WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

November 12, 2012
Columbus, OH

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the Night!...
- Jerry Lawler returns to WWE Raw and we find out The Ryback's replacement on Team Foley.

We'll do it live! Tonight's Raw recap comes to you live on wrestlingobserver.com from the home of Ohio State University!

A John Cena narrated Veteran's Day video opened tonight's show, followed by the opening "Tonight on Raw" recap video.

Commentary: Jim Ross & Michael Cole

Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton
During the entrances, we saw a recap for the Del Rio vs Orton match last week on Smackdown. Vickie didn't come to ringside for this one, as she has more important things to do now. Maybe this will be a trend, and likely it is too early to tell, but I like the idea of starting Raw with a match. Sure, it may not be a rating's grabber, but it gets the live crowd and TV crowd right into the show. Anyway, Del Rio and Ricardo ran in after about three minutes to distract Orton. That plan failed, and Orton ducked the Namedropper to roll up Ziggs for the pin.

Del Rio and Ricardo then jumped Orton in the ring until Kofi Kingston made the save. Too bad Teddy Long isn't th... Wait, spoke too soon.

Teddy Long entered and, on behalf of Smackdown GM Booker T, restarted this match as a tag team match!

Match: Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio
Remember when Kofi leg dropped Orton through a table at MSG several years ago? That was fun. More fun than this match. Not that this was bad, because it wasn't. Kofi and Dolph had some fun together in there, and Orton has to like being on the same side as Kofi rather than having to wrestle him. There was a very close near fall at the end when Ziggler waited until the absolute last moment to make the save as Kofi was pinning Del Rio. Finish saw Orton beating on Dolph outside the ring, while Alberto countered Trouble In Paradise to hit a kick to Kofi's head in the corner. This was enough to pin Kofi, and Orton and Del Rio stared eachother down afterward as that rivalry continues.

Jerry Lawler's return is coming up!

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero were in the ring. Dolph said he was not out here to hide behind his former manager, but rather he is out for the truth! They replayed some of Vickie's evidence from last week on the AJ and Cena affair. Dolph mocked Cena for wearing his wrestling gear on a date. Vickie then grabbed the mic and invited AJ out to have one last chance to explain herself.

AJ walked out and went toe to toe with Vickie. AJ said she'd be lying if she admitted to an affair with Cena. Vickie kept prying, and AJ finally admitted it. This got zero reaction. AJ was starting to explain when she SWERVED Vickie, and said they were just friends. That got a better reaction. AJ blamed Vickie for being jealous of AJ's GM promotion back in July. AJ made a weight joke, because, you see, Vickie isn't a toothpick like AJ. Vickie said she had MORE EVIDENCE of an affair. Voicemails this time. Complete with subtitles, Vickie played a voicemail AJ left for 'John.' AJ denied she left the voicemail. Vickie played another one. AJ looked confused, then mad. Voicemail #3, where AJ says to the mystery person that they should be together. Well, guess it was John, as AJ accused Vickie of hacking into Cena's phone. Ziggler told AJ to stop hiding the truth.

This brought out the adulterer. He wanted at Dolph, but AJ stood between them. AJ then slapped Dolph and that was it.

Backstage, after commercial, John Cena was consoling AJ. Cena said he was sorry Vickie was harrassing her over something that never has and never would happen. AJ took question to him saying "never would."

Match: William Regal vs Big Show
Not looking good for Mr Regal here. Big Show won quick with a poor looking chokeslam. Regal's chest was quite bruised from chops. Show was going to deliver WMD afterwards, but Sheamus came out and made the save.

Match: Layla vs Kaitlyn for #1 Contendership to Diva's Championship
Eve came out during commercial for commentary. Four pin attempts in a minute. Kaitlyn won with the death drop in un minuto to become top title contender.

A video recap of Jerry Lawler's heart attack, complete with never before seen and heard video and audio, played. Lawler's return is up next.

Michael Cole and Jim Ross, in the ring, warmly introduced Jerry Lawler. Lawler, with his voice not fully returned to normal yet, thanked everyone for the response. Lawler became emotional very quickly, and talked about living out "It's a Wonderful Life" over the last months. This part, especially live, came across so well. It's amazing Lawler is where he is just two months after being dead for ten minutes.


CM Punk interrupted Lawler's speech, walking out with Paul Heyman. Lawler took his place at ringside to join commentary during Punk's entrance. Punk told Jerry that he was smart to leave the ring, because Punk would have beaten Lawler to death had he stayed. That's cruel. Punk took issue again with Jerry Lawler's disrespectful behavior of getting into the ring at 62 years old. He also blamed Lawler for stealing Punk's spotlight with his heart attack. He then went into hard sell mode for Survivor Series. Jerry Lawler then spoke up and said that the only thing on life support is Punk's title reign. Paul Heyman then, in a very odd segment, pretended to have a heart attack. Punk put up the X and sold along. Lawler was not amused.

Mick Foley came out next. Jim Ross left commentary, by the way, as we had Lawler take his place. Foley pointed out Punk's lack of respect for everyone, while still wanting respect from everyone. He then announced that #RAWactive will be the WWE Universe picking the last member of Team Foley at Survivor Series. He talked about not being happy that the Survivor Series match was changed last week, but looks forward to Punk being taught a lesson on Sunday via The Ryback and John Cena. To the dismay of Punk, Foley announced himself as the guest enforcer for tonight's main event - Punk vs Cena.

Backstage, after break, CM Punk told Paul Heyman to "fix it," referring to every problem he has.

Match: Primo & Epico & D-Young & Titus ONeil vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd & Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
Rey worked a lot of this match, while the heel team tagged in and out pretty quickly. The first hot tag of the match came 8 minutes in with Kidd relieving Rey. Kidd had momentum early, including hitting a blockbuster on Darren Young. Then, all hell broke loose with high spots galore. When the dust settled, Rey hit a 619 followed by Gabriel's 450 splash on Young for the win in ten minutes. Rey and Sin Cara mocked the Prime Time Player's dance in the ring after the match.

First half of the show is over and it has not been boring at all. We've had Lawler's emotional return, some good tag action, quick build to the world title match at Survivor Series, and a good Foley promo.

Backstage, Paul Heyman told Brad Maddox to take a walk with him.

A vignette aired for the impending debut of Fandango.

Backstage, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler argued. Dolph put down Miz, then Foley appeared and Dolph put him down, too. Miz asked Foley to put him on the ballot for the Team Foley fan voting, which Mick approved. This segment also produced the 5th Member & Kane vs Team Rhodes Scholars for later.

Santino, Zack Ryder, and Miz were the choices for Team Foley's final member.

Match: R-Truth vs Tensai
Antonio Cesaro cut a promo before the match calling Truth, and the USA, a joke. Aside from that win over John Cena early in his current run, Tensai has done nothing. That's unfortunate, but not surprising. This was a slow match, featuring more Albert chants and more Tensai big man power wrestling. Cesaro was on commentary promoting his US Title defense against Truth on Sunday. As for the match, Truth overcame some early butt kicking to hit his finisher on Tensai for the win in a few minutes. After the match, R-Truth told a Knock-Knock joke and said he'd win the title on Sunday.

A WWE '13 vignette aired with a simulation of Ryback vs Maddox. Most wrestlers look bigger in video games, jacked out beyond realistic belief. Not Ryback, as he somehow looks smaller.

Backstage, Brad Maddox, with a personal photographer, was walking to the ring for his match.

Recap: The AJ Lee-John Cena voicemails from earlier. Jerry Lawler's return, and Punk's interruption. Mick Foley and CM Punk's confrontation.

Match: The Ryback vs Brad Maddox
In one of the funnier Raw moments of the year, an ambulance backed up into the arena during Brad Maddox's entrance. Brad did a full entrance, except to no music. That was great. A small "Do your best" chant broke out, but that was drowned out by The Ryback's entrance.
More hilarity, as a stretcher was brought to ringside. Maddox quickly ran out of the ring when the match began, and was slow to get back in as he was quite scared and concerned. When he finally got in, Ryback stalked him and caught Maddox trying to bail again. Ryback squashed the poor kid a bit, pounding him into the mat and tossing him from post to post. After the man beast was done toying with his prey, he powerbombed Maddox thrice ala Brock Lesnar's debut with Spike Dudley. Ryback followed that up with the meat hook clothesline and Shellshock for the easy win. Thankfully for Brad, medical attention was quick. Not thankfully for Brad, Ryback wasn't done. Ryback overturned the stretcher Maddox had been placed on, clotheslined him, and carried him to the ambulance. The crowd cheered Ryback's heroics as the pasty Maddox was sent to the hospital. This came off like a legitimate burial of Maddox.

Match: Sheamus vs David Otunga
Not much to this one. Sheamus squashed David, finishing him off with the Brogue Kick. At least it was fast. Sheamus told Big Show that he'd win the title back on Sunday.

Backstage, Big Show was beating up William Regal, finally delivering a WMD. Sheamus ran to the back in anger.

Backstage, Josh Mathews says that Regal has a possible concussion.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan wanted to talk to Kane. Bryan was jealous that Kane was teaming with somebody else tonight.

Match: Rhodes Scholars vs Kane & Team Foley's 5th Member
The Miz won with 60%, so he's on Team Foley. Face turn complete already, apparently. Daniel Bryan interrupted Miz' entrance. Bryan wanted in the match, while everyone else was telling him to get out. This saddened Daniel. Bryan even tried to join the commentary team, but there was no seat for him. What a fall from grace. This crowd was lukewarm on Miz early, but got behind him as the match went on. Kane and Miz started off on top, but a Daniel Bryan distraction of Miz allowed Cody to hit his disaster kick for a Rhodes Scholars advantage. When Kane got control again, Bryan was his cheerleader at ringside. Bryan did not play well with Miz however, and even tried to throw Miz into an attack from Cody. Miz reversed, whipping Bryan into Cody. Miz then threw a dazed Cody into the awaiting chokeslam from Kane, which allowed the new teammates to get the victory.

Main Event: John Cena vs CM Punk
Mick Foley was outside the ring as special enforcer for this match.

There were spots in this match I would not have expected seeing tonight, like Punk going twice off the tope rope to the mats on the outside hitting a double axe-handle on Cena. After two weeks of overseas travel, and a PPV in six days, that was unexpected. Back and forth nearfalls consumed the final few minutes. Punk missed his top rope elbow, but Cena missed his five knuckle shuffle as well. After some more reversals later, Cena found himself in a submission. John found his way to the ropes, though, and after a Punk miss off the rope John got a submission of his own. That ended when Paul Heyman tried to interfere, but Foley took care of that. Later, John reversed GTS into another STF. Punk barely survived to the ropes, and tried to bail. Ryback appeared, sending Punk squirming back to the ring. Cena landed an AA to pin Punk, and then faced off with The Ryback in the ring.

The two grasped at the WWE title belt to close the show.

Final Thoughts: I liked this show. Nothing boring, and the Lawler return was newsworthy. Almost everything on the show had something to do with Survivor Series, and was done positively, also. Survivor Series came off stronger tonight than it was going in, and that's the goal.

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