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Hi Dave 

I just got home in Hong Kong now, at 5:30 am, so please excuse the brainspill nature of this email :) This show started late (I believe they cut one of the prelim fights) and really felt like it dragged on FOREVER with all the decisions. I went to this show and UFC Japan, and this show felt 10 times longer, although I'm not sure which one was actually longer.

Crowd was very full even for the prelims, but they curtained off the two ends of the arena. After the first fight went to a decision and nobody booed, I was thinking this would be one of the better more 'intelligent' crowds. That was unfortunately not the case, although I don't blame them completely. I would never boo a fight, but I was really getting tired of all the decisions - and I mean literally tired. After sitting down for that long, a lot of people were exhausted by the time the main event started.

Tiequan Zhang got the biggest pop as a fighter (two finishes notwithstanding), but nobody was cheered as much as when they introduced Donnie Yen. Bruce Leeroy was also popular, and there was a good Korean crowd for Kim. Small groups of Brazilians were there as usual as well. Amazingly, Liddell didn't get the reaction you'd expect, but it's possible that people were just fatigued by the time they introduced him to the crowd.

Tezuka won people over with his pre-fight charisma and whacky japanese entrance with the hannya mask and shirt over his head. 

I thought Jon Tuck looked really good, considering he was in there with a guy with 20 pro fights on his record. Really confident, and looked like he was enjoying every minute of it. I don't think people appreciated that he cruised through the last round though, but I guess it's up to the fighter if they want to go for the decision win or not. On a card like this, really going for it like Thiago would have done a lot more for him I think.

Cung Le looked as shocked as anyone when Franklin went down. I have never seen anyone that emotional after a win. He said it was a "lucky punch" but then went on to explain his game plan which made it seem like he did exactly what he intended to do. 

Funniest part of the night for me was seeing Buffer come out before the show, waving to the crowd to get them to cheer for him.

Carl Nelson

Best Match: Urushitani/Lineker
Worst Match: Tezuka/Caceras
JD in the UK
Bit of a weird show with some matches being okay, but a lot being quite drawn out decisions, which hurt this- not good for keeping awake if you had to watch this in the US. (Thankfully in the UK this was shown mid-afternoon, perfect timing) Facebook fights were pretty good with Urushitant/Lineker and Fukuda/DeBlass being pretty fun openers, but it died from there with some brief highlights (Hougland/Mizyaki) although it was pretty unispiring when it seemed TNA had seeped into the MMA world, in the sense that you never seemed to get a finish. Le's KO was beautiful, lucky or no- and I'm happy for Cung to get a hometown moment. On a sidenote, what was with the rather large percentage of fighters doing random "COME AND GET ME" poses during fights? Also full marks to Tezuka's walk down with the weird mask and such.

Jamie Donovan

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