Inside MMA TV report - Aftermath of UFC 154

***This week, Dana White explains his strategy to signing GSP-Silva, potential locations, as well as explaining how Ronda Rousey changed his opinion of women’s MMA and some new insight into why Rousey-Cyborg won’t happen.  Also GSP talks the idea of fighting Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz, Ben Henderson reveals a unique disadvantage he has in fighting Nate Diaz, and a UFC fighter loses a toe!  All this and more, all this week on Inside MMA!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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With your host Kenny Rice (@KennyRiceSports) and co-host Bas Rutten (@BasRuttenMMA) and special guests:  Ben Henderson, Dana White, and Rick Roufus.


“UFC Montreal: St. Pierre vs. Condit”

GSP returns from his year and a half layoff from fighting, to beat Carlos Condit by decision.  They show highlights from the fight.  Bas talks about the high kick landed by Condit in the third.  At that moment you make that split decision to either go to the ground or sit back and wait.  It can sometimes be harder to finish an opponent on the ground due to the defensive options one has on the ground, versus waiting for the ref to stand him while he’s wobbly and finish him standing.  But it’s easier for us to say, since we weren’t in there and that was the decision that Condit made at that moment.

Afterwards GSP, looking the most beat up facially I can ever recall, told Ron Kruck this was his biggest or one of his biggest wins.  It felt good to get hit but it’s more fun when you’re hitting the other guy, but in this he felt it was 50/50 on giving and getting hit.  He brings up Johny Hendricks and Nick Diaz both wanting to fight him.  As for Anderson Silva, it would depend on the weight and how this fight would be done since he’s a very big guy.  He points out Silva once fought at 168 back when he was in his late 20’s so we’ll see.  He didn’t think about his knee but noticed Carlos went for the kneebar a lot.  However, he was confident in his surgeon who told him it was 100%, so he wasn’t overly worried about his knee being vulnerable. (In my amateur body language reading opinion, he doesn’t want to fight Silva, primarily because of the size difference based on his reaction to the question and how he looked when he answered.  I would guess he might be open to fighting Silva at welterweight and that’s it, but doesn’t want to come right out and say it because he wants to stay babyface.  I think the Sonnen rematch also upped Silva’s takedown defense so that might neutralize GSP’s primary weapon to beat him.)

Anderson Silva, wearing some sort of Barnes & Nobles employee gimmick, says with confidence, a fight with GSP would be the biggest fight in the world. (If only he was that enthusiastic to fight Jon Jones.  I think the sport has evolved beyond the Sakuraba/Royce Gracie mentality, that even the best fighters know they can look bad against someone so much bigger than themselves.)  An excited Johny Hendricks says he can’t control his title fate other than his fights.  He did everything he needed to do, beating Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, and the #1 contender Martin Kampmann.  He can’t think of a better resume than laying out two out of the three top guys to get a title shot which is his dream.

Kenny doesn’t believe GSP-Hendricks will happen next, since it’s too risky to do that before a GSP-Silva dream fight.  Bas adds that Hendricks is a great wrestler who could stop GSP’s takedowns and has knockout power in his hands.  Bas said last week Kampmann should’ve laid back more to find his distance with Johny, but didn’t and was knocked out quickly.  Bas believes Dana will make GSP-Silva happen.  (I think GSP can lose that fight and not lose his heat, and would also make Silva-Jones even bigger.)


“Ben Henderson LIVE”

Benson joins us from the MMA lab in Glendale, AZ on the big screen.  He will be ready for a good performance on December 8 for his title defense against Nate Diaz.  Bas suggests guys with a long reach and a lot of punches.  Ben agrees, but is having trouble with being trash talked to.  His teammates have been doing that to prepare him to face Diaz, and he can’t compose himself and wants to talk trash back so he needs to control that, so he can keep his technique and not fall into his game.  He thinks this will be a true MMA fight.  Great standup and boxing but their ground game gets overshadowed, just like his brother Nick.  He thinks the fight will be everywhere.  Bas asks if he was joking about the trash talk and Ben points out he is serious and that they have been training at that, because he does get bothered and it will affect the fight so he needs to work on that beforehand.

Kenny brings up Ben’s past as a WEC superstar and how he, Anthony Pettis, Carlos Condit, Dominick Cruz, and Jose Aldo are 20-3 since the UFC merger and three of them are now UFC champions.  Ben says the WEC fighters had to fight for respect and legitimacy and came to the UFC with chips on their shoulders because of their WEC background.

He recently did well at a jiu-jitsu tournament.   He competes often at those locally in Arizona where he faces guys from all across the country.  He keeps his skills sharp, but has fun with it because the pressure of the world isn’t on your shoulders at these events like it is in MMA.


“Urjiah’s rib”

Since breaking a rib in his last fight in July, Urjiah Faber was recently told to stop training until they can x-ray that rib again.  Regardless of the setback he is hoping to be back fighting by February.


“More NASCAR and MMA”

Bruce Buffer is introducing drivers at races, Dominick Cruz is now being sponsored by a race track, and now NASCAR superstar Kevin Harvick teamed up wth Tapout to donate new uniform and gear to his alma mater high school’s wrestling team.  They also handed out $11,000 in scholarships for an essay contest on overcoming adversity.  Kevin told IMMA he wrestled all four years in high school and he wanted to give back. Skyscrape and Gilbert Melendez appeared at the school for a big assembly to hand these things out.


“Glory Sports International in 2013”

Frenchman, Pierre Andurand, chairman of Glory, who looks more like a gentle sedation dentist than a fight promoter, said they have big plans in 2013 including promoting shows in the U.S.  The target cities are  Los Angeles or New York.  They want a revival of big MMA in Japan and the best way is to have MMA and kickboxing show on New Year’s Eve at the “prestigious” Saitama Super Arena.  This and the kickboxing “Grand Slam” will hopefully lead the Glory-lead revival in Japan.  “Glory” will be the kickboxing brand and “Dream” will be the MMA brand.  To show they are serious and committed to the long-term, they’ve spent a lot of time with the fighters and signed the big names like Jerome LeBanner, Peter Aerts, and others.  They’ve also paid some of the money to the fighters that were owed to them by previous owners FEG as a sign of their commitment.

Bas thinks the best way to build a company in Japan is to find a Japanese fighter than can beat everybody like Sakuraba did for Pride.


“Rick Roufus LIVE”

The legendary K-1 fighter and trainer joins us on the big screen also from Glendale. He says kickboxing has been dead for quite some time in the U.S. but will slowly come back with K-1 and Glory promoting shows here.  He likes that Glory has a plan for that as a reason it can happen.  To do that, they need big events like UFC so people get to know what it is.  There is a market for American talent in kickboxing fighters, but it is very untapped.  He says Ben Henderson works very hard and always improves himself not settling for it.  If he doesn’t understand something he’ll take the time to learn and develop that skill.  He’s not too concerned about Ben Henderson facing former teammate Anthony Pettis since they did it before.  Duke Roufus who formed the gym in Milwaukee has done a great job expanding the Roufus name and establishing that gym.  While Pettis did some acrobatic stuff in his first bout with Benson Henderson (the famous bouncing kick off the cage wall), if they were rematched it would be a different fight.


“Dana White”

Ron Kruck spoke with Dana White in Montreal after the show.  Dana is so impressed that GSP not only won after being gone so long, but also from returning from an injury that usually ends careers, against a very well-rounded and motivated Carlos Condit. 

Dana will give GSP ten days to rest, relax, and regroup.  He’ll fly out to see Anderson Silva next week and fly out to talk to GSP in a couple weeks.  Negotiations will begin soon and because of that, Cowboys Stadium in Dallas makes the most sense as a “neutral” site between GSP and Silva.  And you can’t rule out Las Vegas since it’s always a great destination. 

Dana says his stance on women’s fighting changed because of Ronda Rousey since seeing her fight, but more importantly meeting her.  She’s a beautiful girl, but on the inside she’s a Diaz brother, who is mean, nasty, and a real fighter.  He’d like to see her debut next Saturday, but that’s not going to happen so they’ll see what happens.  Dana says the main issue of a Rousey-Cyborg fight isn’t the weight, it’s that Cyborg doesn’t want to fight Rousey.  He is trying out UFC women’s division at bantamweight and feels it is stacked enough to create some serious opposition for Ronda as the first official UFC Bantamweight champion.



Anthony Perosh posted a picture of his near dis-membered toe from training where he got it caught in the mat

A man got a large fighting tattoo of Ronda Rousey covering the entire rear of his leg from knee to ankle and they showed a photo of the work and the picture it came from.



Fabian Manzano from the rock group Boyce Avenue (never heard of ‘em, I guess the young kids would know who they are?) joins us, as might happen being located at Nokia Plaza in LA.  He says he’s a long time GSP fan and thinks he can beat Hendricks and Silva, but would like GSP to have one more fight under his belt before Anderson, so he’ll be at his best.



Tachi Palace Fights:

--Anthony Aivla over Darren Crisp

--Angel Deanda over Anthony Ruiz

--Andre Fili over Enoch Wilson (Fili is confident he’ll be in the UFC within the year)


Showdown Fights from Orem, UT:

--Sean O’Connell over Chris Guillen

--Clay Collard over Steve Sharp (Sharp came in with a hot pink Mohawk, covered in tattoos, had a big entrance with a HHH water spit and a Hawk pose, yet had a soft body and a big blubbery gut, and proceeded to get the crap punched out of him and lost.  He clearly was not in shape and clearly spent more energy and money on his hair dye and stupid HHH entrance than learning how to fight.  Guys like this are who gives MMA a bad name.)

--“Alpha Male fighter” Justin Bucholz Dave Castillo

Legacy FC 15 from Houston:

--Charles Ontiveros over Patrick Hutton

--Thomas De Almeida over Cody WIllaims with a spectacular elbow KO

--Angel Huerta over Saul Elizondo

--Nick Gonzalez over Ray Blodget

--Robert Drysdale over Chris Reed with yet another 1st round submission

Bellator 81 from Kingston, Rhode Island

--Marlon Sandro over Dustin Neace

--Dave Jansen over Ricardo Tirloni

--Marcin Held over Rich Clementi (Held now faces Jansen in the Lightweight Championship)


“Upcoming AXS TV shows”

--Nov 22-24 Battle 4 Atlantis (basketball tournament for t-giving weekend)

--Nov 23 10pm ET Score FC 7 (Jordan Mein vs. Forrest Petz)

--Nov 30 10pm ET Resurrection Fighting Alliance 5

--Dec 1  4pm ET Bamma 11

--Dec 7 10pm ET XFC 21 (Nick Newell vs. Eric Reynolds)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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