Bellator live coverage from Hollywood, FL

Notes on Bellator from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL:


First round:  James Warring referee, who was a world cruiserweight boxing champion as well as a kickboxer who did early MMA shows as well as UWFI pro wrestling and got double-crossed.  Cooper got the takedown.  Cooper with some punches and moved into side control.  he worked for a Kimura but Cobb escaped and got to his feet.  Trading big shots and Cooper got another takedown.  Cooper landing shots and now has his back and landing more punches.  Cobb got up, Cooper tried a suplex, Cobb grabbed the fence and when he let go, Cooper took him down again.  Another takedown by Cooper.  He's landing big shots from the top.  Cooper's round 10-9, this was a classic 10-8.5 round.

Second round:  Cooper swinging wild maches that didn't land.  Neither landing anything of substance.  Cooper then got another takedown.  Cooper working the body with ground and pound and now landing to the head as well.  Cooper continues the ground and pound for several minutes.  He stayed on top the entire round.  I'd give this a 10-8 because it was dominant, even though it never came close to the finish.  So Cooper 20-17.

Third round:  Cobb out with punches and Cooper with another slam takedown.  Cooper on top in Cobb's guard but not as busy as in the first two rounds.  Story of this match is Cobb can't stop the takedown or get up from the bottom.  Cobb got to his feet with 30 seconds left.  Cooper got a takedown late which caused the fans to boo because they wanted standup action.  Cooper's round so should be 30-26.

Scores:  All three judges have it 30-27 for Cooper


First round:  This is wrestling  vs. Jiu Jitsu.  Fabano got the takedown off a punch.  Martinez got to his feet.  Martinez shoved himi down but didn't want to go down.  Fabiano went for a takedown but Maritnez blocking it. Martinez throwing some punches but they aren't landing clean.  Fabinao landed a left.  Very close round.  Could go either way but I'd have Fabiano 10-9, would be 10-9.5 if option available.

Second round: Martinez now throwing punches.  Fabiano hurt him with a knee to the body.  Martinez landed a left and Fabiano nearly lost his balance.  Both landing punches back and forth.  Fabiano went for a takedown and couldn't get it.  Martinez landing more.  Martinez's round close.  So 19-19 going into the third.

Third round:  Martinez landing several punches.  Fabiano wants a takedown but can't get it.  Fabiano now missed a flying knee.  Martinez locked him up against the cage.  Martinez landing to the body. Fabiano landed a good right but now Martinez landing a lot of punches.  Martinez pins him against the fence.  Now he's working for a takedown and Fabiano blocking it.  Martinez continuing to land.  Martinez with more body shots.  Fabiano with a nice left.  Martinez back landing shots.  Fabiano now back with an uppercut.  Martinez hurt him with a left late and is going to town on him but time ran out.  Definitely Martinez's round, so I've got him 29-28, could be 30-27 because first round was close.

Scores: Two have it 29-28 for Martinez and one has it 30-27 all for Martinez.  So Martinez faces Shahbulat Shamhalaev.

Martinez:  "I feel a little tired and a little beat up, I'm glad I got the victory, a tough opponent, they aren't getting easier are they?  

"I haven't watched tape on him.  I see that he got two quick stoppages but I'm a tough kid.  It's going to be a brawl to win that $100,000.  Emotions are going to be running high.  You get a shot at the title and $100,000, you leave nothing out there."


Volkov's promo saw him say that in Russia, when they all watched Rocky IV, that Ivan Drago was the babyface.  Both of these guys are 6-foot-7.   Winner faces Richard Hale for the vacant heavyweight title.

First round:  Volkov is clearly the taller of the two no matter how they are listed.  Volkov landed big punches and a head kick.  Spartan immediately went for and got the takedown.  James Warring oredered a standup saying that Spartan was using the forehead, which is not illegal, but he thoguht it was.  Volkov landing clean punches.  Volkov with a front kick.  Volkov landed a punch and Spartan got another takedown.  Now Spartan landing some punches.  Close round, Volkov better standing, Spartan got two takedowns and ground and pound late.  10-9 Spartan.

Second round: Volkov landing clean shots.  Spartan tried a takedown and didn't get it.  Body kicks by Volkov.  Volkov is landing.  Spartan throwing but short.  Volkov landed a solid combinatoin. He just doesn't have the big power.  Volkov with another big combination and knocked him down with a right.  Volkov wouldn't go to the ground with him and let him up.  Volkov landed two hard rights.  Spartan got the takedown with 1:03 left.  Ref James Warring stood them up riggt away.  That was ridiculous.  Some fans even booing. Volkov taking him apart with punches.  Spartan is throwing back.  Spartan bleeding.  Both trading punches but Volkov landing much more.  Volkov landed a series of punches and Warring stopped it maybe a second before the end of the round.  Warring helped him a lot with that standup.  Right hook  for the knockdown.  He landed seven shots and was going down a second time when it was stopped.  4:59

Volkov and Hale did a staredown and neither would blink.


First round:  Evinger is throwing a lot.  Warren wants the takedown and got it.  Warren picked him up from the ground to suplex him, but in doing so, it just put  Evinger back on his feet and out of trouble.  Warren got another takedown  and moved to the mount.  Warren is going for the armbar but Evinger escaped and now he's on top in a mount.  Warren gave up his back to get up.  Warren back to his feet.  Belly to belly takedown by Warren.  Warren in side control.  Warren with a few elbows from the top late.  Warren 10-9

Second round:  Another takedown by Warren.  Warren working for an arm triangle.  Evinger gave thumbs up that he's okay.  Warren gave it up.  Warren now in full mount.  Warren working for a D'arce choke but gave it up.  Some fans are booing because Warren is turning this into a rough wrestling match.  Warren throwing knees to the body.  Warren just outwrestled him the entire round.  Warren 20-18.

Third round: Warren missed a spinning backfist.  Warren grabbed a bodylock.  Warren took him down again.  Warren moved to back position.  Warren back on top.  Warren just outwrestled him the entire round, very much a typical Jon Fitch style fight and win.  Warren won the fight and score has to be 30-27, not enough damage in every round but he last two rounds he was in complete control and first round he was mostly in control.

Scores:  All three have it 30-27.

"Crazy excited to win again under the Bellator banner. You never know what's happening in this cage, this sport is extremely rough."

"I'm real focused on getting another belt.  My waist is bare."

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