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Hello, everybody! Welcome to another edition of my WWE Superstars report on Hulu. This recap is for the November 16th show. We kick off the show with Matt Striker and his fu-man-chu, sitting alongside of Scott Stanford. 3MB members Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal make their way towards the ring, and for the 4th week in a row, the show starts off with The Usos.
Match #1: 3MB -vs- The Usos
Collar-and-elbow tieup starts things off between Jimmy Uso and Mahal. Jimmy quickly goes to the standing side headlock, and Mahal is able to push him off the ropes, but gets taken down with a shoulderblock. Jimmy runs off the ropes, steps of Mahal, comes across the other side, and Mahal attempts a hiptoss. Jimmy blocks it, nails Mahal with a clothesline, and he backs into his corner, making the tag to Heath Slater.
Slater goes for a test of strength, but kicks Jimmy in the gut. He follows up with a couple of big right hands that sends Jimmy into the neutral corner, where he proceeds to pound him until the referee steps in. Jimmy gets to his feet, grabs Slater by the neck, and throws him into the corner. He delivers a couple of right hands himself, and sends Slater head-first into the turnbuckle in the Uso corner, and tags out to his brother Jey. Jimmy whips Slater towards Jey, who hits him with a massive clothesline. Slater attempts to tag out, but Jey kicks him away. Jey picks him up and sends him back to the canvas with a headbutt. Jey scoops up Slater, and sends him back down with a bodyslam. He attempts a jumping/diving headbutt from the canvas, but Slater rolls away, and tags in Mahal.
Jey nails Mahal with a right hand, runs off of the ropes and hits a headbutt, covers, and gets just a 1-count. Mahal leaves the ring to re-group, and Jey quickly follows. Mahal slides back into the other side, and tags Slater back in. Jey re-enters the ring and stalks Mahal. He turns around just in time to catch Slater coming off of the 2nd rope with a big right hand to the gut. Mahal charges after Jey, but Jey sends him flying over the top rope, to the outside of the ring. Uso turns around though, and gets blasted with a clothesline by Slater, that sends him flying over the top rope. As the referee warns Slater, Mahal sends Jey crashing into the steel ring steps. Slater exits the ring, picks up Jey, and drops him throat-first onto the guardrail. Slater rolls Jey back in, and Jey attempts to tag out right away, but Slater grabs him by the leg and pulls him away from the corner. Slater drops an elbow on Jey's left inner thigh. He follows that with a kneedrop to the thigh, then tags Mahal back in. Both men grab Jey's legs and make a wish! Uso rolls to the apron, and Mahal drops several knees on him. Mahal plants a knee on Jey's throat until breaking on the ref's count, then tags Slater back in.
Mahal has Jey held down sideways with his, as Slater drops a knee on his ribcage. Slater sends Jey over with a snapmare, and follows up with a clothesline as Jey is in a sitting position. Slater makes the cover and earns just a 2-count. Slater applies a chinlock, but Jey gets to his feet. Slater gets him into the 3MB corner, but Jey fights his way out of it. He attempts a clothesline, but Slater ducks it, and delivers a nicely executed neckbreaker. Slater makes the cover and gets just a 2. Slater is frustrated, and we go to break...
Back from the break, Mahal is now in the ring, and has Jey in a chinlock. Both men are to their feet, and Mahal turns it into a standing side headlock. Jey pushes Mahal into the corner, they back out of it, and Jey somehow turns it into a waistlock suplex. The referee lays the count but both men are able to roll to their corners and make the tag.
Jimmy greets Slater with a massive clothesline, punches Mahal on the apron, hits Slater with another clothesline. Jimmy then catches him with a back kick to the gut, then whips him into the ropes. Slater bounces off, and Jimmy picks him up by the arms and plants him with a butt bomb. Jimmy puts him in the corner, runs to the opposite corner, and charges after Slater, nailing him in the face, backside-first.  Jimmy picks him up for a Samoan drop, covers, and gets just a 2-count.
Jimmy sits Slater on the top rope, then climbs to the 2nd rope to execute a super-plex. Mahal comes up from behind Jimmy, so Jimmy is sitting on his shoulders. Jimmy fights out of it, and tosses Mahal out of the ring. Slater comes off of the top rope and Jimmy turns around and catches him with a beautiful powerslam. Jimmy makes the cover, and Mahal breaks it up at 2.
Jey charges after Mahal, but Mahal pulls down the top rope, and Jey sails over to the outside mats. Mahal turns around and gets nailed with a superkick by Jimmy. Jimmy turns around, Slater kicks him in the gut, then nails him with a leaping DDT to pick up the pinfall and victory!
Winners: 3MB, Slater with a leaping DDT on Jimmy Uso, at 8:00.
-Back from break, the A.J. Lee saga continues, and I simply do not care. Way too much time has been wasted on this.
-We then join in progress the match between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown. Again, I'm not covering a match that isn't original and already been covered by somewhere else on here.
Match #2: The Great Khali -vs- JTG
In a match no one was asking for, the referee calls for the bell, and this one is under way. JTG is complaining to the crowd about the size difference, and marches up to Khali, bumping his head into Khali's chest. Khali grabs him by the head and shoves him to the canvas. Khali picks JTG up by the head, pushes him off of the ropes, and nails him with a big right hand. Khali picks JTG back up, and tosses him head-first into the top tunbuckle. He then nails JTG with a huge overhand chop. JTG walks to another corner in pain, and Khali chokes him on the top rope until breaking on the referee's count, and chops him on the back.
JTG manages to dropkick Khali in the knee, then delivers several forearm smashes to his back. JTG poses for the crowd a bit, runs the ropes, and gets taken down with a Khali clothesline while he's on his knees. Khali nails him with a couple of big right hands, then a chop to the head. JTG goes down, Khali covers, and this classic is over.
Winner: The Great Khali, with a chop to the head, at 2:01.
-The show finishes with Survivor Series build-up, and clips of Ryback/Brad Maddox and Cena/Punk matches from Monday night. As you know by now, the Survivor Series is over, and the winner of the triple threat made the most sense.
~Blackjack Parsons
Blackjack Parsons has been a fan of the wrestling business since 1983, and has been a referee on the indy scene since 1997. He has also written, promoted, and even wrestled from time-to-time. He is also a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish! In case you haven't heard, they're currently #1 in the country! Any comments or questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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