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Hello, everybody! Welcome to another edition of my WWE Superstars report on Hulu. This recap is for the November 8th show. We kick off the show with Matt Striker and Josh Matthews welcoming us as The Usos make their way towards the ring to kick off the show for the third week in a row, but this week is a singles contest.
Match #1:  Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso) -vs- Jinder Mahal (w/Heath Slater) 
They go to lockup, but Mahal catches Uso with a arm drag to kick things off. Uso is able to laugh it off, and they actually lockup this time. Uso quickly goes for a standing side headlock, and just as quickly, Mahal pulls him down by the hair. Uso is quick to his feet, and he slaps Mahal in the face. Uso chops Mahal into the corner, and attempts a whip into the opposite corner, but it gets reversed. Mahal  attempts to charge at him, but Uso hops out of the way, and to the 2nd rope. Mahal pulls Uso's foot, causing him to bounce the back of his head of the canvas. Mahal then starts kicking the hell out of Uso, and dropping several knees on him. He picks Uso up, and nails him with a short-arom clothesline. Mahal follows up with a cover, but only grabs a 2-count.
Mahal picks up Uso, and whips him hard into the corner. Uso crawls to the middle of the ropes, and Mahal drapes his leg across his the back of his head, choking him on the middle rope. Mahal picks Uso up, and signals that he is going to throw him over the ropes, but Uso reverses it. Uso goes to the apron, and jumps up with a flying shoulder tackle onto Mahal, then rolls him back in the ring. Uso starts to re-enter the ring, but is distracted by Slater. This gives Mahal the chance to nail him with a swinging neckbreaker. Mahal covers and hooks the leg, but gets only a 2-count. Mahal follows up with a headlock as we go to break...
Back from the break, Mahal drops a knee on Uso, covers, and gets just another 2-count. Mahal goes back to a headlock. Uso is able to get to his feet and fight out of it. Uso runs off the ropes, Mahal ducks, and catches a boot to the chest. Uso runs off the ropes again, but Mahal catches him with a back elbow. Mahal kicks Uso while he's down, and applies a chinlock. Uso is able to get to his feet, and executes a waistlock suplex. The referee lays the 10-count, and both men are up at 6. Uso whips Mahal off the ropes, and nails him with a clothesline. He catches Mahal with a second clothesline, and follows with a back sidekick to the gut. Uso whips Mahal to the ropes again, and catches him with a Samoan drop. Uso whips him into the corner, then charges Mahal, backside-first. Uso makes the cover, and earns a 2-count. Uso tries to follow up, but Mahal kicks him in the knee, forcing him back. Mahal then catches Uso with a running high-knee, makes the cover, and gets a 2-count.
A frustrated Mahal attempts to lock on the Camel Clutch, but Uso manages to back through Mahal's legs while holding his wrists, flips him over, and turns it into a pinning combination for another 2. Uso charges after Mahal, but gets caught with a bodyslam. Mahal covers, and gets another 2. Mahal attempts a Full Nelson, but Uso slides out of it, pushes him off the ropes, and nails him with a superkick. Uso climbs the ropes, and jumps 3/4 the way across the ring, nailing Mahal with a splash to win the contest!
Winner:  Jimmy Uso, with a Samoan Splash, at 7:23
-It's time for the Raw Rebound, as the A.J. Lee and John Cena saga continues. Bleh.
Match #2: Justin Gabriel -vs- Tensai      
It appears they will lock up, but Gabriel goes to the canvas, and attempts a leg sweep, to no avail, as Tensai simply kicks him in the head. Gabriel quickly gets to his feet, and grabs Tensai by the waist from behind. Tensai backs Gabriel into the corner, and delivers a couple of back elbows. He steps forward, turns around a charges, but Gabriel greets him with a pair of boots to the face, followed by a hard right. Tensai responds with a throat thrust, which sends Gabriel to the apron. Tensai attempts to bring him back inside, but Garbriel hits him with two shoulder blocks in the midsection, and jumps to the top rope, but Tensai simply shoves him off, sending Gabriel crashing to the outside mats. Gabriel is favoring his left ankle, but is able to get to his feet, only for Tensai to jump out of the ring, charge after him, and nail him with a running shoulderblock.
Tensai tosses the former tag team champion back into the ring, and drops an elbow on him. Tensai picks him back up, nails him with a forearm, and follows with a headbutt, sending Gabriel back to the canvas. Tensai picks Gabriel back up, and nails him with another headbutt, and follows with a quick elbowdrop. Tensai picks Gabriel back up and rams him head-first into the top turnbuckle. Tensai nails Gabriel with several headbutts until referee Jack Doan finally gets in between them. Tensai pulls Gabriel out of the corner, whips him into the ropes, and takes him down with a shoulderblock. Tensai picks up Gabriel by the left arm, and starts working on it, and driving his shoulder into Gabriel's. Still holding onto the arm, Tensai drops a leg, driving Gabriel's shoulder into the canvas. He then wrenches on the arm as we go to break.
Back from the break, Tensai is squeezing Gabriel's trapazoid. Gabriel is able to fight out of it, but Tensai pulls him back down by the hair. Tensai grabs him by the left arm again, sending Gabriel face-first into the mat, as Tensai drives his knee into the shoulder. Tensai scoops up Gabriel, and sends him back down with a bodyslam. He scoops him up a second time, but Gabriel slides out of it, and nails Tensai with a spinning kick. Gabriel gets to his feet, and Tensai greets him with a massive clothesline! Tensai goes for the first pinfall attempt in the match, and gets only a 2-count.
Tensai drags Gabriel to the corner, climbs to the 2nd rope, bounces off, and comes down hard with a splash, shades of Vader. Referee slides into position, and Gabriel kicks out at 2. Tensai picks up Gabriel for a powerbomb, but Gabriel uses the momentum, and turns himself around to turn it into a pinfall cover, earning a 2-count. Tensai charges after Gabriel in the corner, but Gabriel ducks out of the way, and Tensai hits the corner. Gabriel sneaks up behind him, rolls him up and gets the upset win! Although... is it really an upset when Tensai loses about every other match?
Winner: Justin Gabriel, with a a roll-up, at 6:41
-We close the show this week with the Brad Maddox/Ryback situation from Hell In a Cell. Bleh. I can't say the prospect of a Punk/Ryback/Cena match perks my interest too much either, as we head into the Survivor Series this month.
~Blackjack Parsons
Blackjack Parsons has been a fan of the wrestling business since 1983, and has been a referee on the indy scene since 1997. He has also written, promoted, and even wrestled from time-to-time. He is also a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and loves the fact that Alabama was knocked off of it's perch this week! Any comments or questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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