More feedback to the angle on Raw last night

I seem to appreciate most of what people appreciate and get pissed at the stuff people get pissed at, but this really didn't faze me. In fact, when Lawler was speaking, I actually hummed C.M. Punk's entrance music to my wife, because I just knew something was happening. Then the music hit, and there he was. It's pro wrestling, and that's what happens in pro wrestling. I felt like they said, "Well, Linda lost. No sense behaving now." And I really don't think they care what he detractors might think.
Having said all of that, I can definitely see sponsors getting turned off by this. To Vince, it will be this that will determine whether they pushed things too far. But if sponsors aren't bothered, AND with Linda being out of the political picture, I wouldn't be surprised if they push things - not just this - even farther. Anything to pump some life back into this thing.
Keep up the good work,
Kevin Witt

I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the Punk/Heyman heart attack angle. My initial reaction was "how flippin' tacky!" Really, WWE? You have to get cheap heat on Punk and Heyman by making light of the fact that Jerry Lawler had a heart attack and was clinically dead!? This is why no one in the "main stream" takes WWE seriously. Punk and Heyman are both talented enough to cut promos that would get them "heel heat". If they wanted heat on Punk, couldn't he just have interrupted Lawler's big return and talk about how awesome he is? That he's the one that should have the spotlight, not Lawler? I'm sure there could have been a smooth transition between interrupting Lawler, Punk bragging, and Foley telling off Punk without having to make fun of Lawler's incident.
I understand that they were trying to portray Punk and Heyman as the dastardly, evil villians. But was the sophomoric behavior they were scripted to exhibit really necessary? At the end of the day, what did this accomplish? Nothing. Of course Foley and Punk's promo was well done (as usual), but overall couldn't they have just focused on Punk demanding respect and Foley putting him in his place? Did this convince me - on the go home show - to buy Survivor Series? To quote Bryan Alvarez, "NO BUYS!!!!"
Also, that half-hearted, scripted "apology" from Micheal Cole proves that Vince McMahon knew that what he greenlit last night would ruffle some feathers. Why script someone to apologize if there's nothing wrong with what's being said or done? Expecting fans to suspend their disbelief does not mean having carte blanche to put increasingly tasteless angles on television.
I have been a long time supporter of the WWE and I've suffered through some tasteless angles on my television screen (Can we say HHH, the mannequin, and the coffin?). But this was sheer "ridiculousness." With that being said, sadly, I'm not surprised that the WWE would do such an asinine thing as this ludicrous heart attack angle in the first place.
Thank you for reading,
Sheena Ryant

Hi Dave, First off I actually only watched Raw from 9-11 and it was the best Raw since going 3 hours. Maybe people should just skip the first. Anyway as soon as Lawler came out and talked I just knew that people would say this is a great raw moment. I was hoping for weeks the WWE would turn this into some angle and I popped when CM Punks music hit. I said YES! there gonna do something. Now I know everyone is SOO damn sensitive about everything but I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE that Lawler came up with the Heyman thing. It's something Lawler and Heyman would do and something Lawler would think is "good for the business" to help get more heat for a young guy. I LOVED it because they REALLY crossed the line for the 1st time in like 8 years. If it offends people...okay, sometimes offending people is good. In general last nights Raw from the regular 2 hours was kind of more of a TV-14 show so I liked it. Anyway even in a kayfabe wrestling character sense Lawler has said many offensive thing and even made fun of peoples death so get over it. No one is gonna stop watching Raw or stop buying the pay per view. The audience is where it is and the audience does whatever WWE tells them in thee end. I do understand that the angle was over the line but everyone who hates PG WWE is reacting in a PG way of being so shocked and supposedly disgusted. But in typical wrestling fashion the angle will lead to nothing after a few weeks im sure.

Xavier Nowlin

I knew it was coming...didn't we all? After all, WWE hardly ever passes up an opportunity to be tasteless- after all, its just tv, right?
Alot of their mentality spawns the "media mentality" of when young men die, & nothing is done to prevent it- after all, its just "rasslin".....everythings fake,right?
I watched The Lawler segment this morning,after hearing about it- I generally watch very little of their shows anymore, not because its "passed me by" but because they do very little interesting anymore- which shows in their ratings,buyrates,etc.
While I agree that its was pretty tasteless( standard fare?) this was in no way shape or form an attempt to recreate the Fritz angle from 1987- this was simply a couple of heels taking it too far; it was obvious that Heyman was "working"....and at no time did they attempt to convince anyone, thru the use of stretchers,EMTs,etc coming to the scene & wheeling Paul out...they were mocking a sympathetic babyface.
I sometimes can't help but laugh at the fickleness of wrestling fans-everyone complains about you cant "get heat" on guys anymore, that the promos are too scripted,PG content (all of which is true) but then,the promotion decides to "push the envelope", then what happens next? Backlash.
CM Punk is a heel- Jerry Lawler the sympathetic babyface. The biggest problem I see here is that, once again, WWE just used it as a cheap heat moment, while developing nothing for the rest of the show, nor for this coming Sunday....which speaks volumes.
Its hard to believe that the same man who used to plan his top 3 angles for Wrestlemania a year in advance can no longer see an idea thru a 3 hour tv show....and just throws things together that have no meaning just because the live crowd might react RIGHT NOW.
Maybe, just maybe (health permitting?) Lawler could have been made Special Guest Ref.. Or announced as being in Cena or Rybacks corner? He wasn't even relevent after they got their cheap pop (which was lukewarm at best) wonder this stuff isn't good anymore- they forget the babyface(s) have to triumph in the end...
Just one mans thoughts...thanks for reading.
Shane Heimberger

It used to be that a heel would pull a dastardly trick and the fans would hate him.  Greg Valentine broke Wahoo's leg. Sir Oliver Humperdink put his cigar out in Mr. Florida's eyes.  Randy Savage crashed a ring bell into Ricky Steamboat's throat.

Wrestling has never been the bastion of good taste.  It will never win a Peabody Award, honored at The Lincoln Center,  or seen on PBS.

But there is something blatantly obvious that the brain trust at WWE is missing.   When you tell your audience that this is sports entertainment,  you take the heat off of your performers and put it on the company.

Nobody is upset at CM Punk or Paul Heymann.  The heat is on a management that made the call.  People don't want to pay more to see Punk get his comeuppance,  they want to pay less to support a tone deaf company. 

WWE, the genie is out of the bottle.   The company no longer has to deal with the taxes and red tape of state athletic commissions.  But in exchange, WWE needs to realize that now in most fans minds every show is not about the individual.  It's about the company.  Any heat doesn't reflect badly on CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler, it lays at the feet of Vince McMahon.

When WWE accepts this reality,  hopefully they will stop taking real life feel good moments and tarnishing them for quick, cheap heat.

That said, looking back at Katie Vick, HLA, brother and sister incest, it could have been a lot worse.

Jim Valley

Hi Dave,
Last night on Raw was one of the most classless segments i have ever seen. I can't believe the video package they put together, & the angle that followed. They turned a genuine moment for Jerry "The King" Lawler into a cheap heat angle. Absolutely sickening. I've had enough. From the constant burial of Jim Ross, the jokes at the expense of Vickie Guerrero, & now this. I don't know what audience this show is aimed at anymore. I feel bad for today's young wrestling fan, they'll never get to really see how great wrestling used to be. I'll still follow the observer & support everything you, Bryan Alvarez & everyone involved do to make this website so great.
At 37 years old, i',m tuning out. Thanks Dave.
Andrew Varela


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