Feedback to UFC 154

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: GSP vs. Condit
Worst Fight: Lawlor vs Carmont (for the judges robbery of Lawlor
1) Pablo Garza d. Mike Hominick by UD: Very competitive first Round, but this might was all about Garza having too much of a reach for Hominick to handle.  Round 2 & 3 was dominated by Garza and Hominick was a blood mess. 
2) Rafael Dos Anjos d. Mike Bocek by UD:  RDA looked great tonight.  This the RDA many people hyped up about coming into the UFC.  He went from a guy not living up to his potential, to a guy could move up the 155lb ranks.  Bocek is always tough and put up a great effort, but RDA was simply too dominant. 
3) Francis Carmont d. Tom Lawlor by SP:  Highway robbery by the judges on Lawlor.  I know you should never leave it in the hands of the judges, but this was a horrible call.  Carmont could have picked Lawlor apart on the outside with his strikes, but he was too flat footed.  Lawlor was able to bull him into the corner, grind and dirty box in the corner.  Would be nice if the UFC rematched these two.
4) Johnny Hendricks d. Martin Kampman by KO in RD1:  KO of the night.  Hendricks is now officially the #1 contender for the Welterweight title and they have a great highlight reel to build him up to the casual audience.  With his wrestling and power, this could be a very tough match up for GSP.  I know everyone wants to see GSP vs Anderson Silva, but Hendricks is a legit threat to unseat GSP. 
5) GSP retained his Welterweight Title d. Carlos Condit by UD:  Fight Of The Year for me.  This had a ton of drama and you could never count Condit out.  Round 3 was an amazing round and really cemented GSP as a legend in my eyes.  He was able to take a big shot and survive.  This fight had it all, crazy crowd heat, drama,  blood and heart by both competitors.  Fights like this is the reason I love MMA.  
Overall Thoughts: I watched this PPV in the Oakridge Mall Theatre in San Jose, CA.  It was cool that Daniel Cormier was there signing autographs.  We got there early, so the line wasn't big.  I understand the UFC had fighters at all the theaters.  That was a real nice touch and very fan friendly.  Cormier stayed and watch the fight with the crowd.  I loved watching the fights on the big screen.  It was not sold out, not even close, but the crowd that came loved MMA and was very educated about it.   The crowd was going nuts for the main event and that made the atmosphere in the theature a great experience.  I would definitely go and watch it in the theatre again. 
John LaRocca

Thumbs up.  By standards of cards nowadays, when only a few fights are decent.
Best:  GSP and Hendricks Tie
Worst: Damm/Carvalho
Lawlor crookedness was disgraceful.
Mike Devlin

Hi Dave,
Wow great fight!  Watched the show at a movie theater for the first time. Made for a great event. The sound was just fantastic and every power shot thrown tonight boomed through the auditorium. For $15 this was the best value I've ever had for a major UFC PPV.
There were about 50 people in the crowd and they popped big for GSP and Johnny Hendricks (Dallas is about 3.5 hrs down the highway) both during the walkout and after that wicked KO.
The 1st couple fights were just ok, and poor Filthy got totally screwed on that decision which dampened the crowed a bit.
Hendricks looked awesome and the GSP Condit fight exceeded any glimmer of expectation I had going in. I thought GSP was done after he got caught in the 3rd. His comeback from that kick was very very impressive.
I may be in the minority here but I do *NOT* want the GSP Silva fight at all. Let the sport have its dominant champions. I don't want to see either guy beat at this point.
All in all thumbs up show.
Kyle Wallace

Thumbs up show.

The three PPV undercard fights weren't horrible but they weren't especially good.
The co-main and the main event delivered, though.
Incredible knockout by Johny Hendricks and a fantastic battle between Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit.
Despite the three "meh" undercard bouts, the good stuff more than made up for it.

Ryan Pike

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