More feedback to UFC 154

Hey Dave,

Saw the event at my movie theatre. Decent crowd and it was awesome to see the fights on the big screen where everything could be heard and seen clearly.

Thumbs WAY up!
Best fight: St-Pierre vs. Condit
Worst fight: Carmont vs. Lawlor
KO of the Night: Johny Hendricks
Submission of the Night: None (only saw the main card)

Garza vs. Hominick: great opener from both fighters, Hominick proved once again that he is one tough guy. Garza was very impressive here against the former #1 contender especially in the second round. He earned that win.

Bocek vs. Dos Anjos: another good fight, but the first round was kind of lacking. Guess they were just feeling each other out first which I can understand. That groin shot looked nasty but Dos Anjos recovered quickly and made Bocek pay for it. Last two rounds made up for the lackluster first. Great showing by both men here

Carmont vs. Lawlor: seeing the hype from both men with Lawlor being undefeated in the UFC and Carmont being St-Pierre's training partner, I expected this fight to be great. But it turned out to be the low point of the show. It was so dull that my friend next to me actually shut her eyes and almost went to sleep, it was that bad. Carmont kept trying for the submission but couldn't get low enough and Lawlor actually had him in a choke during the final seconds of the first two rounds, but didn't even attempt to cinch it in and finish the fight. Both looked gassed by the third and a BS decision from the judges. I do agree with Dana White in saying that both men lost that fight.

Kampmann vs. Hendricks: holy crap, I was not expecting that KO. I really thought this fight would go until at least the second round given their backgrounds. Hendricks gave him a hell of a shot and I hope he does get an eventual title fight, I think he earned it here against a good opponent.

St-Pierre vs. Condit: this wasn't a fight, it was a war between two amazing champions. I really thought this would have ended in the third round with all the blood Condit was losing but then he hit a kick out of nowhere and came close to doing the impossible: finish St-Pierre. St-Pierre made an impressive recovery and just went back at it with Condit. The look on St-Pierre's face between the third and fourth round said it all, what did he have to do to finish this fight? I'm glad this fight went the distance because it showed the heart and soul these two men put into the octagon tonight. Condit has nothing to be ashamed of and could easily get back into the contendership slot with one or two impressive wins. Hopefully one of those will be against Hendricks, that will be a fight to watch.

Overall, an excellent event up and down with the exception of one fight and I can't wait for Dos Santos vs. Velasquez II next month. But I'm really hoping that St-Pierre decides to take the fight against Anderson Silva to see who is truly the better fighter.

Will McClure

After already going to a bar screening arranged via someone on, I pulled out my iPad to refresh my memory on what some of
the prelims were.  I Google "UFC 154" and Google shows me movie
theater showtimes, one of which (the Clearview Cinemas Ziegfield) was
a few blocks from where I was in the theater district (the other being
in Times Square).  The bar TVs weren't that big and UFC doesn't do
this a lot so hey, why not?

It was fun, but there were only about 50 people there.  I had
flashbacks to the TNA cancellation atory,  Granted, this was kind of a
weird theater (right now it's showing nothing but The Life of Pi 3D)
and the other location was nearby in Times Square in a giant (25
screen) multiplex, so maybe it did a lot better.  Also, the next time
UFC tries this, they should list the movie theaters with the bars when
you search for an official CCTV location.

Aside from a Tom Lawlor cheering section, the fans were relatively
quiet in the theater until the last 2 fights.  As you'd expect, the
place popped huge for Hendricks knocking out Kampmann, got louder for
the main, exploded for Condit's high kick, and stayed very into the
main from then on.

UFC definitely has something in Johnny Hendricks: He's an impressive
combination of incredibly likable and completely fucking terrifying.

Alessio Sakara came out of his fight looking like an idiot.  He had
the fight won, but he didn't seem like he was making any effort to
avoid hitting the back of Patrick Cote's head.  He kept raining the
hammer fists straight down while Cote was completely stationary.  I'm
a little more forgiving of Dan Mirgaliotta than everyone else has
been, though.  He should've acted sooner but with the state Cote was
in I'm not sure there would've been a point to calling time out.

David Bixenspan

Thumbs up show

Best match : Easily St. Pierre vs Condit
Worst match : Tom Lawlor vs Francis Carmont

I was there live and went to all UFC in Montreal except for UFC 83.  I thought the heat from the St. Pierre vs Koscheck match could never be matched but the reaction when GSP came back from Condit's kick and pounding was by far the biggest reaction I ever heard at the Bell Centre, whether it be hockey, concerts or other sports. Absolutely deafening.

I thought the prelims were better than the main card until the two main events...but maybe it was due to burnout from the Côté vs Sakara fight.

Eric Bonin

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