TNA house show report 11-8 Mount Pleasant, MI

TNA Impact Wrestling Tour
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Soaring Eagle Casino
November 8, 2012
So Cal Val was introduced as tonight's host.  No one knew who she was.  The pretty hot crowd died when she was introduced.  Brian Stiffler was the sole referee for the event.
Crowd gathered up to 825-900 by showtime. Was a lively bunch, too. The event is being held on an Indian reservation nearby Central Michigan University. Diverse group of people in attendance.
1) Douglas Williams vs Crimson - 11 minutes
Crimson is your bad guy, while Douglas fights for us. Match was almost all Crimson, until some back and forth leading to the finish. Williams averted a charge into the corner, and a schoolboy for the pin leads Williams to victory.
Most who were wearing TNA merch either had an RVD or Jeff Hardy shirt. From the first match, it was evident less than a quarter of the crowd knew who Doug Williams was when he came out. May be in for that a bit tonight with Gunner, Zema, and Garrett coming out later.
2) Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher - 8 minutes
Before the match, Gail Kim kicked Stiffler out of the ring. She didn't want any perverted referee in charge. So instead, Eric Young, to a substantial reaction, came out to referee.  At first, Young thought he was in the match and kept trying to tie up with Gail. Young was more a cheerleader for Brooke than a referee, however. The finishing sequence firs saw Brooke give the stinkface to Gail. Eric begged Brooke to then do the same to him. As she prepared, Gail attacked Brooke. Young chastised her, and then pushed Gail into a rollup from Brooke. Brooke wins in about 8 minutes.
3) Kid Kash vs Garrett Bischoff - 17 minutes
Stiffler's back. Kash talked trash to the crowd for a while, and it was four minutes in before anything actually happened. After the stalling, we had three minutes of back and forth mat wrestling. Kash finally got the upper hand with an eye poke. There were some clunky spots in this one, but nothing too bad. Finish saw Garrett reverse Kash's butterfly piledriver into his front rolling DDT for the win. Match from bell to bell went exactly 17 minutes. Good guys are 3-0 so far.
4) X-Division Title: Zema Ion vs Rob Van Dam - 11 minutes
For being promoted as the biggest star here, and really the only major name, I'm surprised to see Rob not in the main event. Especially with this match being the only title match on the show. No title belt here, so I hope Zema isn't expecting it if he wins. Again, four minutes of stalling after the bell before they touch. I pity Anderson having to hold this whole crowd in the main event. This match seemed to go in slow motion when there was action, but no one cared. They were just happy to see the local hero and only star on the show. Anyway, faces are 4-0 as RVD pins Zema with the 5 Star. After the match, he celebrated with So Cal Val's belt.
20 Minute Intermission
5) Gunner vs "A Member of Aces & Eights" - 2 minutes
The Aces guy jumped Gunner during his entrance. Guy was wearing a ski mask, and had short dark hair. Have no idea who it is. Match ended in two minutes when another member ran in.
This brought out Mr Anderson. Really? 20 minute intermission after just an hour to go right into the main event?
6) Mr Anderson & Gunner vs Two Members of Aces & Eights
Crowd was noticeably surprised/disappointed when So Cal Val announced this as the main event. We had just gotten back from intermission, and were told "there was plenty more left." Now, I understand it, but many in the crowd didn't. There were small pockets of fans that left at this point.
Pretty standard tag match. Pretty sure one of the Aces was Garrett, but not 100%. Other one was a big guy, no one seemingly on the roster, and looked to be Drew Hankinson's size. I assume it was not him, as he's probably in Orlando right now. After a good amount of time, Anderson and Gunner won to complete the good guy sweep of this evening's bouts.
TNA heads to Windsor, Ontario, tomorrow with what I am guessing will be the same show.
Rob McCarron

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