WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report - R-Truth vs. Regal plus 1997 Survivor Seires on kids show

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 11/17/2012

The Big News:  R-Truth defeats William Regal and Kofi Kingston defeats Zack Ryder as Saturday Morning Slam takes a look at Survivor Series

Show Analysis:

This week’s show began with the host announcing that the main event of today’s show will be the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston versus Zack Ryder, but before

that, R-Truth will face William Regal.

R-Truth defeated William Regal. Josh Matthews and Santino Marella did commentary for this match, as well as the rest of the show. This was a short match with some comedy involving “Little Jimmy.” At the beginning of the match, Truth realized he was in the ring, so he opened the ropes to let him out. After some back-and-forth action, Truth took down Regal with a drop toehold. “Little Jimmy” came into the ring again. After Truth briefly danced with his invisible friend, he had to restrain him from Regal; he eventually was able to get free and appeared to bite Regal’s backside (the cameras cut away, so it wasn’t completely clear). While Regal was able to make a brief comeback after a pinfall attempt by Truth, managing to lock in an armbar, Truth was able to eventually get the pinfall with a roll through.

After the break, outtakes from The Miz’s Survivor Series commercial were shown. The theme was him scratching events off his bucket list. He was shown holding a bucket that contained a piece of paper that had several of his past accomplishments crossed off, winning an Oscar, reaching the summit of a mountain, becoming President of the United States, flying a fighter jet, and getting married. I have no idea what any of that has to do with Survivor Series. If he was doing something like trying to win his first world title at the show, it would make sense, but that’s obviously not happening.

The next segment was the Video Vault, which took a look at past Survivor Series moments. The first one was The Rock and Cena beating Awesome Truth last year, The Rock making his debut at the 1996 show (as Rocky Maivia), the Montreal Screwjob, and various elimination matches (Shawn Michaels and his Knights vs. the Hart Family in 1993, Raw vs. Smackdown in 2005, and the WWF vs. the Alliance in 2001). I wonder how many viewers in the show’s target audience understood what happened in Montreal.

This week’s Saturday Morning Spotlight focused on Kofi Kingston. The segment featured interviews from R&B artist Chilli, Layla, and Kofi. He talked about “Boom Boom Boom,” the fact that he can jump so high, and how he happy he is to be in WWE.

Kofi Kingston defeated Zack Ryder. Prior to the match, a “Do Not Try This at Home” ad featuring David Otunga was shown. He said that becoming a WWE Superstar was more difficult than passing the bar exam. I wonder if that’s actually true.

During Ryder’s entrance, Santino acknowledged that they are a tag team. The big theme of the match itself was the respect between the two men. Kofi got the early advantage, partially due to the fact that he pulled down Ryder’s headband as a prank, blinding him. They teased some dissension between the two after Ryder tried to get a quick pin, but it didn’t go anywhere. Kofi’s face hitting the middle turnbuckle as a result of a drop toehold was cut.

After the break, Ryder was in control. He tried to wear down Kofi with a waistlock and a stretch, but Kofi was able to eventually reverse the latter move. He hit a Russian legsweep (which was cut) and a Boom Drop. He missed the Trouble in Paradise, but he was able to hit a crossbody for the pinfall. I know why Kofi hasn’t hit the move, but it seems silly that the only way Kofi has won matches on this show is by hitting a crossbody. The two men shook hands afterwards, and Josh Matthews signed off.

Final Thoughts:

While it wasn’t completely tied into the storylines on the other shows, and there was no plug for tonight’s Survivor Series, I liked the fact that the show seemed somewhat connected to the rest of WWE, rather than being in its own universe.

The kids 6-11 rating for the November 10 show (courtesy of Cynopsis.com) was 0.9. That’s better than average, though some of the other shows in the Vortexx block were up. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this is interesting, but I believe this was the first time the show had a lower rating than the airing of “Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy” earlier in the block.

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