UFC live coverage from Macau

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Fukuda was originally trained by Riki Choshu as a pro wrestler who now trains at AKA in San Jose. 

First round: DeBlass throwing low kicks. Fukuda took him right down. Fukuda throwing hard body shots from the top. Crowd strongly behind Fukuda. But they cheered when DeBlass got back to his feet. Fukuda went for another takedown but couldn’t get it this time. DeBlass is doing the better in the stand-up. Fukuda got a second akedown with 34 seconds left. Fukuda 10-9

Second round: The crowd here is very into the ring girls. They didn’t bring in the UFC girls but instead used locals. They got a bigger reaction than the fight has. Fukuda moved into a clinch and throwing knees. Low kick and some punches by Fukuda and DeBlass back with punches. Nice right by DeBlass. Fukuda tied him up again. More knees. DeBlass broke free. Nice right by DeBlass. Fukuda moved in with a seris of punches and moved back in the clinch. Fukuda moved in and landing a series of punches. Closer round, but still have it for Fukuda so he’s up 20-18.

Third round: Jon Fitch is in Fukuda’s corner and told him he’s up 2-0 and that DeBlass is about to break. Fukuda moved in and is landing more. Now they are in a clinch and both guys landing from close range. Fukuda got another power bodylock takedown. Fukuda doing a workmanlike job of ground and pound. Fukuda working the body and a few head shots. The ref warning Fukuda, and then stood them up. Fukuda was working the entire time. Fukuda moved back into the clinch. Both trading blows. Fukuda tied him up and punching. . Fukuda landed a lot of shots. DeBlass coming back as time ran out. Fukuda’s round, should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Fukuda


First round: Lineker landing some good punches to the body. Urushitani using low kicks. Lineker knocked him down with a left hook with 25 seconds left. He’s trying to finish him now, but then composed himself and slowed down. Crowd loved this round. This is a very appreciative crowd that hasn’t booed anything. Lineker 10-9.

Second round: Urushitani landed a kick to the body. Lineker with a spin kick to the body. Urushitani back with a kick to the body. Lineker with body shots and hurt him with a right to the head. Lineker moving forward and landing hard shots. Lineker is hurting him with punches and Urushitani danced out of the way. Lineker with a kick to the boyd. Body shot by Lineker hurt him. Urushitani got poked in the left eye. Body kick by Urushtiani. Lineker landed a left and a body kick. Left by and low kicks by Lienker. Urushitani with a body kick. Lineker with hard low kicks. Lineker’s round again so up 20-18.

Third round: Lineker knocked him down again. Urushitani bleeding from the left eye after that shot. Big left by Lineker. Lineker with another strong rigtht and left. Lineker landed as Urushitani moved in. Good left by Urushitani and a body kick. Lineker landing big shots and chasing him down. Urushitani dancing away again. Lineker is an exciting fighter to watch in the flyweight division. Body kick by Urushitani but Lineker back with hard shots. Hard body shot by Lineker. Urshitani couldn’t get the tekdown. Urushitani landed a few. Urushitani moved in with a body kick. Left by Urushitani. Lineker’s round, has to win 30-27. Good fight.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28. The idea that Urushitani won a round is a complete joke.


First round: Tezuka working for a takedown, fought hard for it, but got it. Caceres immediately worked for a triangle. Tezuka moved out of guard. Crowd booing now as Tezuka is just holding him down. So much for this crowd not booing. Ref Marc Goddard stood them up and that’s with Tezuka in a dominant ground position. You can’t stand a guy up from there. Tezuka again going for a takedown. Caceres defended well. Caceres escaped and jumped on top. Caceres got his back. Caneres with a elbow from top. Caceres won the round but that’s only due to getting that gift standup 10-9.

Second round: Spin kick by Caceres. Caceres with a punch. Takedown by Tezuka. Caceres got back up. Low kick by Caceres. Caceres moved in with a knee. Tezuka moved in for a takedown. Tezuka moved in for a takedown attempt but Caceres landed some punches. Caceres 10-9 so 20-18 after two.

Third round: Tezuka knocked Caceres down although he was off balance and getting up when put down. Caceres up immediately. Fans are chanting Leroy, since Caceres nickname is Bruce leroy. Not much happened here but Caceres landing the jab. Tezuka not even going for a takedown. Tezuka’s eye started swelling. Tezuka grabbed a single leg but time is running out. Caceres threw an elbow. . Tezuka got the takedown in the last second. Closer round but Caceres really won this one as well so should win 30-27.

Scores: 29-28 Tezuka 30-27 Caceres 30-27 Caceres. There is some really fishy judging here but again the right guy won.


First round: Mizugaki landed a punch and got his eye poked but ref didn’t see it. Left by Mizugaki. Low kick by Mizugaki. Mizugaki landing several punches. Hougland working for a takedown but doesn’t have it. Mizugaki put him down. Hougland went for an armbar but Mizugaki landed several shots to the head. Mizugaki landing more punches. Mizugaki landing hard punches on the ground. Mizugaki landing more hard shots on the ground. Hougland working ahead and arm choke from the bottom. Mizuagkai out. Hagland to his credit keep working a submission game while getting punched in the head. He’s not a great fighter but he is a tough guy who can take a punch. Mizugaki with more pucnhes from the top. 10-9 Mizugaki.

Second round: Hougland went for a takedown but didn’t come close. Knee by Mizugaki. Elbow by Mizugaki standing. Mizugaki took him down. Hougland working from the bottom for submission attempts but doesn’t have them and is getting punched in the face. The ref warned Mizugaki or he’s going to stand him up. Mizugaki got his back. Mizugaki landing some punches from the top but nothing like the first round. The ref ordered a stand-up. That was at least legit because the action had slowed. Mizugaki landed a left hook. Hougland shot in but Mizugaki ended up on top once again. Not much happening. Mizugaki’s round so up 20-18.

Third round: Mizugaki landed a right that put him down but Hougland pulled guard to get it to the ground. Mizugaki landing punches. Hougland back to his feet. Mizugaki with punches and then powered Hougland to the ground. Ref stood them up again. Hougland went for the takedown but Mizugaki once again landed on top. Second and third rounds here have been boring. Mizugaki pounding on him and Hougland now bleeding from the left eye from an elbow. There’s a lot of blood. Mizugaki’s round 30-27. There is no way a judge can give Hougland a round. At this point I’m just begging for a finish.

Scores: 30-25, 30-27 and 30-27


First round: Flying knee by Tuck, but Zhang got the takedown with a back suplex that the crowd exploded for. Tuck working for an armbar. Zhang is in trouble. Tuck lost the move. Zhang working for an inverted triangle but Tuck got out. Now Tuck has Zhang’s back. Tuck moved to full mount and then got side control. Now he’s back in mount. Now he’s got Zhang’s back. Tuck working for a choke. Zhang defending well. Tuck with a body kick. Good round. Tuck 10-9

Second round: Tuck landed a left and a head kick. Zhang with a right. Hard left by Zhang. Both swinging wildly now. Left by Tuck and hard right by Tuck and Zhang then took him down. Tuck working for an armbar but Zhang defending well. Tuck reversed to the top. Tuck moved to full mount. Tuck got his back. Zhang defending well from that position. Tuck’s round 20-18.

Third round: Zhang landed three punches including a spinning backfist. Zhang swinging wildly and Tuck jabbing him. More jabs by Tuck. Zhang landing hard punches. Flying knee by Tuck. Good left by Zhang. Hard left by Zhang. Zhang landing a left and a right. Zhang with another hard left. Zhang needs a finish. Tuck back with a jab. Zhang landed a another left. Tuck back with jab but Zhang with a hard uppercut. Zhang got behind him as time ran out. Zhang’s round, good fight, best so far. 29-28 Tuck.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 for Tuck


First round: Gomi looks a lot bigger than Danzig. Danzig witha body kick. Gomi landed a right. Gomi landing more punches. Danzig landed a left. Danzig landed the jab and a knee from a clinch. Another knee by Danzig. Left by Gomi. Gomi with a takedown. Gomi landing some punches. Danzig with a front kick. Both trading. Danzig landed a nice left hook. Danzig got the takedown. And he’s punching on the ground. Danzig won the round in the closing seconds. Very close 10-9 Danzig.

Second round: In a clinch and Gomi landing several punches. Gomi moved in with a body shot. Left by Gomi. Hard left by Gomi. Danzig landing punches. Gomi landed to the body and head and Danzig right back. Very good round. Another left by Gomi. Good left by Danzig and now both landing good punches. Gomi landing good shots. Danzig back. Danzig with another takedown. Danzig grabbed a guillotine and Gomi is in trouble. Danzig once again won the round in the last minute. 20-18 Danzig.

Third round: Gomi knocked him down with a right. Now Gomi on top. Gomi throwing short hammer punches on the ground. Danzig and Gomi are both working for leg locks. Both working for figure four foot locks but Gomi punched him to break the hold. Danzig back to his feet. Gomi went for a takedown, missed and Danzig spun to Gomi’s back. Gomi back up right away. Gomi landing jabs. Good right by Danzig. Gomi called on him to bring it. Danzig tried a takedown but Gomi defended it. Uppercuts by Danzig from close range. Big left and right by Gomi. Good fight. Gomi’s round s 29-28 Danzig.

Scores: 29-28 Danzig 29-28 Gomi 29-28 Gomi. Some booing. Wrong guy won.


First round: Kim shot in for a single leg takedown. Thiago defending well. But Kim still got him to the ground. Kim got Thiago’s back. Kim keeping back position and punching. Kim going for a choke, but now punching the side of the head. Crowd booing. Kim again working for a choke but doesn’t have it. He’s working a neck crank in the closing seconds of the round. Crowd thought he was going to finish when time ran out. They were really with that last non-submission. 10-9 Kim.

Second round: Thiago went for a high kick. Kim moved in for an attempt at a judo throw. . He got a leg trip. Thiago working for a Kimura from the bottom. Kim with knees to the body on the ground. Slow round. Thiago nearly got up but was taken back down. Really boring round. Thiago to his feet. Kim tripped him back down. Kim working for a D’Arce choke just as the round ended. 20-18 Kim.

Third round: Body kick by Thiago. Front kick by Kim didn’t land. Kim missed a spinning backfist by about a mile and a half. Body kick by Kim. Body kick by Thiago. Kim got behind him and took him down again. Boring fight but Kim’s grappling game has been really good. Crowd booing. Kim punching from back position. Kim pounding on him. Kim throwing a lot of punches from back position. Kim landing a lot of punchces now He’s keeping the postion. Mongolian chops like crazy from the mount by Kim. Now Kim is just beating him up from back position. I’d go 10-8 in this round, so 30-26 overall. Don’t think judges will, tho.

Scores: 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27 for Kim.


First round: Nedkov moving in with punches. Now they are in the clinch. Silva throwing short punches and a knee. Both swinging like crazy. Neither had the edge. Knee by Silva. Left jab by Silva. Nedkov throwing wildly and landed a eft. Hard low kick by Silva. Nedkov in with a lot of punches and now going for a single leg takedown. Silva defending well. Knee by Silva Nedkov back with punches. Both swinging. Now Nedkov going for a takedown. Silva slapping the right ear. Close round. 10-9 Silva but Nedkov looks like he’s the one in better condition.

Second round: Low kick by Sivla and a low blow kick by Silva leading to a time out and warning. Nedkov grabbed a bodylock against the fence and Silva slapping the ear. Ref Steve Percival ordered a break from the clinch. Nedkov landed a few punches and moving in and trying for the takedown. Crowd booing them being stuck in the clinch. Nedkov landed a right. Silva with another groin shot and percival told him to continue fighting. That must suck. Nekdov moved Silva into the fence. Knees from clinch by Silva. Crowd booing. Body kick by Silva. Another body kick by Sivla. Low kick by Silva. Nedkov dropped him with a right with a 16 seconds left in the round. Nedkov doing damage on the round. That punch won the round for Nedkov so we’re even at 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Front kick by Silva. Silva landing jabs. Silva landed a lot of punches. Nedkov missed a punch. Silva landed several punches and took him down. Silva got a full mount. Elbow by Silva and he’s going for a head and arm choke. He’s got perfect position and Nedkov tapped out.


First round: Franklin looks a whole lot healthier today than yesterday when he looked like he got out of a concentration camp. Franklin landed a right. Franklin with a low kick. Le landed a right. Le with a slow spin kick. Franklin landed a left. Franklin landing a three punch combo. Le looks so much slower than ever. Le then knocked him out cold with a right hook right to the jaw countering a kick. What a perfect punch. Everyone has a chance when the perfect punch lands.  2:17

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