OVW TV report - 11/7 tapings

By Jimmie Daniel

Here is the report for Ohio Valley Wrestling episode 690, the first following last weekend's Saturday Night Special. This episode is available for your viewing pleasure at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/690
We begin with OUR OVW Champion Crimson coming down the hall followed by his "Crimson Army", The Wildcards (Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta). He encounters an angry Rob Terry, who was unsuccessful in his attempt to regain the title. Crimson mockingly tells Terry he is confident that Terry can scratch and claw his way back up the ladder to get another title shot, emphasizing that Terry has to start back at the bottom of the contender's list.
We go to the announcers table with Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. Gilbert has a special interview with TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell later. Titus tells us that Doug Williams is in the building tonight (he wasn't last Saturday) and will go at it with "Smooth" Johnny Spade later. There is also another title-stripping involving the OVW TV title!
To the ring we go with ring announcer Terry Boddie. There is a mic with a stand set up in the ring.
Match #1: "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) vs "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe 
Rosa & Del Barrio are already in the ring. Howe comes out with his guitar and does like (according to Dean) a Peter Frampton "Do You Feel Like We Do" kind of thing with the mic and guitar (I'm sure there's a name for it). Del Barrio sneaks in some choking early as the announcers discuss Terry having stuff ripped from him. Howe makes short work of Rosa with a flying neckbreaker for the pin
OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash and his reluctant assistant Ms. Josette Bynum walk into TPT's office to find Crimson (in an ICOPRO shirt-remember the ads on ECW TV?) and The Wildcards waiting for them. Crimson wants 30 days paid vacation! Terry walks in and wants a rematch! TPT notes that Crimson got disqualified thus keeping the title and that Terry will have to work his way back up the ladder. TPT says the best he can do is make Terry the #6 contender, so if he goes through six guys he'll be the #1 contender, which Terry accepts. TPT then says he'll flush Crimson's vacation request down the toilet, since even he doesn't get 30 days of vacation. TPT sends the trio away and closes the door but then Doug Williams enters to say he's back in the country after attending a fan's funeral. TPT reminds him he still has a contract to face Spade and will do so tonight. Williams protests to no avail. Josette offers to make TPT some coffee, which he gladly accepts:)
Match #2: Ace Hawkins & Raphael Constantine (with 3 women!) vs "Team Gut Check" (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw)
The ladies are all done up in silver tonight! Raphael is introduced as a 5th generation superstar then gets worked over early until Hawkins knees Silva in the back to isolate him. Meanwhile, Gilbert tells us that the OVW Board of Directors have vacated the TV title due to an injury to Cliff Compton, but will have Joe Coleman vs James "Moose" Thomas later in the show to crown a new TV champ. Dean also say Michael Hayes is having his first knee surgery this week and Thomas is dedicating all his November matches to Hayes. Shaw pins Raphael with the Breaking Point (legdrop from the top) for the pin.
Silva & Shaw are still in the ring as we come back from a commercial. Shaw asks Terry to come to the ring. Silva says he and Shaw have their sights set on the OVW Tag Team Championship current held by The Best Team Ever (Jesse Godderz & Rudy Switchblade), so they are giving Terry their "spots" (not their liver spots, not their dog Spot, but their spots). TPT comes out in a fedora, inquiring about the "spots". It's agreed that they are giving up the #4 & #5 contender spots, so Terry moves up to #4. Crimson comes out and can't believe this! He cracks on Team Gut Check and says there is no one else in the back that's stupid enough to do this. Howe comes out and calls Crimson a weasel AND a snake (a "sneasel"??), then gives up his "spot" as well, moving Terry up to #3! Out comes "Smooth" Johnny Spade! Crimson notes TPT didn't grant Spade a rematch when Spade lost the title previously. Spade wants Crimson but wants Williams even more, so Spade gives away his "spot" too, meaning Terry is now the #2 contender! Crimson knows who the #1 contender is, and no way he gives up his spot! Jack Black comes out and says he's waited too long for a shot and he ain't giving up his spot. TPT then makes Black vs Terry for the #1 contender spot later tonight!!!!
Back from commercial, Spade is still in the ring. They zoom in on Spade's face and he is sporting a black eye! He says Williams was here Saturday night as Williams attacked him in the parking lot! He calls out Williams, who comes out and Spade (who Titus calls "puzzle-face") attacks him.
Match #3: Doug Williams vs "Smooth" Johnny Spade
Mucho brawling albeit briefly. Ref Chris Sharpe tries to herd them into the ring but just gives up and calls a double-DQ as the two have to be pulled apart.
Match #4: Joe Coleman vs James "Moose" Thomas
This is for the vacated OVW TV title. Of course, Coleman represents the P.O.W (Platoon of Wayne), which Gilbert notes were defeated at Saturday Night Special by the Mascara Mafia (Paredyse, Brandon Espinoza, and Chris). Coleman dropkicks Thomas in the knee then hops around on one leg, mocking Michael Hayes. This makes Thomas very angry, so he picks up Coleman but swings him around and hits ref Sharpe. This gives Jason Wayne a chance to run out and knock out Thomas with an international object so Coleman can get the pin AND becomes OUR OVW TV Champion! Coleman and Wayne celebrate with a sore winner attack until Paredyse and Espinoza chase them away.
Time for the part of the show you've all been waiting for: "The Mix Tape" with Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger!!!!
They nominate themselves for losing Saturday night (they laugh at this) but the "Suckah of the Week" is actually a "Suckahess"-Taeler Hendrix!! She wins for getting punked out by a ref and costing herself the OVW Womens Championship (which was retained by Heidi Lovelace in a match also involving Josette Bynum). Taeler (who apparently has a 400 credit score, lol) becomes a "ginger-haired, drama-queen, voice-like-an-alarm-clock, suckahess of the week"!
Gilbert is in the ring and welcomes Taryn Terrell, who was the special referee in the aforementioned women's match and had an altercation with Taeler. She said Brooke Hogan appointed her to ref the match to be fair and just. Taeler comes out with Dylan Bostic. She starts in on Taryn but Bostic is gesturing to Taryn behind Taeler's back, that is until Taeler bops him upside the head! She tells Taryn that Bostic is perfectly satisfied with her, then says she can ref better than Taryn, who replies that she can wrestle better than Taeler. Catfight!!! Dean says wrestlers are in the back fighting over who gets to come out and break this up as they go to commercial.
Match #5: Jack Black vs Rob Terry
Winner becomes #1 contender for Crimson's OVW Championship. They went a bit over ten minutes of some hard-hitting action here. Announcers really put over Black losing weight and improving his cardio. About eight minutes in, Crimson wanders out and takes a swipe at Terry, distracting him and allowing Black to work him over more. Terry recovers and chokeslam-powerbombs Black but Crimson distracts the ref. Black sideslams Terry for 2 but Terry lariats and suplexes Black. Crimson runs in but Terry backdrops him over the top and out to the rail. Terry slams Black for the pin as Crimson crawls back in the ring but backs off.
In TPT's office, a masked guy in an orange jumpsuit attacks TPT and leaves him laying as Josette half-heartedly calls for help. Someone comes in to check on TPT as the show goes off.
Thoughts: What a "spot"-fest!! I'm slowly acclimating myself to Titus on commentary. Taryn (as well as Taeler) needs to be appearing at a Direct office near you. "The Mix Tape" cracks me up! They hinted at Paredyse and Thomas teaming up at a house show this weekend against POW.     

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