First batch of Survivor Series feedback

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Five on Five Foley vs Ziggler
Worst Match: Cesaro-Truth
A big improvement over the HIAC shambles of last month. Most of the matches were entertaining, even the Divas match, which is usually a piss break. They did the right thing and had Punk retain, but they are going to have trouble keeping on inventing ways to not have Ryback do a job. The NXT deal looks like a low level rehash of the first invasion a few years ago, but maybe they can handle this one better. Cena looks lost right now, he doesn't seem to have the motivation or support he used to. Ryback isn't really over either, the crowd was dead for most of his stale offense. The Foley-Ziggler survivor match had the best action and although Ziggler winning doesn't mean anything, it was a nice surprise instead of Orton going over. The best moment of the whole event was Orton telling Foley he hated him. That was priceless. Show-Sheamus was average and it was a relief that Sheamus didn't go over. The action was labored at best and the saving grace was Sheamus' assault on Show, simply because it made Sheamus look like a brutal heel, where he excels in my opinion. Let's hope he and Orton go in this direction. Everything else was acceptable and kept me guessing, but the U.S. title match was a hunk of shit and instead I opted to watch the classic WarGames match from Fall Brawl 98 on the NWO dvd. Nash really sold that flap jack assault impressively. But a good PPV overall. Let's see how WWE screws up the momentum. FINISH IT!!!!
Huw Roma

WWE Survivor Series: Thumbs Down
Best Match: Team Foley vs. Team Orton
Worst Match: Divas Championship
I have to say that over the years for some reason it seems like Survivor Series has become one of the more poorly executed events on the pay per view calendar.  I used to look forward to the event back in the early days when it seemed special with all the big names doing the team eliminations and such, but it has been so watered down to the point that you don't even know part of the card before it takes place.  I had a good feeling when they started the promotion with Team Foley vs. Team Punk, but after a week it was all down hill.  The show started out fine with a traditional survivor match despite no build up for it.  I like seeing Gabriel and Kidd get some much needed TV time and be on a winning team for that matter.  Them with Cara and Rey makes for good exciting matches.  Not sure why they needed Brodus and Tensai in this match.  Overall a decent start to the show.  The Divas match was nothing special as is usually the case.  The Divas roster is pretty think right now and Kaitlyn just doesn't do it for me.  I like Cesaro as U.S. Champion and glad he retained, but again he needs the right opponent.  R. Truth also doesn't really click for me and the match wasn't bad, but I had no enthusiasm in seeing it.  Rather they had been in a team match.  Big Show vs. Sheamus was decent, although I am not a fan of DQ finishes on pay per view.  There match last month was much better.  I guess this feud continues.  Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler started off kind of poorly, but improved and was the best match of the night overall.  Wasn't the punt banned?  They need to do something with Ziggler quick, because I don't buy him in a top spot after being buried forever.  Even winning this match it seemed like more of a fluke then that he accomplished anything.  Oh and if Ziggler is captain and he picks Otunga to replace Cody, he can't be that bright.  Main event was alright, but again was lacking.  I have no problem pushing someone new like Ryback, but he is out of place with the main event workers.  Another cheap finish even though I am fine with Punk retaining.  Announcing those new guys as NXT guys makes them seem inferior to start with especially since almost nobody sees NXT or even knows it still existed.  Could have skipped this show and would not have missed anything.
Robb Block

Hi Dave
Best Match
Decent show at best, with only two good matches. First match (not
counting the preshow) was great i really hope they at least build
gabriel and kidd to mid card status. Women's match was what it always
is - bad. Cesaro with all his talent really disappointed me again - i
hope they do something with him and sin cara but with the whole
anti-american thing going im not sure how. WHT match was ok, but at
least it gave them some ways to keep building the feud. Loved the Team
Foley v Ziggler but choosing to bury Sandow when you have Otunga was
stupid (i thought the pin on Kingston would lead to to something but
alas).  Loved the win for Ziggler who no doubt will have to lose 6
straight times to Orton to make up for it. WWE title match was
average, no reaction for Punk's GTS perhaps showing them that there
are diminishing returns on that pattern. Hopefully they build the
indie guys who interfered and this isnt just an angle to get over
Ryback (who got no pop). Watching the Ryback v Cena sequence really
made me appreciate Cena more, dude gives his all. As I said overall it
was decent but the storyline developments did intrigue me, which i
suppose on a PPV where some people would buy because of tradition
might of been the idea.
Matt Davies

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Sheamus vs Big Show 
Worst Match: Eve vs Kaitlyn
Who has two thumbs and marks out when three random NXT guys run in? This guy! Well, to be fair Dean Ambrose has never actually been on the show. I wonder what wild implications this could lead to in regards to Seth Rollins and his NXT Title?
Anyhoo, I enjoyed the show.
Emerson Witner

Hey Dave,
Thumbs in the middle Best Match TEAM FOLEY  VS. TEAM ZIGGLER Great to see Ziggler finally get a win.  Worst match EVE TORRES VS. KAITLYN   Nothing extreamly crappy but nothing really good either.  maybe there is some hope with the NXT guys interfearing and maybe Punk leading a faction but it was a paint by numbers main event.  And Big Show and Shamus do work well together and an alright set up for a chair match next month for TLC. Overall felt too much like a Raw with the finishes than a PPV. 
Kyle Schroeder

Hi Dave,

Best Match: Opening Match

Worst Match: Divas Title Match

Watched the show with 10 people which for a WWE show is just below normal.  It was hard to tell with the lighting and the camera really trying to stay away from showing the upper seats but it looked like a lot of seats were empty.  I haven't been watching Raw so I really didn't know much going in but it was explained to me by one of my friends kids who is a pretty big fan.

I also noticed the crowd was not into this show for the most part.  In the Main Event when Cena and Punk kicked out of each others finishers there was very little reaction.  Probably because they do that every time they wrestle.

I was in the middle on this show going into the main event and the Main Event didn't make me lean either way.  Enjoyed opening match, disappointed by Sheamus and Show, Divas was not much, US Title was not much, Foley/Ziggler ss match was decent.  Opener was fun.  Main Event was kind of there, pretty disappointing for a three way.  I had no idea who those NXT people were just like everyone watching here.  Fortunately Cole told us who they were.

So show gets a thumbs in the middle, Turning Point was better and from what I have heard and read it sounds like UFC was much better.

Keep up the great work guys,

-Ryan McDeed

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