OVW TV report 11-14 Louisville

By Jimmie Daniel

Here is the report for Ohio Valley Wrestling episode 691 which was taped 11/14. This episode is available for your viewing pleasure at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/691

We begin with ring announcer Terry Boddie in the back awaithing the arrival of OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash, who was viciously attacked at the end of last week's show. TPT says it's going to be unfortunate for the person who did it and he will find out who it is tonight!!

Off to the announce table, where we find Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus ready for the opener.

Match #1: "The Mascara Mafia" (Paredyse & Brandon "Espy" Espinosa vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Best Team Ever" ("Mr. Pectacular" Jesse Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) in a non-title match
Announcers bring up that OUR OVW Champion Crimson has a "family emergency" and is absent tonight. Espy appears to have Hello Kitty on the front of his trunks, while Paredyse is kitty-free tonight. The attack on TPT then dominates the discussion, Titus thinks TPT has made questionable decisions so there are lots of suspects. The supposed dissention among the tag champs is then brought up, although they have managed to keep winning. Espy gets pushed off the top turnbuckle by Switchblade and BTE isolates Espy through the commercial break. Espy shoves Godderz into Switchblade and we get TAGS!! Paredyse gets in and makes the champs crash into each other a couple of times before he and Switchblade clothesline each other. BTE argue among themselves and Godderz walks off to the curtain but returns to break up a double legsweep. BTE then hits a 3-D move on Paredyse for the pin. Titus suggests that BTE staged their dissention to swerve the Mafia.

Off to TPT's office where he and OUR OVW Beverage Director Ms. Josette Bynum are with Jack Black. TPT wouldn't be surprised if Black knows who did it. Black denies any knowledge. Josette assures TPT they will find out, together! Josette then offers TPT some coffee (if she was doing something to his coffee, wouldn't TPT have built up a tolerance to it by now?).

After break, it's back to the office where TPT has interrogated The Wildcards (Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze) and they leave only to bump into Rob Terry, who shoves them aside but tells them he will get them in the ring later. Down the hall, we find Dylan Bostic and Taeler Hendrix, who says she has procured a referee's license and is wearing a ref-style bikini top to celebrate.

The POW (Platoon of Wayne-Jason Wayne, Jack Black, and OUR OVW TV Champ Joe Coleman) come out. Wayne says James "Moose" Thomas made the biggest mistake of his life when he attacked the Platoon! Wayne needs manpower to win a war and introduces a new member "The Notorious K-I-D" Kid Kash!!

Match #2: Kid Kash (w/the Platoon of Wayne) vs Elvis Pridemore
Kash attacks and chops, which Dean compares to a Howitzer. Elvis gets a smidge of offense in but Kash hits the Moneymaker for the quick pin.
The Platoon then assembles for the Pledge of Allegiance, which is altered to "the United States of Wayne" and "one nation under Wayne".

Back to the office with Team Gut Check (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) being interrogated. They deny doing it but offer to help. They leave and encounter BTE, who mock them.

Time for the part of the show you've all been waiting for: "The Mix Tape" with Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger!!!!
They nominate "Pink Dynamite" Dylan Bostic for "Suckah of the Week" but the winner is OUR OVW Champion Crimson!!! They say Crimson was "holding a brother down" in reference to Rob Terry, who they compare to Rosa Parks (because he worked his way from the back of the contenders list to the front). So Crimson is "Weasley, Carrot Top, Squiggly Lined Tattooed Suckah of the Week". Diamond pulls his jacket off to reveal a tight pink Avengers t-shirt, which Danger cracks on him for it being pink although Diamond says it's really salmon-colored "because Kanye wears salmon".

Match #3: The Wildcards (Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze) vs Rob Terry in a handicap match
Dean suggests Titus might be a future "suckah of the week", lol. Lamotta chopblocks Terry at the bell and the Wildcards do much leg-working. Terry eventually arises and dishes out some lariats, chucking Jonze out and powerslamming Lamotta for the pin.
Sore loser attack! Jonze runs back in with a pipe and whacks Terry in the leg repeatedly.

More interrogations! TPT yells as the camera pans over to Ted McNaler & Brittany Devore. McNaler is really defensive as he thinks the questions are in reference to the "rocket fuel". Tony Gunn and "Ralphie" come in. Gunn denies any involvement but is not so sure about "Ralphie". Josette assures TPT that they will find the attacker together.

Taryn Terrell and OUR OVW Womens Champion Heidi Lovelace are chatting in the locker room when Taeler Hendrix appears. Taeler facepalms both then says if Taryn is a better wrestler than her, she should face Heidi. Taeler then puts Heidi up to defending the title. When they both agree to this, Taeler reveals her ref top, saying she will be a better ref than Taryn.

POW is out again (minus Kid Kash). Wayne says he is a World War 2 veteran?

Match #4: OUR OVW TV Champion "Charismatic Commando/Master of the Universe/Jackknife" Joe Coleman (w/Jason Wayne & Jack Black) vs Jamin Olivencia
Jamin gets a nice reception on his return to OVW. Cliff Compton comes out on crutches and carrying what he calls "the real OVW TV title belt". Dean accuses him of stealing it from Danny Davis' office, which Compton denies. Compton says doctors told him his foot looked like it had went through a woodchipper. Compton says he never lost a match, was never pinned, therefore his is the TV Champ. In the match, Wayne yanks Olivencia's legs from under him and posts him groin-first. This brings out Paredyse and Espy to chase away Wayne and Black while Compton say both wrestlers in the ring are paper champions. Coleman throws Olivencia over the top rope and gets disqualified (haven't seen that in a while!). Compton holds up his belt, insisting that his is the "real" TV champ.

Gilbert updates us on Randy Royal, who had heart surgery a few weeks ago but will be appearing here next week. Dean reminds us that Crimson defends the OVW Championship against Rob Terry at the Saturday Night Special on 12/1.

Match #5: OUR OVW Womens Champion Heidi Lovelace vs "Official Referee of the Knockouts Division" Taryn Terrell with Taeler Hendrix as referee
"Pink Dynamite" Dylan Bostic escorts Taeler to ringside, where she does a little booty shake as she climbs through the ropes. Titus thinks it was for him (I bet it was really for me) Anyway, the two wrestlers shake hands but it quickly becomes apparent that Taeler is blatantly favoring Taryn in her officiating. This eventually perturbs Heidi who grabs Taeler by throat, but gets shoved into a schoolgirl from Taryn for the pin.
Taryn is not quite sure what's going on as Taeler is all happy and stuff. Heidi then chases Taeler to the back!

TPT and Josette encounter Jason Wayne, who is doing pushups but stops to deny any knowledge of the attack. TPT is going to the ring after break!

TPT and Josette are now in the ring. TPT is totally convinced that somebody around here knows who attacked him, so he calls everyone to ringside! Referees and announcers included (but not the music guy, hmmm....)! Hey look, there's Jeremiah Plunkett and his sideburns! There's Jessie Belle, Epiphany, Mo Green! TPT addresses the crew and asks who did it? Some "Josette" chants come from the crowd. Wildcards say it was Rob Terry! Olivencia sticks up for Terry! TPT asks Compton, Tony Gunn, ref Joe Wheeler, then Doug Williams speaks up and says it was Johnny Spade! This touches off like a half-dozens mini-skirmishes around the ring. Spade tears into Williams as a masked man with a chair runs in and hits TPT like a dozen times with it before bolting through the curtain. Jessie Belle is the first on the scene to offer comfort to TPT as the show goes off.

Thoughts: I'm intrigued as to who TPT's attacker might be (hope it's not somebody from TNA, but I bet it is). Hard to picture Kash joining a heel faction, he always strikes me as being kind of a "lone wolf" type. Love the "Mix Tape" and living with an artist, I can tell pink from salmon. Could we see Moose & Mascaras vs POW soon? Overall, I enjoyed this, after all I watched it through twice!

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