WWE NXT TV report

November 15, 2012
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “Don't forget to read my first ever induction on WrestleCrap.com this weekend!” Witner

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Here's what you need to know about NXT:

-They have a champion, it's Seth Rollins, aka the former Tyler Black. His top challenger is Jinder Mahal.

-NXT is an alternate universe from WWE where Mahal and Drew McIntyre are not in a band.

-The Uso's and The Ascension have a nonstop feud because they are the only two teams on NXT.

-Kassius Ohno and Richie Steamboat are feuding. Why? Well it was never really explained why Kassius doesn't like Richie.

-Big E. Langston refused to go to Raw with Vickie Guerrero, so she put a $5,000 bounty on his head.

-The insanely popular Paige and Audrey Marie are the only two NXT Diva's and depending on the week they are either trying to team up to prove they are better than the WWE Diva's or attacking each other.

-Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper (Husky Harris and Brodie Lee) have formed a weird family.

And that's everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

-We start the show backstage where Tony Luftman interviews #1 Contender Jinder Mahal. Mahal promises to win the championship and runs down the nobody he beat last week.

In walks that nobody, Bo Dallas, who challenges Jinder to a match. Despite having a scheduled title match, Jinder agrees to the match with Bo. Bo continues on by saying if he is such a nobody and is so easy to beat, then Jinder should put his title shot on the line. Despite many years of wrestling history telling him this never ends well, Jinder still agrees to put the title shot on the line.

Great, now NXT is stealing TNA storylines.

Match #1
The Ascension vs Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson

We head into the arena where Yoshi Tatsu is still alive! Yoshi hasn't been seen much since his excellent series of matches last year with Tyson Kidd.

Conor O'Brien has shaved his head since his last appearance and he proves that he is not Sampson. Ascension picks up the win in a quickie when Kenneth Cameron pinned Yoshi with the Fall Of Man, which is their version of Total Elimination.

Winners: The Ascension
Time: 2:52

-Backstage Aksana runs into Layla, who happens to be backstage. Aksana says she likes Layla's hair because it makes her hair look so much better.

Layla and Aksana make fun of each other for a while and appear to make a match for later.

Match #2
Corey Graves vs Oliver Grey

Corey at least looks different than most, wearing jeans and being heavily tattooed, which does stand out on NXT, believe it or not.

I just noticed that NXT has the pink rope for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know I don't always notice these things, but I don't remember ever seeing it on NXT before.

The highlight being Corey choking Oliver in the ropes for a 7 count, but still breaking before the 5 count.

Anyhoo, Corey destroys Oliver's knee and wins quickly with a rolling leg lock.

Winner: Corey Graves
Time: 4:11

-After going back in time, there was not a pink rope for the opener. Hmmmm....it's like they are editing together matches from different shows.

-Tony Luftman introduces “our favorite” Big E. Langston. Well he is the only Big E. Langston, so by definition he is our favorite.

Tony asks about the bounty Vickie put on his head because he decided to stay on NXT instead of going to Raw.

Big says he is worried for anyone to try to cash in on the bounty. He says the E stands for “the end of everyone who stands in the ring with him”. Yeah, E is quite short.

Anyhoo Big starts chanting 5, so Camacho runs in from behind, hits a clothesline and runs away. Why didn't he continue beating him down to collect the 5,000? I have no idea either.

Match #3
Layla vs Aksana

The pink rope returns for this match. This is far from the first time that they have edited matches from different tapings together. It's just not usually this obvious.

Layla was the winner of the 2006 Raw Diva Search, while Aksana finished fourth in the diva season of NXT.

This match was not the worst thing ever....but it sure as hell would have been much better had it been three minutes shorter.

Layla won with a Mirko Cro Cop high kick.

Winner: Layla
Time: 5:21

That is the only time Layla has ever been compared to Mirko Cro Cop.

-Earlier today we had Bray Wyatt preaching his word in the woods to his congregation, which consists of Luke Harper.

Bray asks how do we stop him, how do we stop something like him, how do we stop something that cannot be destroyed? If we are looking for him we should look in the skies and follow the buzzards.

Match #4
Roman Reigns vs Chase Donovan

Sika, Jr is back. Where is Bronson when you need him?

If you think my comparison between Layla and Mirko was bad, the announcers compare Roman to LeBron James. Roman with the Samoan Nerve Hold that all Samoan's use, where they lean down on their opponent's shoulder.

Roman with a diving clothesline that he got some really good hang time on, before winning his match with a Back Suplex into a Uranage.

Winner: Roman Reigns
Time: 2:36

Roman orders ring announcer Byron Saxton to announce him as “The Thoroughbred” Roman Reigns.

Match #5
#1 Contender's Match
Jinder Mahal vs Bo Dallas

Will Jinder pull a James Storm and lose his title match the first chance he gets? To be fair Mahal would also have to get a title shot in Punjab, India, lose and then lead the Bound For NXT Series only to lose that too.

Jinder is said to demand obedience from his opponents. If that is the case, why doesn't he just order them to lay down and let him score the pin without bothering to wrestle?

The story of this match is Bo is stronger, faster and arguably more skilled, but Jinder would use cheap shenanigans to take the advantage.

Next week we will have in ring action by both Paige and Bray Wyatt. Maybe they are wrestling each other? That would be interesting.

Bo nearly picked up the win on several occasions with surprise roll ups, but Mahal kicked his leg out of his leg and worked over the neck and back of Dallas.

Bo fought back with a wacky hip toss into a power slam for a near fall, but Bo Speared the middle turnbuckle.

Mahal slapped on the Camel Clutch and turns out to be better than James Storm as he retained his top contender spot with a tap out.

Winner: Jinder Mahal
Time: 9:00

After the match Mahal kicked Bo in the ribs, before Seth Rollins got in his weekly 30 second appearance, as he ran in to make the save for Bo.

-That is it for this week. See ya next week and don't forget to read my induction of NXT Season 3 on WrestleCrap.com!

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