UFC 154 Live Blog: GSP vs. Condit thriller, Hendricks does it again

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First round: Elkins pushed Siler into the fence. He’s just pinning him against the fence. Takedown by Elkins. Elkins moved into side control but Siler regained guard. Elkins dropped a good right but not doing a lot of damage from the top. Siler got up but Elkins took him right back down. Elkins went for a guillotine, but Siler defending. Elkins 10-9.

Second round: Elkins took him right down at the start of the round. Siler landed a hard up kick. Elkins landing some punches. Elkins got his back and working for a choke. He’s got the body triangle but Siler escaped. Elkins throwing punches and holding the body triangle. Elkins throwing a lot of punches from back position. Siler’s nose is bleeding. Elkins continuing t punch from that position. Siler’s nose looks realy bad now. Elkins again worked for a choke. Siler gave the ref a thumbs up that he’s okay. Elkins gave it up but is continuing to punch him from that position. He went for a choke again and gave it up again. Siler throwing punches backwards. Elkins should be 10-8 so 20-17 at this point.

Third round: Elkins landed some punches. Siler moved in with a punch but Elkins took him down again. Siler got back to his feet. Elkins landed a punch off the break. Elkins got another takedown. Siler got up with one minute left. Elkins immediately took him down again. He got Siler’s back. Siler went for a guillotine in the closing seconds but didn’t have it. Elkins’ round again should win 30-26, but more likely it’ll be scored 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Elkins.


First round: Gashimov got the takedown. Menjivar worked for an armbar but Gashimov was able to escape. Gashimov with some punches. Menjivar then got the armbar from the bottom and Gashimov had to tap. That was one outstanding submission.  Gashimov looked like his left arm was hurt by the moe.  If there is any time on TV or PPV you'll probably be seeing this.


Somebody needs to be recruiting Matt Riddle for pro wrestling. He’s so got it when it comes to charisma. Just as I write that he does a "Whoo!" If JBL was announcing we’d get a Simpson Brothers reference right about now.

First round: Not much happening early. Maguire landed a right by Riddle landed more punches. Low kick by Riddle. Maguire grabbed it but couldn’t trip him up. Maguire landed a punch to the jaw. Riddle landed a left hook. Riddle body kick, Maguire grabbed it and Riddle used a spinning kick with the other leg to the jaw before Riddle went down. Riddle again went for a body kick and Maguire grabbed the leg and this time tripped him up. Maguire landed he left. Very close round. Riddle landed more but Maguire’s shots were more solid. 10-9 Maguire.

Second round: Riddle landed a left and pinned Maguire against the fence. Maguire landed two left but Riddle threw him down. Riddle doesn’t want to go to the ground with Maguire and just kicking Maguire’s leg. Riddle now went into Maguire’s guard. Yves Lavigne told Riddle to let him up. Maguire now going for the takedown but Riddle stopped him. Maguire with a low kick and Riddle with a left to the body. Both trading punches. Riddle went for a takedown and Maguire went for a guillotine. Riddle threw him off. Both trading punches. Riddle with a knee, some punches and then Riddle started playing to the crowd. Another close round that could go either way. Riddle is out there playing to the crowd too much. I think Riddle took the round. Maguire’s corner said they didn’t know who won either round and told him to take Riddle down in the next round. I’ve got it 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Maguire got a nice punch off the break. Riddle landed a jab. Both trading. Body kick by Riddle. Low kick by Riddle. Riddle moved in and landed a couple of punches. Maguire tried for a takedown and Riddle blocked it. Riddle has him against the fence. Riddle with a knee to the body. Riddle is trying to throw him but couldn’t. Riddle again playing to the crowd. Riddle going for a takedown but Maguire grabbed a front headlock and took him down with seconds left. Riddle’s round but again close 29-28 Riddle.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Riddle

Riddle was channeling Jimmy Valiant on his interview.


First round: Slow open. Damm’s left leg is welted from Carvalho’s kicks. Carvalho killing Damm’s left leg with kicks. Crowd booing because aside from Carvalho’s low kicks, nothing much is happening. Damm landed a left. Carvalho killed the left leg most of the round and should win 10-9.

Second round Damm’s corner told him to take him down this round. Carvalho missed a high kick. Slow second round as well. Carlvalho lost his balance throwing a kick. Damm got his back and Carvalho spun away and got to his feet. Damm did land a left hook. Carvalho tried a high kick but it was blocked. Damm landing a few punches and Carvalho’s offense was low kicks. Crowd booing a little. Close round, actually I think Damm should get it so 19-19 into the third.

Third round: Headkick by Carvalho landed. Left by Damm. Crowd booing. This fight sucks. Nice low kick by Damm. Jab by Damm knocked Carvalho’s mouthpiece out. Damm landed some punches. Low kick by Damm and Carvalho with one right back. Both trading. Damm landed to the body. Carlvalho back with a left hook. Damm kick blocked. Carvalho high kick mostly blocked. Flying knee by Carvalho. Very close round again. Carvalho slightly 29-28 but it could go the other way.

Scores: 29-28 Damm 29-28 Carvalho 29-28 Carvalho


First round: Stout landed a right. Stout landed a left. This isn’t the fight hoped for when it was booked. Makdesssi landed a left. Stout moving forward but Makdessi danced away. Makdessi landed another left. Stout tried a takedown but gave up on it. Makdessi landed a jab again. Stout keeps missing his punches. Stout back but Makdessi with a jab. Stout keeps missing. It’s close, Makdessi 10-9.

Second round: Makdessi continues to land the jabs. Stout went for a takedown but Makdessi right back up. Stout landed a head kick. Right by Stout. Makdessi landing lefts. Makdessi landed another jab. Right by Makdessi. Stout landed the jab. Spin kick by Makdessi. Makdessi’s round close so 20-18.

Third round: Hook kick by Makdessi. Stout back with a punch. Stout now landing several punches. Now Makdessi with punches. Stout landed a left. Makdessi landing more punches. High kick by Makdessi. Stout reaching and landing short. Makdessi with another left jab. Right by Makdessi. Stout tried a takedown, didn’t come close. Makdessi with a kick. Stout throwing body kicks. Makdessi with another left. And another. Stout landed a right. Stout moving in for takedown but didn’t get it. Makdessi continues to land the jab while Stout comes in. The crowd liked the fight. It picked up in the third round, but still nowhere close to what I’d have expected. I’ve got Makdessi 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Makdessi


First round: Diabate cracked him with a straight left that knocked Griggs down. Diabate in side control. Griggs got to his feet and Diabate took him back down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Griggs bleeding badly from the nose. Blood is everywhere. Diabate got his back and threw knees to the side of the head. Griggs got up but Diabate got his back again and threw a knee. Diabate working for a choke and Griggs tapped out.


First round: Sakara booed a lot, but he is against a local favorite. Cote landing a lot of shots. Uppercut by Cote. Sakara back with elbows and hurt Cote . Knees by Cote. Sakara hurt him with some elbows to the side of the head and knocked him down with a right. Once he was down, Sakara nailed him with five shots directly to the back of the head and it was stopped. Great short fight, Sakara’s elbows that hurt Cote were devastating, but the officiating was horrible. Crowd booing like crazy. Five or six of the eight shots on the ground were clearly illegal. Now they are discussing the decision. Crowd is real hot right now. 1:26. Called Cote the winner by DQ. The place exploded for that. That was the fair call.  Cote said he wanted to face Sakara in a rematch.  Sakara said he thought Cote was already out when he was throwing the punches and said he was just trying to finish the fight.


First round: Garza landed early. Trading low kicks. Garza throwing kicks but Hominick blocking. Hominick moving forward and landed an overhand right. Loud Hominick chants. Garza with uppcuts. Hominick landing several shots and Garza back with a knee. Hominick moved forward with punches. Hominick with a body shot. Two body kicks by Garza. Hominick landed a punch. Hominick hurt him with a right. Garza went for takedown. Hominick landed on top. Garza went for an armbar. Homicnk out. Hominick landing punches from the top. Garza back with punches once he got up. Body shot by Hominick and knocked him down and Hominick followed with several punches on the ground. Garza up and fired bck. Hard left by Garza. Uppercut by Hominick. Garza busted Hominick’s left eye. Garza landing shots. Great round. Close round, Hominick 10-9.

Second round: Garza came out and did this flying movie kick that missed by several yards. Hominick landed a left to the body. Straight right by Honinick. Garza with a takedown and nearly got Hominick’s back. Garza now on top. Garza working the body and elbows to the head. Hominick trying to work for an armbar from the bottom. Body and head shots by Garza. Hard blows by Garza. Garza landing lots of punches and Hominick tried an armbar but not getting it. Garza cut from both eyes. Hominick again tried an armbar but Garza out and staying on top. Garza landing more body and head stuff. Lots of elbows from the top by Garza. Garza’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Front kick by Garza. Low kick by Garza. Body punch by Hominick. Body kick by Garza. Both traded punches. Hominick landed a couple of punches. Garza got the takedown. Body and head shots by Garza. Hominick worked for an amrbar but Garza out of trouble. More elbows from the top by Garza. Garza maintaining top position. Elbows to the body and head by Garza. Hominick pushed him off. Garza took him back down. Garza with more punches. Garza landed lots of punches. Desperation armbar attempt in the waning seconds by Hominick but he had nothing. Time ran out. Garza has to win the fight 29-28.

Scores: 29-27, 30-26 and 29-28 for Garza. So looks like two judges gave Garza 10-8 second rounds.


First round: Bocek pushed him into the fence. Both are throwing knees from close range. Body kick by Dos Anjos. Bocek working for a takedown. Knee by Dos Anjos. Another seirs of knees by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos landed a left. Dos Anjos landed an uppercut. Front kick and uppercut by Dos Anjos. Bocek missed a kick and went down . Bocek landed a knee and now pushed him against the fence. Dos Anjos defending well. Dos Anjos landed a punch on the break. Body kick by Dos Anjos and Bocek with a body punch. Bocek working for a single leg while Dos Anjos was going for a Kimura. 10-9 Dos Anjos.

Second round: Bocek kicked him right in the groin. Dos Anjos got a time out but came back quickly. Bocek went for a takedown and instead Dos Anjos took him down. Another takedown by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos worked for a Kimura but couldn’t get it. Dos Anjos busted him up. Bocek bleeding from the nose. Bocek back up. Bocek tried a takedown again and Dos Anjos took him down again. Dos Anjos landing punches to the side of the head. More punches to the side of the head. Dos Anjos outgrappling him. Bocek did get back to his feet. Another takedown by Dos Anjos. Bocek bleeding badly. 10-9 Dos Anjos easy, almost a 10-8, so up 20-18.

Third round: Bocek again failed on a takedown attempt. Bocek working for a takedown but Dos Anjos defending. Knee the body and punches from close range. Dos Anjos slammed him down. Dos Anjos got his back. Bocek went for a Kimura and got to his feet. Dos Anjos landing more punches and into a clinch. Bocek working for a takedown again. Knee by Dos Anjos from the clinch. Ref Yves Lavigne separated them,. Spin kick by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos’ round easy. He really looked like a different fighter than ever before. Should win 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Dos Anjos.


First round: Lawlor pushed him against the fence. Lawlor held him there for two minutes before the ref broke it. Knee by Carmont. Body kick by Carmont. Lawlor pushed him against the fence. Carmont worked for a Kimura but couldn’t get it. They are back with Lawlor pushing him against the fence. Body kick by Carmont. Body kick by Carmont. Lawlor grabbed a guillotine. Carmont popped out. Lawlor 10-9 because of the guillotine.

Second round: Carmont with a knee to the body. Lawlor landed a left. Carmont landed several punches. Lawlor working for a takedown. Lawlor got the takedown. Two knees by Lawlor as Carmont got up. Lawlor got a second takedown. Lawlor spun out into another guillotine. Carmont popped out again. Lawler’s round should be up 20-18.

Third round: Body kick by Carmont. Crowd booing. Ref called for a break as Lawlor had him against the fence. No reason for that. Carmont with aknee. Carmont with another knee. Another knee by Carmont. Carmont threw a kick, mostly blocked. Boring fight. Another body kick by Carmont. Low kick by Carmont. Lawlor with a kick and a right. Crowd booing as Carmont needs a finish and he’s doing nothing. Carmont with a takedown but Lawlor right back up. Carmont’s round but 29-28 Lawlor. Crowd booing not much action.

Scores: 29-28 Lawlor 29-28 Carmont 29-28 Carmont. I would disagree with that one a lot. They booed the decision and the Montreal guy won.


First round: Hendricks moved in with lefts. Hendricks killed him with one punch, a left to the jaw. That was awesome.  :46


First round: GSP came out spitting water in the air and doing cartwheels before the match. Crowd super loud. Condit threw a kick Condit moved in. GSP got the takedown right away. Condit went for an armbar but GSP easily escaped. GSP landed some punches. GSP landing more punches. Condit very comfortable on his back. Condit throwing constant shots from his back. GSP landed an elbow that busted Condit up. Condit got up . He’s bleeding from the right eye. GSP 10-9.

Second round: Condit in with some kicks. Jab by GSP. Condit threw a kick but GSP blocked it. Trading punches. GSP missed a high kick. GSP with a right. Condit with a right. GSP threw a high kick. GSP landed a left. Condit landed two shots. Condit landing more punches. GSP with a superman punch. Condit bleeding from the nose now as well. Another takedown by GSP with 2:09 left in the round. Condit bleeding all over the place. GSP going for a can opener. Condit throwing elbows from the bottom. Condit up and GSP nailed him with punch. GSP’s round 20-18.

Third round: Condit with a body kick. GSP with a low kick. Condit knocked him down with a beautiful head kick and is on top pounding on GSP. Condit with punches and elbows. GSP escaped from the bottom, got back to his feet but he’s hurt. GSP with punches and takedown. GSP swollen by the right eye. Condit throwing a lot from the bottom. GSP with body shots. GSP landing a lot of punches. Condit back to his feet and Condit working for a Kimura. GSP took him down again. GSP with body shots. GSP trapped him and punching him. Condit’s round so 29-28 GSP after three.

Fourth round: Condit throwing body kciks. GSP blocking the kicks. Condit landed the head kick and GSP back with a head kick. GSP got another takedown. . GSP moved into side control. Condit got a half guard. Condit is staying busy from the bottom. GSP landed several punches. Condit working for a triangle. GSP out and throwing more puches. Condit got back to his feet. Condit reversed GSP with 1:05 left. GSP escaped and took him back down. GSP controlled him until the end of the round. GSP’s round, up 39-37, so Condit needs a knockout to win.

Fifth round: Condit landed a right. Left and a low kick by GSP. Condit with a low kick. Spin kick to the body by Condit. GSP with another takedown but Condit slipped away. GSP landed a big right. Condit moved in with a right. Condit landed a two punch combo. Condit threw a kick. Condit with another left. GSP with a jab. GSP with a few punches and got the takedown. Condit gave up his back. Condit trying to slide out but simply can’t. GSP throwing punches and elbows from the top. Condit working for a Kimura but isn’t close to getting it. GSP dropped some punches and elbows GSP 49-46. Excellent figtht.

Scores: 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 GSP. Two of the judges gave GSP round three. That I disagree with even though you can make the argument that it was close. But takedowns and top control don’t trump a near finish.

We'll have a lot more later tonight with our rundown show.

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