David Kaplan talks Assassins in Hall of Fame

Dear Dave:

I’m writing to further support the case for the Assassins as deserving members of the Observer Hall of Fame.

The case is based on the fact that achievements attained by the Assassins are comparable or superior to their colleagues already in the Observer Hall of Fame.

The Assassins were superior workers, worked on top and drew money in multiple territories, and had longevity. Members of the Hall of Fame should be at the top of their craft in at least one key area. In Joe Hamilton, you had one of the best interviews in the history of the business.

These credentials should be good enough. Yet, there is one more intangible to consider. Based on my understanding of the rules, Mr. Hamilton’s career after the retirement of Tom Renesto is not be considered. I maintain it should indeed be considered and recognized as further qualifications for the Assassins.

Mr. Hamilton continued to achieve many of the same things that made the Assassins Hall of Fame worthy.   He wrestled at a high level for at least another dozen years, mostly on top, in multiple territories. Mr. Hamilton also played a role in several major angles over the years. He was in the ring for the classic Ole turn on Dusty. After reading the excellent piece on the history of wrestling on Thanksgiving, I’m reminded Mr. Hamilton participated in the first Starcade and other important Thanksgiving cards. Mr. Hamilton was a key opponent during the initial stages of the Dusty turn and helped it gain momentum.

His work in Championship Wrestling from Florida in the 70s and 80s is particularly memorable.  The unforgettable El Santo angle which popped the territory, his attack of Buddy Colt during the Dusty turn made him truly hated and who can forget his believable interviews filled with heel sincerity of pure disgust for Dusty Rhodes.

Finally, although I’m a fan and supporter of the Midnight Express, I maintain the Assassins resume is even better or, at worst, comparable based on all the qualifications of a viable Hall of Fame candidate.   We can debate that subject in more depth another time.

My message to Observer Hall of Fame voters: Please vote for the Assassins in 2013 for the Observer Hall of Fame.

David Kaplan

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PS: Special thanks to Bruce Mitchell for making the case so eloquently on Observer Radio.

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