Turning Point feedback

Hey Dave,

Best Match: Styles vs. Roode vs. Storm
Worst Match: Park vs. Director of Chaos

Bought the show on a whim after getting a call from a friend.  A few of them came over and we watched it.  It was enjoyable, everything was good but it isn't an event I will necessarily remember.

I didn't give feedback on BFG because I watched it a few days later but that was a great show, this was just a fun little show and probably the best Turning Point show since 2009.

Again every match was pretty good or at least entertaining.  Storm winning was a surprise, hopefully he wins the belt and that sets up Storm vs AJ at BFG 2013.

Show told a lot of stories, which seems to be the standard for B shows since McMahon and Bischoff went to 8-10 shows a year.

Might go to a friends house to watch Survivor Series next weekend.  Not sure, haven't watched a WWE TV show in forever.

Anyways keep up the great work guys.

Thumbs slightly up, good show, nothing memorable.

-Ryan McDeed

Hi Dave,
Thumbs up on the TNA Turning Point PPV.
Worst Match:  Eric Young and ODB vs. Tara and Jesse Godderz.  
Best Match:  Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries.  What an awesome ladder match.  Both wrestlers put forth their best effort tonight.  I would have to say that was TNA's match of the year.  There was some really crazy spots in that match, really made the PPV.
Thomas, Illinois (USA)

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