Feedback from UFC in Macau


Thumbs down
Best, tuck vs zhang 
Worst, dazing vs gomi
A looooooooooooooong ass boring show. Fight of the night, clearly, Jon tuck defeating zhang. It was literally the only fight people cared about. About 9000 in the building. Waaaaaawawawwwaay under capacity. Our tickets were move from a curtained off section to a dif section. About 6000 stayed til the main. The building was entirely unequipped for the demand of food and booze. Retardedly long lines. Super quiet show. Nobody got any reaction coming out. Mild response for the brazilians, and nedkov but only because his walk out song was  that stupid gong gon style song. That song was made by mitt Romney and the illuminati. Show was lame overall and peeps were thrilled about not having a 25 min main. Te show ended at 1:30 am local Macau time. A poor showing on all parts. Macau is not worth returning too. No one knew wtf UFC even was and Chung le was not over.

Name withheld

Hi Guys,
I gave the show a thumbs up. It was OK for a free show. Early morning but not as bad for those of you on the West coast.
Best Fight: Jon Tuck vs Tiequn Zhang
Worst Fight:Nedkov vs Silva
Best KO:Cung Le
Best Sub: Thiago Silva
Jeff Hougland  vs. Takeya Mizugaki -A solid performance by Mizugaki. Hougland wanted this fight on the ground but Mizugaki didn't mind that at all as his ground and pound was just to much for him. Houghland tried to get a few submissions from the bottom but whenever he did he just took more solid shots. Decent opener. 30-25 score though?
Jon Tuck  vs. Tiequn Zhang - Great fast paced first round. Zhang had great submission defense rolling out of that arm bar in the 1st. A really good grappling display by both early. 2nd & 3rd were also good rounds with Zhang really coming on in the 3rd and keeping it standing. Tuck 29-28 all the way here. 
Mac Danzig vs. Takanori Gomi - This decision could have gone either way. Danzig had the submission attempt and Gomi had the most damaging blow and I think connected on the most strikes. Gomi landed a lot more punches and was always pushing forward. Not sure of the mixed reaction in the crowd of the decision as I think Gomi won this fight taking the 1st & 3rd rounds.
Paulo Thiago vs. Dong Hyun Kim - Total domination for Kim here. Thiago could never get any offense started. Kim totally confident in the 3rd when he was unleashing with Mongolian chops..Killer Khan would have been proud.
Stanislav Nedkov vs. Thiago Silva - Not much of a fight, a lot of grinding on the cage. Nice submission for Silva to end it.
Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le - Too short of a fight to judge. Franklin's body sure looked different and it was a devastating KO.
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Have a great weekend.
Looking forward to GSP vs Condit next weekend.
Grant Zwarych
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