David Fuller remembers Dwain "Awesome Kong" McCullough

The 1st time I saw The Kongs was on WCW Television, they attacked Ric Flair & Sting on WCW Sat Night & destroyed them. I was enthralled.

Andre the Giant was the reason I started watching wrestling & I was a fan instantly of the Kongs. I later would see them in Dallas on various syndicated wrestling tv shows over the years & in 1998 I saw them both back at NWA Southwest. I wanted to meet them as I started training with Johnny Valentine.

So over time I did get to meet them behind closed doors as I was lucky to get that opportunity, And in 1999 They both wrestled at IHWE 1st anniversary show & I couldn't have been happier. THey were total pros & didn't pass judgment on what we were doing, they both would later give me some advice & I cherished that.

I lost touch with Awesome, but kept in touch with Krusher as he wrestled again for IHWE in 2010. I was told in the past 24 hours that Awesome liked me, and he showed that but giving me an opportunity to work with him & learn. I was so young then & didn't realize how golden all that was.

I will miss Awesome, I remember travelling to Terrell, Tx on Sat Nights with a car full to see Kong, Redd Dogg, Canyon, Iceman. Those were good times. It was an honor to work with you sir, you will always be something special. I'll see you in the locker room on the other side & we'll talk about the parking ticket you got at the IHW Show :). RIP Sir.
David Fuller is former wrestling promoter, founder of IHWE Texas Wrestling Hall of Fame & Currently works with the XCW Institute in Denton, Tx.

David Fuller

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