Smackdown spoilers from Grand Rapids plus a PPV match announced and segment on Raw for Monday

By Scott Bearup

Prior to Main Event, Santino Marella wrestled Tyson Kidd for a couple minutes before they were jumped by the NX-3 and taken out.

Main Event
The Miz started in the ring to cut a promo, immediately interrupted by Ziggler, and they went back and forth for a few minutes on previously covered themes (Miz hasn't done anything lately, Ziggler hasn't done anything period).

Dolph Ziggler pinned The Miz with a Zigzag after Miz ran into an exposed turnbuckle.

Wade Barrett pinned Justin Gabriel after the Bullhammer.

Next week's Main Event is John Cena vs. Damien Sandow.  Sandow ended the show with a promo vowing to rid the WWE of Cena, calling him a false idol.

Saturday Morning Slam
John Cena pinned Heath Slater after the Attitude Adjustment.  All 3 of the 3MB were there to start, but the referee eventually ejected Mahal and McIntyre.

Sheamus pinned Titus O'Neil after the Brogue Kick.

Show opened with Miz TV with John Cena as guest.  Eventually grew to include AJ, Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie Guerrero.  Basically re-hashing the angles from Monday's show.

Prime Time Players threw penalty flags backstage on Layla and Alicia Fox for too much makeup and "too much weave", respectively.

Ryback pinned Darren Young after the Shellshock, Titus was on commentary.  Titus got in the ring after the match to promo on Ryback and also got a Shellshock.

R-Truth pinned Antonio Cesaro after the Little Jimmy in a non-title match.

Booker T met Sheamus backstage.  Told him he would not be competing tonight due to what happened at Survivor Series.  Officially made Show vs. Sheamus for TLC as a Chairs Match.  Told him to go up to Booker's skybox to watch the show.  Sheamus asked if Show was competing, Booker said he was in a handicap match against Hell No.

Alberto Del Rio submitted Sin Cara with the cross-arm breaker.

Wacky comedy skit backstage between Kane and Daniel Bryan.  Daniel wondered if Kane was angry because he hadn't been invited to Thanksgiving.  Said he wouldn't have liked the vegan turkey, but invited him to Christmas.  Kane accepted as long as he could beat up Santa Claus.  Daniel was fine with this.

Big Show defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan in handicap match.  Sheamus was watching with William Regal (and other "friends") from a box.  Bryan spent most of the match being beat up by Show, got a tag to Kane who ran wild, then blind-tagged himself back in and ate a chokeslam for the pin.  Show tried to KO Kane afterward, but Kane ducked and Hell No drove him from the Ring.  Show talked to Sheamus in the skybox saying that this time the giant will have a chair in his hand.

Kofi Kingston pinned Damien Sandow to retain the Intercontinental Title.  Wade Barrett was on commentary.  Kingston pinned Sandow after Trouble in Paradise.  Wade then congratulated Kofi on his win and told him the next time he would defend the title, it would be against the Barrett Barrage.

Dolph Ziggler pinned Randy Orton in the main event of the show, reversing an RKO attempt into a roll-up holding the tights.  Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez hit the ring, Ricardo ate an RKO and Alberto stayed out of the ring as Orton stared at him.  Ziggler bailed to the stage, where Cena locked him in the STF.

Big Show retained the World Heavyweight Championship vs. Sheamus when he was disqualified for hitting Sheamus with a chair.  Sheamus came back, got the chair, hit Show with it and then hit the Brogue Kick to end the night.

Scott Bearup

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