WWE Main Event TV report

WWE Main Event TV report


Airdate: November 14, 2012


by Chris Aiken | @lariatrope


Synopsis: Team Hell No defend their tag team championships against Rhodes Scholars plus Santino Marella and David Otunga in a singles match.


WWE Main Event opened with the usual video packages and pyro before Michael Cole welcomed viewers to the program and noted the show originated from Cleveland, Ohio, which is the hometown of The Miz, who joined Cole for commentary. This was the house Miz built according Miz himself and he also said he was Cleveland’s favorite son. This was the second week in a row the show opened with the announcers at ringside and not in the ring like past episodes.


They recapped the dissension between Team Hell No from Monday Night Raw that also involved Miz and he said Daniel Bryan was jealous of the chemistry himself and Kane had during their match on Raw. Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Team Hell No and they argued over Bryan’s supposed jealousy while they also did their usual bickering over who was the tag team champions. Kane was angry and walked out which allowed Rhodes Scholars to jump Bryan from behind and they beat on him.


A video package aired that highlighted Team Hell No and transitioned into focusing on the feud with Rhodes Scholars then the challengers made their way to ring. Before the champions entrance, they cut to a commercial break and Team Hell No made their entrance after the break. Cole said Bryan was medically cleared to wrestle despite being attacked backstage but said the champions had to be at a disadvantage in tonight's match. Bryan was selling the beating but he and Kane jumped Team Scholars before the bell and cleared the ring.


Match: Kane & Daniel Bryan b Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow to retain the tag team titles


Kane and Rhodes started the match and Kane got most of the offense by overpowering Rhodes before tagging Bryan who tried to apply a submission but stopped and sold his rips from the earlier beating. He tagged Kane and held Rhodes for Kane to deliver a blow but Rhodes ducked and Kane hit Bryan, who was upset and argued with Kane. He shoved Bryan down to the mat but felt bad so he offered to help Bryan get up. Before he could, Rhodes hit a dropkick that knocked Kane outside the ring and Sandow rammed Kane into the ring post before they faded to a commercial break.


After the break, Sandow had Kane in a headlock but quickly tagged Rhodes and they worked over Kane. Rhodes hit a moonsault that many viewers probably missed because of a split screen showing the backstage attack from earlier. Kane gave Rhodes a back body drop but Rhodes did not get all the way over on the rotation and took an ugly bump on his shoulder and the side of his head. It looked painful but he stayed in the match though and Bryan tagged in, nailed Rhodes with kicks and hit a clothesline before climbing to the top rope. He missed a diving headbutt, allowing Sandow to tag in and he threw Bryan outside the ring. At one point he covered Bryan's head with the ring apron and beat on him before they cut to a commercial break.


Sandow continued to get heat on Bryan but tried a superplex from the second rope and Bryan shoved him off and hit a missile dropkick. Kane finally got the hot tag and ran wild on Sandow, hit his clothesline off the top rope and gave him a chokeslam. Bryan tagged in, climbed to the top rope and hit the diving headbutt for the pin and Team Hell No retained their tag team titles.


Following the match, Matt Striker interviewed the champions at ringside and Kane told Bryan to make amends with Miz, who walked up and extended his hand for Bryan to shake it but Bryan refused like a toddler would a nap. He did not want a handshake, he wanted the two to hug instead. He angrily shouted at Miz to hug him. Miz wanted no part in hugging and went back to the broadcast booth. Team Hell No left and nobody got any love.


A commercial aired hyping the world title match at Survivor Series and another aired for WWE ’13 video game featuring CM Punk but it was different than the one that has been airing for weeks. A video package was shown recapping the Brad Maddox controversy and hyping the triple threat title match. In more hype, Cole conducted an interview with Dolph Ziggler who said his team has a leader that will not quit on them and he claimed Foley picked the worst team because nobody can get along. Miz interrupted Ziggler and they shouted at each other until Miz challenged him to match on next week’s Main Event which was accepted.


Santino Marella came out the ring for his match but they went to commercial, which featured an ad for the new NWO DVD.


Match: Santino Marella b David Otunga


After the break, the match was joined in progress and Otunga had Marella in a head scissors but Santino escaped and hit a few arm drags and barred the arm. Otunga countered with a simple punch and later, in cocky heel fashion, attempted a pin cover by putting his boot on Santino’s chest then flexed for the crowd. They were not impressed and Santino kicked out. Otunga keeping hitting Marella in the gut but missed a shoulder tackle in the corner and Santino used a hip toss and pulled out the cobra. The cobra struck and Marella covered Otunga for the pin.


Just before the show ended, next week’s match between Miz and Ziggler was plugged and the show came to a close.


Final thoughts: The featured match this week was one of the weaker main events featured on the show but was a good, entertaining match. Still, after the first show featured a WWE champion vs. world champion match, the ensuing weeks feature matches with less and less importance. Despite that, this is still a good basic wrestling program that tends to focus mainly on just the matches which sets it apart from the rest of WWE programming. The featured match is usually given plenty of time and this is an enjoyable show. Maybe more WWE shows can be like this.   


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