WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

November 19, 2012
Dayton, OH

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the night!
- We find out what those three NXT goofs were doing last night.
- Punk celebrates one year as champion!

The Ryback burst to the ring to open the show, upset at last night's actions. Punk is Ryback's prey. He demanded that Punk and his goons show themselves, but alas, they didn't. Vickie showed up and threatened a fine or suspension upon The Ryback if he caused any chaos tonight. Vickie made a match for Ryback, and asked how big his appetite is.

Match: The Ryback vs Tensai
Tensai got some power moves in on The Ryback, including a tree slam and his senton. Ryback didn't stay down for more than a one count, though. During Ryback's offense, he kept saying "Feed me Punk." Let's see if they dare go for Shellshock again with these two after the failure of their last Raw match. They did, and The Ryback got it. That was impressive... that they tried it again. Ryback wins with Shellshock in a couple of minutes to continue his eating spree.

Backstage, Sheamus was yelling at referee Rod Zapata for his actions last night at Survivor Series.

Match: Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Wade had an inset promo during his entrance, in which he said that he was happy his team won last night and that he should get an Intercontinental title shot due to his elimination of Kofi last night. Leading into a commercial, Kofi ran to the ropes and Barrett caught up to him, clotheslining him to the floor. Apparently to Michael Cole, this means Barrett, with his one move, was in total control. Back from break, we got a lot of back and forth big moves from each guy until Barrett managed to hit his Bullhammer Elbow on Kofi for the clean win. Looks like Wade's in line for a title shot.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about last night's attack from Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins on The Ryback. We got a recap video of Brad Maddox's short run in WWE.

Backstage, Paul Heyman was joyfully wandering in the halls with a large poster of CM Punk. He knocked on Punk's locker room, the champ came out, and Paul told Punk he'd throw a celebration for him later. Matt Striker showed up to kill the mood. He asked Punk about the NXT attack, and Punk got mad. Paul said tonight that everyone was invited to celebrate Punk's reign... even Ryback.

Match: Kaitlyn vs Aksana
Back from break, we cut to the two women in the ring already. Aksana was revealed as the diva who attacked Kaitlyn like a million years ago. Aksana pretty well dominated the match for the most part to absolutely no crowd reaction. Kaitlyn made a comeback, though, and whipped Aksana from post to post until finally finishing her off with a fireman's carry into a gut buster of all things.

Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio in a 2 out of 3 falls match was promoted for later.

The Miz hyped WWE Soup on E! this week.

Match: Brodus Clay vs Antonio Cesaro
Another chance for Cesaro to impress with the neutralizer on the big man. Truth was at ringside, and made no excuses for his loss last night. This was pretty quick, as Cesaro landed a flying uppercut from the middle rope to Clay leading to the neutralizer for the win. Cesaro, title in hand, smirked at Truth and taunted him with the title belt.

A long John Cena video, hyping his Make*A*Wish endeavors, aired. Touching. They showed a live shot of the crowd applauding when it ended.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero was talking with a man and a woman. Jerry Lawler told us that Vickie had EVEN MORE EVIDENCE in the AJ-Cena scandal. This aired right after the "Cena is great" video. He also has way more important storyline plans in the next five months to be dealing with this stuff.

Video recap: Tamina attacking AJ Lee at Survivor Series

Vickie Guerrero came out with the two people she had been speaking with backstage earlier. This crowd booed this lady so hard, you could barely understand what she was saying. This crowd would not relent. Vickie claimed these two people were eye witnesses to Cena and AJ's affair. Kinky. Whitney Smith was a waitress in California, apparently at the restaurant John and AJ went to for dinner. Ms. Smith said John and AJ were discussing "a lot more than just business." Doug Brady was the gentleman, and Vickie claimed he was a parking attendant. Doug claimed he saw John and AJ in a parked car for over an hour. Dude must not be working too hard. AJ calmly walked to the ring, no skipping, to confront these LIES! AJ still hasn't explained the voicemail evidence from last week. Sure, the phone was hacked, but she didn't claim the voicemails were faked. Disconnect here. Maybe the voicemails were actually to John Laurinaitis. Vickie claimed Doug Brady had cell phone photos of AJ and John Cena in the car. Vickie claimed they showed nudity, and cautioned the crowd to leave if they took offense to nudity. From what I could see, no one walked out. Before the photos could be shown, John Cena appeared. Vickie's two witnesses bailed immediately when John walked out. John was disappointed at Vickie, and claimed this all was garbage. Then, he kissed AJ. Yeah, the two made out. So. Um. He turned back to Vickie, but AJ jumped him and they made out more. Dolph Ziggler interrupted and attacked John. The two fought briefly, but Dolph bailed and ran while John chased after him. While landing on the outside out of the ring, Cena appeared to twist his ankle. He limped during his pursuit of Dolph and this segment was over.

So, Vickie is claiming a Cena-AJ affair. They deny it, only to then start having an affair. So now, scandal over, eh? Let's hope. John vs Dolph should be fun, though.

Match: @VivaDelRio vs Randy Orton
That's right, Alberto is now on Twitter. This was a long match. Alberto kept working over Orton's left arm, which played into the first fall. Del Rio was DQ'd for the first fall when he would not stop slamming Orton's left arm into the ring post. Del Rio then won the second fall via submission when Orton had no choice but to submit to the cross armbreaker. Orton wrestled the rest of the match with one arm, effectively. Alberto mocked Orton's coiling up routine, and even went for an RKO. Orton reversed, then started pounding the mat himself in preparation for the RKO. That hurt. He sold his arm injuries, and was in severe pain when he pounded the mat. Because Orton could only use one arm, Del Rio was able to counter the RKO into his armbreaker. Orton countered that with a rollup, causing Del Rio to break the hold. Del Rio went for his top rop enziguri, but Orton ducked and hit the RKO for the third fall. Orton wins 2-1. This was a good match, especially the final minute. Del Rio continues to be an unsung hero on the roster.

They recapped John Cena and AJ's make out session. Lawler pointed out Cena's apparent injury while chasing Dolph earlier.

Backstage, John Cena was getting his leg wrapped, with AJ watching on worried.

Match: The Great Khali vs Primo & Epico
Before the match, Hornswoggle returned. Lawler called him "the fun size guy." Horny had flowers for Rosa, but it was a trick. Hornswoggle wanted a kiss, and Rosa actually was going in for one, but the flowers squirted water up at Rosa and she was quite displeased. What a mean guy. Anyway, Khali beat Epico after a treeslam. Khali and Hornswoggle celebrated in the ring afterwards.

Backstage, stage hands were discussing Heyman's requests for the celebration later. Paul wanted balloons, but they didn't have any. Paul demanded balloons.

Match: The Miz vs David Otunga
Miz vs Dolph Ziggler was hyped for Wednesday's main event. Miz won clean in a few minutes with Skullcrushing finale. Miz looks to be making the top rope axe handle a regular part of his moveset in his new babyface role. Cole and Lawler mentioned Foley's thoughts that the jury is still out on Miz's new attitude.

Survivor Series recap: Big Show vs Sheamus, and the controversial finish.

Sheamus stormed to the ring with a chair in hand. Big Show followed, and the two had a heated war of words over the championship. Seems to be setting up a chair match at TLC for the two.

Match: Damien Sandow vs Sheamus
I thought this would be a quick Sheamus squash, or maybe even a DQ right away with chair shots, but the two had a well paced long match which saw both men have the advantage at times. I am getting tired, however, of Sheamus seemingly always being in the longer Raw matches. WWE could give me a break and put Sheamus in some short squashes every once in a while. Sheamus hit White Noise, then the Brogue kick for the clean win in a back and forth battle.

Backstage, Vickie and Tamina were talking. AJ Lee rushed in. After some small talk, AJ said Cena was hurt, and asked what Vickie's going to do about it. "Nothing." AJ said she'll do something about it.

Backstage, AJ was storming the halls. Layla was beside her, trying to calm her down. AJ was emotional, and told Layla to leave her the hell alone. AJ went into the men's locker room. Everyone quieted down. There were guys who hadn't appeared on the show who were only wearing towels. What the heck is going on in that room, I won't ask. AJ confronted Dolph. Dolph said she has no pride, and she's a shell of a woman. A sad, weak, pitiful woman. Dolph called her trash, and sat down. AJ cried, then beat up Dolph. Workplace abuse! Cena appeared to get AJ off (not in that way, sicko). Dolph and John then brawled, ending with Dolph plowing John through some bathroom stalls and kicking John's knee before leaving. Mike Chioda arrived, demanding someone get the trainer. AJ was beside herself.

Backstage, after break, Josh Mathews said Cena was in pain. 

Match: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan & Kane
If Rey & Sin Cara won, they'd get a title shot. Primetime Players at ringside for commentary during this one. This is a main event match on any show in the country! Except this one. Sin Cara and Rey ditched any effort to wear matching gear tonight. Primetimers were actually pretty fun on commentary, and Titus was great for a variety of reasons. This match, like a few before it, also featured a commercial break during the bout. A pretty average match, nothing special, was ended when the Primetimers ran in as Kane had Rey set for a chokeslam. They attacked Kane, but Sin Cara made the save. Sin Cara and D-Bry set up Titus and D-Young for a 619 from Rey, and Kane hit a chokeslam Titus to end it. Cole said "That that ya washrags!" and this was the funniest thing in the world to Lawler.

Backstage, Paul Heyman hyped up his celebration.

Main Event: CM Punk's 1 year title reign celebration.
Punk is 15 days away from having the 6th longest title reign in WWE Championship history, according to a poster set behind Paul in the ring. He isn't getting to #5. Paul was in tears, so happy and proud of Punk's championship reign lasting one year. Punk began by showing a recap video of Punk's reign. The look on Punk and Heyman's faces after watching this was pretty great. Punk said he was looking forward to July 25, 2018, when Punk would surpass Bruno Sammartino as the longest reigning WWE Champion in WWE history. Paul Heyman told a story about taking photos in MSG and being a fan of Sammartino, but knowing Sammartino couldn't beat CM Punk. He listed Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and The Rock as guy who also couldn't beat CM Punk. They really played up Austin and Rock. Punk called his win last night his best as WWE Champion.

The Ryback took Heyman up on his invitation and showed up to the celebration. However, before he could get to the ring, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns cut him off. They swarmed on him, but Ryback did his best to withstand the attack. Eventually, Ryback couldn't withstand the onslaught. A brief "Feed me more" chant broke out during this. The NXT kids wanted to deliver another powerbomb to Ryback onto the announce table, and they were successful. Punk stood over a beaten Ryback and held up his title, proclaiming himself as the "Best in the world!" to cap off the show.

Ambrose looks like a crazy person. The danger of putting these three guys together, is the likelihood that only one will break out. And of this group, that likelihood is all Ambrose. So good luck to them.

It looks like we have the outlines of all the major matches now for TLC. One more PPV to get through before what should be a crazy three months of television. Looking forward to it!

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