More weekend MMA show feedback


Thumbs mostly up. Only one dull fight on the whole card.
Best fight: Tirloni-Jensen (except the decision)
Worst fight: Machaev-Nelson
KO: Brandon Ward
Sub: Mucitelli, Sandro
Matt Bessette has too many guns for Paul Barrow and takes a bruising UD in the first prelim. One judge somehow gives Barrow a round.

Brandon Ward blows Sam McCoy away. McCoy's flop game no answer to Ward's boxing and wrestling and he dives right into an uppercut that puts him out.

Mike Mucitelli remains super impressive taking a 26 second arm bar sub over Matt Uhde at 210 catch.

Murad Machaev takes a one sided if not overly entertaining grind UD over Lowrant-T (but a white dude) Nelson. Could score it 30-24 for dominance but judges won't and don't.

Dan Cramer blows away overmatched Joe Lamoreau with a series of right hands from clinch.

Andrew Calandrelli too strong for Eric Brown and finishes in the 2nd with arm bar. Good prelims.

On the top card, Perry Filkins outlasts the overmuscled Jonas Bilstein who gasses badly in the 3rd, and is pounding from mount at the bell. 'Filthy' Filkins well names as he has so many roid zits they're even on his face. Makes Chael look like the poster boy for Clearasil. Should be 29-28. One goes 30-27.

Dustin Neece makes the mistake of rolling with Marlon Sandro and gets put to sleep in short order. Jose Aldo and Glover Teixeira in Sandro's corner---he was probably afraid to go back to it. Nobody recognizes (acknowledges?) Glover even when he comes up to translate for Sandro's interview (although ended up he wasn't needed).

Ricardo Tirloni and Dave Jansen is one of those fights where the threat of both guys' grappling forces the other to strike, but they're really good strikers too so it's a really good fight. I think Tirloni's jab is the edge in the fight and he comes on to take the last 2 for a 29-28, but it's close as Jansen gets late TDs in the 1st and 3rd. It's 29-28 split Jansen. Wrong guy won. Think they were voting for the USA chants in the audience, not the fight. Jansen goes on to the LW tourney final.

Another grappler matchup (but NOT good strikers)  of Rich Clementi vs. Marcin Held fortunately goes to the ground in a few seconds and the 1st is one long scramble. Possible slight edge to Held. Brief slapfight and back to the ground. Clementi on top but Held rolls under and secures the toehold for the tap. Held only 20 and one of the better submission guys around. Held will meet Jensen in the final.

UFC 154

Thumbs up. A few disappointing fights but mostly exciting and the main elevated the card.

Best fight: GSP-Condit (also Cote-Sakara while it lasted, and round 1 of Garza-Hominick)

Worst fight: Lawlor-Carmont

KO: Hendricks

Sub: Menjivar

On the Amish Dialup fb undercard, Darren Elkins controls Steven Siler on the ground most of the 1st. Siler does well to defend Elkins' subs. Elkins 10-9. Elkins has back with body tri most of the 2nd. Alternates pounding with choke attempts. Again Siler manages to defend. 10-8. Elkins really even winning the standup here. Siler doesn't move his head. Elkins grounds him again midround. Siler makes it up and still trying for a D'Arce almost at the last bell but no go. Elkins 10-9, 30-26. Judges of course go 27.

Ivan Menjivar too experienced for 22 year old Azamat Gashimov and gets the defensive Russian arm bar a couple minutes in after a strong start by Gashimov. Looks like a broken arm right there.

Matt Riddle takes a dubious UD over John McGuire in a boring fight. Riddle is very entertaining before and after the fight. Some guy in Riddle's corner looks like a McGuire Twin (the rasslers, not the opponent).

Rodrigo Damm and Antonio Carvalho kick off the midcard. This should be a good fight but isn't. 1st is mostly trading LKs and Carvalho's more accurate and harder. Damm's leg swelling up. Anderson Silva in the corner tells Damm to stop throwing front leg kicks and to take it to the ground. Carvalho 10-9. Damm not listening to Anderson. Damm has landed more 'significant strikes' and Rogan finally says he doesn't believe the stats. Damm spills Carvalho to the ground and leaps on the back but Carvalho scrambles free. Great exchange but all the grappling we're gonna see. Damm finding punching range here. Carvalho still landing the LK when he wants to. Damm fighting his way back into the fight here. Carvalho lands a hard right just before the bell. Damm 10-9 but not sure he'll get it in Canada. Too much mutual respect here. All outside striking. Damm comes alive briefly midround and does what Anderson told him and rocks Carvalho but Carvalho steals a break by dropping his mouthpiece and kills the momentum. Damm's leg is a disaster area. Nobody really won this. I'd call it a draw but I'm sure the hometown guy will get the decision which he does, 29-28 split.

'Tri Star trains finishers'? What is Rogan smoking? They do train jabs and John Makdessi has acquired one and has Sam Stout walking into it.wins the first with it easily. 10-9. Makdessi still landing the jab but Stout mixing it up more and landing a lot more than the 1st. Very close round. Think Stout edged it. Stout realizing a jab neutralizes a jab but not using it enough and still getting tagged. Stout pressuring but not moving his head like Dellagrotte told him to. Makdessi has stuffed every shot. Makdessi continues the paint job and should take this, but three straight fights now have been much less entertaining than they figured to. Judges go 30-27 X 2, 29-28.

Chad Griggs walks right into a Cyrille Diabate straight left and is dropped. Griggs quickly up but DIABATE HITS A BELLY TO BELLY? (Diabate is a 6 foot 6 skinny kickboxer for those who don;t know.) Lands some knees. Griggs takes him down but Diabate comes down in back control and finishes it with the RNC. Diabate showing new tricks at age 39. Great performance and picks the card up out of the toilet it was dropping into. Rogan repeatedly refers to the KD punch as a 'right'. He's really gotta watch his intake.

Patrick Cote looking a little pudgy rocks Alessio Sakara. Sakara flattens Cote with elbows and finishes him with hammerfists but several of them were back of the head. Rogan has a very hard time counting them. Didn't hear the ref warn him. First time Cote had been knocked down, in any case, and the KD was legit. Cote wins by DQ. Technically correct call I guess. Apparently the commission, not the ref (Mirgliotta) called the DQ. Fishy but Canadians in Canada, whaddaya gonna do? Fun while it lasted.

Main card up. Mark Hominick looks a little heavy. And what is a guy named Pablo Garza doing in Fargo, North Dakota? Round of the year candidate. Garza dominates early. Hominick finds range midround. Both guys hurt. Garza close to arm bar. Late body shot KD by Hominick but Garza comes back and has him cut and rocked at the end. I'd call it a 10-10 but suspect Hominick will get the local edge.Garza batters Hominck on the ground for almost the entire second round. Using mouth smother alternated with elbows. Hominick is beat up. That's a 10-8, although I doubt he'll get that in Canada, either. Garza scores another TD 2 in and resumes grinding away. Hominick kicks off and up with 1 left but Garza grounds him again. Hominick weak arm bar attempt before the bell. Garza 10-9, 30-27 the hard way. Hope they don't steal it. Nope. He even got the 10-8 twice. 29-27, 30-26, 29-28. Tremendous performance by Garza.

Mark Bocek looking to be packing little saddlebags too. Oh no Lavigne refs. Hope Rafael Dos Anjos doesn't need a KO to get a decision. RDA does a paint job on Bocek in the 1st and easily stuffs his TDs. Wide 10-9. Nut kick by Bocek, RDA only takes a few seconds. RDA TD. Up. Down. RDA going for Kimura from uh NS. Face sitting actually. Bocek spins out but RDA all over him. Ride. Uppercuts. Bocek busted up. Looks to be gassing. Another TD reversed. Ride. Pound. Bocek just turtling. Up. Down. Back. Up. Elbows.  RDA just seems on another physical level. Not breathing hard. Barely sweating. That was a 10-8. Lead uppercut. Another stuff. Another stuff. Knee to the body. Slam. Kimura. This is a rout. Ride. Up, Bocek tries a Kimura but RDA just pulls his arm away. Trying to time a KO punch. Two more TDs stuffed. Clinch, ref break. RDA looking for the KO late but nope. RDA seems to have hit a new level. 30-26. Judges go 30-27.

Tom Lawlor did Shockmaster at the weigh ins. Rogan pretends to not know what it was. Lessee what Lawlor does for an entrance. Okay I'm not sure what this is. Sideways hat, glasses and a bow tie? Looks in as good shape as I've seen him anyway. Carmont looks as usual like he's from another planet. Uneventful 1st till the end with Lawlor keeping Carmont pinned on the fence. Carmont lands a few shots. Lawlor pulls Arm In Guillotine late but leans back instead of forward and Carmont slips out and drops a big elbow at the bell. Lawlor 10-9. Carmont pawing with the jab while he should be snapping it. Another uneventful round. Carmont makes things a lot harder than he should with his physical advantages over like everybody at 185. Lawlor two late TDs and another Arm In Guillotine but makes the same mistake and again Carmont pulls out and drops shots at the bell, but Lawlor is stealing the rounds. Lawlor continue to control the distance. Carmont lands some body kicks but doesn't throw enough. Sparring partner mentality. Lawlor junks out the fight. 30-27. See if they steal it. Yup. They do. 29-28 split. Even the Canadians boo.

Johny Hendricks does it again. One left hand 46 seconds in and rock-chinned Martin Kampmann is out. Hendricks has earned a title shot IMO.

Dominant performance by GSP in the main except for the early 3rd where Condit decks him with a a LHK and has him in serious trouble, but amazingly doesn't even win the round on two cards. But made the fight exciting and dramatic. GSP's corner does not ice his head and he looks like the Elephant Man by the end of the fight. Otherwise GSP looking the same as pre injury, scoring TDs at will and playing it safe from top position, busting Carlos up. Condit fighting a little intimidated and even the KD was off a sloppy strike but he stays active on the bottom and makes GSP work even to rest and does his share of damage and makes it a fight. GSP 49-46. Looks pretty much the same as before. See nothing that makes me think he would have any more of a chance vs. Anderson. There is no 'confrontation' and nobody calls anybody out. 

Crimson Mask

Strong thumbs up.  It's funny because my fiancée, who is only a UFC fan so much as she
watches it occasionally when I do but doesn't "really" follow it - she knows who Clay
Guida is, or Randy Couture but couldn't tell you anything about Condit - knew almost no
one on the undercard by name.  But it was obvious to me that, while the main was the one
and only drawing card, every match on the entire card had a chance to be fight of the
night and at the very least we'd have a strong, solid card, wich we did.
FOTN - St. Pierre/Condit.  Possible fight of the year, as I can't think of anything this
year that could top it.  GSP sure as hell looked like the GSP of old, and Condit proved
that he belonged, more than just about anyone GSP's fought in the past few years.  He took
everything GSP had and came out with a decision loss that was a LOT closer than the
I don't check the net before writing these, but I have to wonder if there have been any
snarky comments, especially from Dana White, about how exciting this fight was with two
Jackson fighters not cornered by Jackson.
Also, love me some Johny Hendricks (he'll forever be in my heart for beating Fitch and
Koscheck) and while I don’t think he stands a chance against the GSP we saw on Saturday,
it would be fun to watch.
Worst fight - Lawlor.  What were they thinking in that mess?  Loved the Shockmaster thing
at the weigh ins though.
After a lull of so-so shows, UFC came roaring back with this one.  The Fox show is
stronger than most PPVs in my mind and the Decemer PPV is much like this one - awesome
main with strong undercard. 
Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs Up
Best Fight:  Triloni vs Jansen
Worst Fight: None
1) Perry Filkins d. Jonas Billstein in a UD:  Great scrap.  Filkins won
by clearly landing more with his striking.  Great moment when Billstein
hit Filkins with a big shot,  Filkins went nuts and started to Whooo
like Ric Flair.  Sean Whealock and Jimmy Smith the Bellator
commentators called that when it happened and it was funny hearing Ric
Flair's name said on Bellator.
2) Marlon Sandro d. Dustin Neece by sub in RD1:  Sandro quickly got the
veteran Neece down and subbed with a nasty rear naked choke.  Even
though Sandro is getting older, he is still one of the best
Featherweights in the World.
3) Lightweight Tournament Semi-Final:  Dave Jansen d. Ricardo Triloni
by a SD:  Great fight.  It was wrestling versus BJJ and that basically
canceled out.  Both had to rely on strikes and I saw Triloni winning
that aspect of the game.  Jansen was able to take down Triloni and win
Round 1 with some good suplexes.  Tirloni won Round 2 with landing the
harder strikes.  Triloni won Round 3, but I believe Jansen won Round 3
in the judges eyes for the german suplex landed at the end of the
round. Triloni was upset and I don't blame him, but at the same time
was a close round.
4) Lightweight Tournament Semi-Final:  Marcin Held d. Rich Clementi by
sub in RD2:  Fun BJJ battle on the ground in both rounds.  It is a joy
to watch Held go for leg locks.  He is not scared to go for them in any
position.  It was a BJJ chess match in Round 1.   Round 2 was more of
the same, but Held won the a nasty ankle lock submission.
Overall Thoughts:  This was a fun show and showed why Bellator is an
exciting promotion to watch.  Bellator is a mix of prospects and
veterans with something to prove.  Bellator fighters are all looking to
win and not by decision.  Everyone is going for a finish and taking
risks in the fights.  This makes the Bellator fights exciting.  
Bellator is not going to take over the world, but I think they are
going to do very well on Spike come January.
John LaRocca

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