out and attacked Ryder. Brodus (eventually) "ran" out and teamed up with Ryder, leading to...
3. Brodus and Zack Ryder beat Primo and Epico after a Rough Ryder
Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Vickie Guerrero came out and announced a TWITTER POLL to decide if AJ should be in the womens title match
4. AJ def. Eve Torres and Layla to win the Diva title, and Vickie Guerrero reversed the decision in the same bait and switch they've done for the whole tour. Eve then pinned AJ. 
5. Cena (slumming it before intermission) beat Dolph Ziggler, when AJ ran out to stop Vickie interfering. They teased an AJ/Cena kiss, which will surely ruin her for good.
INTERMISSION. A long one. 
6. Michael McGillycuddy beat Tensai. I laughed uproariously. No one had a clue who McGillycuddy was, didn't care about Tensai, and duly sat on their hands. 
7. Team HELL NO beat the Rhodes Scholars in the best, and entertaining match of the show, when Cody tapped to the Yes Lock. Kane and Bryan ran through their entire act, from accidentally hitting each other, to stealing tags, then the belts, and teasing hugs. Crowd, in fairness, myself included, ate it up.
8. Main Event, Ryback beat CM Punk by DQ (less than ten minutes), when all the heels on the show, bar Ziggler, ran out and attacked Ryback. Kane then ran out, cleaned house, and threw Punk back in for Shellshock. I had my coat on and was leaving before they stopped playing Ryback's music. 
Yours, Dave O'Neill, 
Dublin, Ireland
Dave O'Neill

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