Bellator live coverage from Kingston, RI - lightweight tournament semifinals

Notes from the show in Kingston, RI at the University of Rhode Island campus:


First round:  Filkins is from Rhode Island while Billstein, is from Cologne, Germany.  Billstein moved in and pushed him against the fence.  Filkins turned and now has Billstein against the fence.  Filkins landed some power shots.  Billstein landed a few.  Both landing shots now. Knees by Billstein as they are clinched.  Billstein wanted a throw but Filkins powered him down, landing on top just as the round ended.  Very close round.  Filkins 10-9.

Second round:  Little happening early until Filkins got poked in the eye.  Filkins was ready to go back quickly.  Now Billstein was poked in the eye.  Billstein landed a left to the jaw.  Filkins back with punches and then Billstein with some jabs.  Filkins may be getting tired.  Billstein with low kicks.  Filkins back with a shot.  Good left by Billstein.  Billstein now landing and Filkins went for a takedown but couldn't get it.  Knee by Billstein from the clinch. Filkins hurt him with a right and a left.  Billstein got a takedown late and moved into side control just as time ran out in the ring.  Billstein's round so we're even 19-19.  Both rounds are close.

Third round:  Filkins landed a few punches and now Billstein moved into a clinch against the cage.  Filkins tried a takedown but couldn't get it.  Filkins threw a knee to the groin.  After a short break we're back in action.   Great front kick by Billstein.  Filkins landed a big left hook.  Filkins going "Whoo" aftrer getting nailed.  In fact, the announcers just compared him to Ric Flair.  Left by Billstein.  Billstein went for a takedown but Fillkins ended up on top.  Billstein is trying a Kimura from the bottom but didn't get it.  Both to their feet.  Whoever takes the last 90 seconds will take it. Filkins then landed several shots.  Knee and punches by Filkins.  Billstein went for the takedown but once agian Filkins landed on top.  Filkins now has the mount.  Filkins throwing lots of punches in the last 20 seconds from the top.  This was a 10-8.5 style round for Filkins.  Filkins has to take the round, so I've got it 29-28 Filkins.  But first two were close.

Scores:   30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 Filkins


First round:  Big left by Sandro.  Sandro took him down and moved to to side control.  Neace is working for a heel hook.  Sandro spun around to Neace's back.  He's working for a choke.  Neace is in a lot of trouble and ref Todd Anderson stopped it when he saw Neace go out.  2:05


"My loss was very hard for me, I come to Brazil., I train very hard every day but I want to come back, I want to bring a good fight for the fans." 

"I train box, Muay Thai, but my school is the biggest school in the world in Jiu Jitsu.  I told you, on the ground, I will put my game and get the submission every time."


First round:  Jansen knocked Tirlonoi down right away. Both swinging hard.  Both trading knees.  Both trading again. USA chant.  Jansen landed a right and Tirloni right back  Left by Jansen knocked Tirloni off balance.  High kick by Tirloni.  Tirloni landed a left and right.  Tirloni hurt him with a right.  Right and a left knocked Jansen off balance.  Jansen bleeding under the left eye.  Left to the body by Tirloni.  Jansen with a kick to the body and Tirloni with a kick to the body.  Jansen got a takedown and got took Tirloni down a second time.  Good round 10-9 Jansen.

Second round:  Tirloni landed some punches.  Tirloni landed a left.  Tirloni landing more now.  Tirloni landed again.  Jansen ducked for a takedown and backed off.  Body kick by Jansen.  Jansen worked for a takedown and couldn't get it.  Tirloni landing shots.  Hard right by Tirloni.  Another hard right by Tirlonii.  Good round.  Tirloni's round so we're even 19-19.

Third round:  Both swinging and landing hard shots.  Tirloni landed a knee.  Tirloni landing jabs solidly.  Left to the body by Tirloni.  Jansen landing shots as well.  Tirloni cut cut over the left eye. Left hook by Tirloni.  Jansen went for a takedown and Tirloni landed a knee to keep him away.  Both were bloodied up at this point.  Right and left by Tirloni landed.  Tirloni went for a takedown and Jansen going for  a guillotine but Tirloni out.  Jansen got the takedown and got Tirloni's back and hit a German suplex in the closing seconds.  Really good fight.  29-28 Tirloni.

Scores:  29-28 Tirloni 29-28 Jansen 29-28 Jansen.  Crowd is booing a little even though he's the American.


"I kind of pictured the fight like that.  I was going to use my wrestling as a backup. Tirloni's definitely got heavy hands.  He cracked me a few good ones but I felt I was able to make him miss and make him pay, and make him pay when he didn't miss."


First round:  They were on the ground immediately with Held working for a leglock.  Now he went for a toe hold.  Clementi out of danger.  Clementi now working for a heel hook himself.  Clementi got a few punches and Held rolled him over.  Held continues to work for leglocks.  Held with a kneebar, now this is dangerous.  Held pulling like crazy but Clementi escaped.  Clement working for a guillotine but Held out.  Held 10-9.

Second round:  Trading punches and Clementi took him down.   Clementi on top, a few punches to the body.  Crowd booing.  Held came from underneath and got a toe hold and Clementi submitted.  Clementi was shocked he got tapped when he was in control most of the round.  3:04

"It's very nice, very good feeling.  It was very good fight, Rich is very good, very tough opponent.  I get my toe hold in first round but he escaped.

"The best feeling in the world." 

Jansen  "Marcin looked excellent tonight, I'm really looiking forward to testing my skills against him and seeing what he has to offer."


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