WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 11/10/2012

The Big News:  The Usos defeat the Prime Time Players and The Great Khali defeats Primo as Saturday Morning Slam takes a look at giant wrestlers.

Show Analysis:

This week’s show began with the host announcing that the main event of today’s show will be The Great Khali vs. Primo, but before that, the Usos will face the Prime Time Players.

The Usos defeated the Prime Time Players. Josh Matthews and Dolph Ziggler did commentary for this match. The beginning of the match focused on Darren Young’s comb. After Titus O’Neil brushed his hair, Jey Uso stole it from him, refused to return it, and tossed it out of the ring after tricking him. He then messed with Young’s hair a couple times. Young cried over what happened before tagging out. O’Neil appeared to take control, but after the Usos messed with his head by mocking his “Millions of Dollars!” taunt after he did it, the brothers once again dominated. PTP regrouped outside the ring when the show went to a commercial break.

After the break, a “Do Not Try This At Home” ad featuring AJ Lee (who was wearing a suit, not her ring gear) was shown. O’Neil was able to regain the momentum during the break. He and Young wore down Jey with submissions; O’Neil tried to squeeze the life out of him, while Young used a body scissors. An elbow drop by Young on Jey’s upper back was cut. Jey was able to tag out after O’Neil missed a 3-point stance charge into the corner. Jimmy was able to make the comeback, hitting Young with a Bubba Bomb and a Samoan Drop; he tagged in Jey, who hit a splash for the win. I thought it was a good match. It was a nice mix of comedy and back-and-forth action.

After the commercial break, John Cena (who was wearing his pink gear) was shown. He thanked all U.S. soldiers and veterans, calling them heroes. He asked the WWE Universe to join him in his support of the soldiers and veterans who fight to keep America safe.

This week’s Video Vault featured a look at the giants of the WWE. The first giant was The Great Khali; the host said that he’s very popular in his home country of India and “an international sensation around the world.” The second giant was the Big Show; a couple clips of his run as “The Giant” in WCW were among those shown, and the power of his punch was emphasized. The final giant was Andre the Giant; the host emphasized his place in history, and he also mentioned his appearance in the main event of WrestleMania III.

The Great Khali defeated Primo. Raw vs. Smackdown. Ziggler also did color commentary for this match. This was a comedy match; Primo repeatedly tried to match Khali’s strength and failed every time. Primo charged at him but was knocked down in midair. Epico suggested a test of strength. However, since Primo was too short to do it, he climbed to the top rope to do it; Khali easily threw him out of the ring onto Epico (though Primo mostly hit the floor). Epico came up with another plan; he would distract Khali while Primo would strike him from behind. Unfortunately for them, it failed, just like it did the last time they attempted it on this show.

Primo was finally able to hit his first successful move in the match (a dropkick into the corner), though Khali easily broke out of his submission attempt. Finally, Primo attempted to give him a bodyslam twice; on the second attempt, Khali fell on top on him and got the pin. Khali danced afterwards as Josh Matthews signed off. It was a decent comedy match that didn’t require Khali to do much.

Final Thoughts:

This wasn’t as good as some of the recent episodes, but it was still fine. My biggest criticism is the placement of the matches; personally, I would have reversed them, since the first match was much more competitive. However, it wasn’t a big problem.

The kids 6-11 rating for the October 27 episode was 0.7; I guess the CW’s return to Cablevision (3.3 million subscribers in the New York Tri-State area) didn’t make much of a difference.

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